Chapter 168.2: Appearance of a Mysterious Person


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Tang Doudou rubbed her wrist. She had rubbed several places raw when she had been trying to get out of the clamps earlier. As of now, her wrists were stinging with burning pain.

The sound of her rubbing her wrists was the only sound in the quiet interrogation room. It was exceptionally eerie.

Yet at this time, there suddenly came the sound of footsteps.

Tang Doudou started, but then thought that it was simply Mu Ye doubling back. She didn’t even turn around to look and simply asked, “Why did you come back again? How did you get in? I didn’t even hear the sound of any doors.”

However, she didn’t get any replies.

Something was clearly wrong, but Tang Doudou didn’t notice. After all, in her heart, this was simply what Mu Ye was like. It was normal for him not to make a sound or give a reply.

However, those nonstop footsteps were pretty freaky, so she spoke again, “Stop pacing back and forth, if you have something to say, just say it!”

She still didn’t get any replies.

Now Tang Doudou felt that something was off. Though Mu Ye didn’t like to speak, he would still say a couple words. Not saying a single word like this really wasn’t like him!

Could it be that it wasn’t Mu Ye but Xi Qiuyi?

Then didn’t she accidentally reveal a lot?

Tang Doudou hastily stopped what she was doing and looked behind her with alarm.

However, she didn’t see anyone. The footsteps also disappeared.

F*ck. What kind of situation was this?

It was seriously too strange. It was even more frightening than Mu Ye’s sudden appearance earlier!

Just as she was looking around in panic, the sound of footsteps appeared beside her again, startling her. She almost rammed into the sharp, blood-stained tools.

“Jejeje…” Just as Tang Doudou was feeling relieved that she didn’t ram into it - otherwise she would have been disfigured - a strange and eerie laugh suddenly exploded near her ear.

“Ah!” Tang Doudou hastily jumped away and looked over. However, she still didn’t see anything.

F*ck! She was about to wet her pants from fear. Was there really a ghost?”

“Jejeje, you’re Tang Doudou?” Suddenly, that strange sound appeared behind her again.

The shock from being called Tang Doudou overrode her fear. She trembled as she looked at the unknown person in the darkness.

“W-who are you?”

It was so dark in this place that she couldn’t even see her fingers clearly, so there was no way she could tell whether it was a human figure or a ghost. Tang Doudou felt miserable. If only Mu Ye hadn’t left.

However, this person seemed to have been here since earlier. Otherwise, how could he have coincidentally appeared right after Mu Ye left?

The fact that Mu Ye hadn’t discovered him meant that his martial arts were much better than Mu Ye’s. The other possibility was, this guy wasn’t human!

“Jeje… who am I?”

“That’s right, who are you? Why are you here? I’m not some Tang Doudou, I’m Li Xueyi!” There was no way Tang Doudou would be dumb to the point as to admit that she was Tang Doudou. Who knew if this damned guy was an enemy or a friend?

Or, more likely, a ghost?

Otherwise, how could he know about the name Tang Doudou?

“You are Tang Doudou!” Unexpectedly, her denial infuriated that person and he immediately raised his shrill voice. His tone was exceptionally gloomy and cold. His voice reverberated loudly in the interrogation room, almost breaking her eardrums.

“I’m not!” Tang Doudou covered her ears as she refuted loudly.

“You are Tang Doudou!”

“I’m not!”

“You are Tang Doudou!”


Before the words ‘am not’ could leave her mouth, her mouth was covered. The motion was so sudden and fierce that Tang Doudou almost suffocated.

“Mmphmmphmphmm…” Tang Doudou hit at the hand that was covering her mouth. The sensation was hard and stiff, it didn’t feel like a human’s hand at all. She immediately froze as fear filled her eyes. T-this really was a ghost!


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