Chapter 169.1: Disdained by an Animal


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Seeming aware of what she was thinking, that ghost started laughing ‘jejeje’ again. The laughter reverberated in the spacious interrogation room and attacked Tang Doudou’s eardrums.

“Heehee, I’m not a ghost, but I can be even more frightening than a ghost!”

Tang Doudou’s eyes widened as she tried to speak. However, since her mouth was covered, all that was heard were muffled sounds.

That person ignored her and dragged her towards the darkness, the way a person would drag a sack. “I’ve finally found you, so you should give up on escaping. This is the fate the Heavens have bestowed upon you.”

The person kept chattering on by himself and said all sorts of weird things, causing Tang Doudou to wonder if he was mentally disturbed. However, the fact that he called her Tang Doudou worried her. The only people that knew her name were the people she told, and the people that knew the name her parents had first given her!

Could it be that he was someone that held a grudge against Li Xueyi’s parents?

The f*ck!? It has already been so many years, why did he just happen to show up now?

Tang Doudou really wanted to curse! Li Xueyi ah, Li Xueyi. Why do you f-ing have so many enemies!?

The mysterious person kept dragging Tang Doudou forward. They soon left that pitch-black interrogation room. There was a bit of light outside, Tang Doudou looked towards the ground and saw two dark shadows.

She immediately sighed in relief. From the looks of it, he hadn’t lied to her. People that had shadows weren’t ghosts. It was much easier to deal with humans rather than ghosts!

A ghost could kill someone before the person had time to even figure out what was going on!

When Tang Doudou’s thoughts got here, she gave up on struggling. In any case, she couldn’t get free even if she struggled. He also didn’t seem to be in a hurry to kill her, so it was better to save her strength in preparation to face whatever came next.

After walking forward a while, the mysterious person stopped. His withered finger felt like a blade as it slid across her cheek before pressing down on several pressure points in front of her chest.

Following that, he moved his hand away from Tang Doudou’s mouth. Tang Doudou opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Her Gate of Muteness (pressure point) had been hit.

He was behind her and seemed to have bent down to pick up something. Then he lifted Tang Doudou the way one would lift a chick and continued walking forward.

Not a single thing blocked their path. Tang Doudou didn’t know if it was because Xi Qiuyi had been very confident in his defenses, or because the people guarding had already been dealt with by Mu Ye or this person. In any case, they managed to smoothly leave the dark room, exit the prince’s residence even quicker, and then they started heading out of Huai City.

It was currently very late in the night and a bright moon hung in the sky. Quite a few ravens perched on the dried branches that had yet to release new sprouts. Below them, there were protruding grave mounds on the ground with unidentifiable white objects scattered around. A few wild dogs snatched some and ran. However, before they got far, a wolf with green eyes blocked them and gave a low growl. The wild dogs were frightened and ran, leaving the things they had picked up in their jaws behind.

However, soon an owl-like figure landed in front of them. They whimpered, then scattered in all directions, disappearing between the grave mounds.

“Bunch of bastards!” The mysterious person cursed unhappily at those wild dogs.

Right after he stopped talking, the wolf that had snatched the wild dog’s things lunged at the mysterious person. Stopping in front of the mysterious person, it opened its mouth wide and vomited something. Tang Doudou could see by the light of the moon those ominously white fangs and the bloody scraps of meat still stuck between the gaps of the teeth. F*ck! Could it be that the mysterious person had brought her here as food for the wolf?

Tang Doudou really wanted to cry but had no tears. She had thought of the many possible ways she would meet her end, but she had never thought about the possibility of being fed to a wolf!

However, reality showed that she had been overthinking things. As she trembled in fear, that wolf glanced at her, then revealed a human-like expression of disdain.

F*ck! She had actually been disdained by a wolf!

A thousand grass mud horses trampled through Tang Doudou’s inner heart. However, when she recalled the current situation, she felt like crying again.

“Ah Meng, in the future, if those damned dogs come again, bite them all to death!” The mysterious person casually threw the thing he was holding in his other hand to the side. Following that, he bent down and picked up the thing on the ground. After wiping it a little, he put it in his mouth.

When Tang Doudou heard crunching sounds, she felt her stomach churn. Who the f*ck would actually eat something a wolf vomited!? Wasn’t he worried about getting contagious diseases!?

She glanced down and discovered with surprise that the thing the mysterious person had thrown down was a person.

Hell, looked like she wasn’t the only run that had ran into bad luck!

Thinking thus, Tang Doudou tried to identify who exactly was on the ground. Suddenly, an extremely terrifying face appeared in front of her. His facial features were withered and sunken. His wrinkled skin seemed like a bumpy cloth that was stretched over his bones and his face was filled with intersecting red symbols. The most creepy part was the fact that his eyes were completely white and gave off eerily cold light. Tang Doudou felt her scalp going numb from seeing this.

How was this a person? It was clearly a humanoid monster!

Tang Doudou didn’t dare to look anymore and closed her eyes. However, the moment she did, her brain became filled with images of those terrifying white eyes, making her hastily open her eyes again. Then she was thrown onto the ground as well.

The stink of rot assailed her nose. Behind her was something soft but very sticky. Tang Doudou didn’t even need to think to figure out that she had been thrown next to that wolf. She was leaning on that wolf and that sticky soft thing was its fur.

From time to time, the moist sound of licking came from above her head. Tang Doudou was terrified that this stinky wolf would chomp down on her and bite off her head.

As she thought about all sorts of random things, she saw that an oddly-stooped figure was digging through the grave mounds like it was looking for something.

That was the mysterious person?

As expected, he didn’t seem like a human!

Not only did he walk weirdly, his movements were even more terrifying. He extended a withered finger from the thick, tattered, black robe and gently swept it across the grave mound. Although his palm clearly didn’t make any contact with the grave mound, it exploded with a ‘bang.’ Dark black soil flew everywhere. Some even landed on Tang Doudou’s head even though she was quite far away.

This scene couldn’t help but remind Tang Doudou of how that vendor’s leg flew off. Wasn’t it just like this?

Could it be that this person was the one who had secretly done it!?

What hatred or grudges did they have for him to do this to her?

After the grave mound was blown open, the rotting coffin was left exposed. He used a similar method to break through the coffin and a disgusting smell of rot instantly filled the air and Tang Doudou immediately held her breath. Then, a yellow and sticky string of saliva dripped down in front of her. The crap!? This dumb animal actually found the stench of a corpse appetizing!?

That person and this beast were about to make Tang Doudou puke from disgust.

However, right now, she couldn’t puke even if she wanted to, so she forcefully suppressed the urge as she continued watching what the mysterious person was doing.

The following scene blew her mind.

The mysterious person didn’t seem to feel any disgust at all as he pulled the rotten corpse out of the coffin before throwing it aside like trash. Afterwards, he laid down in that coffin. Holding his hands out straight towards the sky, the bright white moonlight spilled down and concentrated between his hands. The white vapor formed into a thread and was greedily absorbed into his abdomen.

Following that, an even more astonishing scene occurred. The mysterious person’s withered face gradually began to plump up as he absorbed the moonlight.

Meow a mii! Could it be that he’s a monster?

And he was currently using moonlight to cultivate!?

What other reason would explain the fact that he was able to communicate with a wolf and ate something that came from a wolf’s mouth without hesitation? Moreover, how else could he have been capable of noiselessly appearing in the interrogation room?

Under the baptism of the moonlight, the mysterious person’s body regenerated until he looked like a young man again. Tang Doudou’s worldview completely shattered.

This world was too crazy!

Even if an Ultraman jumped out in front of her now, she probably wouldn’t show any reaction.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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