Chapter 165.1: Your Majesty, Something Terrible Has Happened


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Tang Doudou laughed coldly and didn’t speak.

“Hm? Why aren’t you saying anything?” Xi Qiuyi sent Liu Yan a look and Liu Yan moved to pick Tang Doudou up from the ground.

She was thrown roughly back into the prison cell. “Don’t think that as long as you don’t speak, I have no way of forcing you to. I’m telling you, I have a hundred ways to make you suffer so much that you’ll beg for death!”

Humph! Did he think that he was Ye Liangchen?

There was a person on the internet that called himself Ye Liangchen who had a lot of internet friends. A certain high school girl, ‘Li Wenji,’ didn’t want to do the dorm chores and asked ‘Ye Liangchen’ to teach her dorm leader a lesson, so ‘Ye Liangchen’ messaged the dorm leader and was like, don’t try and force Li Wenji to do the chores like you’re so righteous, just remember that I’m Ye Liangchen, I’m telling you, I have a hundred ways to make you suffer, etc. Screenshots of the convo went viral and the rest was history.

He even had a hundred ways!

Tang Doudou was about to vomit bile. She coldly glanced at Xi Qiuyi, then sat up straight. “I want to eat.”

If he wanted her to speak, he had to feed her first. The brain only worked well when the stomach was full. She needed to eat first in order to think of more ways to stall for time.

Xi Qiuyi probably hadn’t expected for this to be the first thing she said, as he burst out laughing.

“Aren’t you very strong-willed? Your will’s already bending from just missing a few meals?”

Tch. You try starving for a few days. If you don’t weaken, I’ll call you Master!

Tang Doudou inwardly criticized Xi Qiuyi in disdain, but on the surface, she spoke calmly, “If you don’t want to know, you can choose not to feed me.”

It truly wasn’t easy to maintain this impertinent attitude despite having fallen to this point.

However, no matter how many tricks she had, she wouldn’t be able to use them while she was within his grasp. Wasn’t it just a meal?

Xi Qiuyi waved his hand. Liu Yan withdrew and soon returned with some food. He placed the dishes one by one in front of Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou lifted her chin at Liu Yan, indicating for him to feed her.

Liu Yan was immediately infuriated. The veins on his hand bulged.

“Aren’t you just a servant? You should feel honored that I’m allowing you to feed me. What? You dare to hit me?” said Tang Doudou disdainfully.

Liu Yan’s fist flew towards her.


However, Xi Qiuyi kicked him and he hit the wall of the prison heavily.

This sound wasn’t right?

Surprise flashed briefly across Tang Doudou’s face. “Tsk tsk. Second Majesty, you had better employ a guard with a better temper. With this guy’s bad temper, he might cut your neck like a radish someday while you’re sleeping!”

“Many thanks for Alliance Head Li’s concern. However, rather than waste time worrying about this prince’s servants, why not use this time to think about how to answer this prince? You’d better not try any tricks, otherwise…” As he spoke, he stomped on the plate in front of her and ground down on it until it was crushed before lifting his feet. Bending down, he lifted Tang Doudou’s chin and abruptly forced her face to that side. “See that? That will be how you end up!”

Tang Doudou glanced at him indifferently. “Whether it’s true or not, you’ll know when the time comes. For now, let me enjoy my meal, alright?”

“Humph!” Xi Qiuyi released her. “Liu Yan, untie him.”

Untie him? Liu Yan thought he had misheard. Who didn’t know how skilled Li Xueyi was at martial arts? Even after tying him up and starving him for so many days, he still hadn’t been able to drag him out of the prison earlier despite all his efforts. Wasn’t untying him now an act tantamount to returning the tiger to the mountain and welcoming your own destruction!?

“Your Majesty!”

He cried out, agitated with worry. However, it caused Xi Qiuyi to become displeased. “What, you really want to hit me?”

“This subordinate doesn’t dare!” Liu Yan hastily knelt down.

“Then hurry and go!”



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