Chapter 164.1: F*cking Retard


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Tang Doudou couldn’t figure it out, so she went with her earlier plan and pretended to be unconscious.

She wanted to see what motive this ‘Second Majesty’ had for coming here.

The prison was actually not that big. That ‘Second Majesty’ soon reached the prison cell. Tang Doudou cracked her eyes open by a seam and peeked over.

In the dim lighting, she could see that there were four people outside the prison cell. The person walking in front was a man with a rather noble air. He wore the special gold robe belonging to the Wind Spirit imperial family. There was an embroidered pattern on it, but the lighting wasn’t bright enough and he wasn’t close enough for Tang Doudou to make out the details. She could only give up thinking about it.

The clothing reminded her of what Bai Feiyun said about Elder Yu colluding with the second prince. Could this be the second prince Bai Feiyun had talked about?

Actually, what she really wanted to know the most was whether that vendor was dead or not. Back then, she had clearly seen that his chest was still rising and falling, and had heard the sound of his rushed breathing. If it wasn’t the dying flash (occurrence of miraculous recovery before death), then he was definitely still alive. It was just a shame that she had seriously been too shocked and didn’t manage to calm down enough to think rationally before she was taken away.

She suddenly recalled that when she saw Bai Feiyun in the crowd, someone had hit her. Who the f*ck did that?

“We’re here, Second Majesty. Li Xueyi is inside.”

Just as Tang Doudou was spacing out, immersed in thought, a person that seemed like a servant spoke.

The second prince waved his hand, indicating that they should withdraw.

That servant and the others withdrew, leaving the second prince and Tang Doudou to size each other up silently.

Tang Doudou was sneakily observing him.

Meanwhile, the second prince was sizing her up while towering over her without the slightest scruple. That gaze felt like a searchlight as it moved from her head to her toes. In the end, that gaze fixated on her feet without moving. Tang Doudou had to force herself not to draw her legs back. Hell, it couldn’t be this guy had some sort of fetish, right?


After a while, that second prince actually unlocked and opened the door, then walked into the cell.

Tang Doudou’s hair rose in alarm. F*ck. W-what did he want?

“Li Xueyi, ha…” That second prince looked down at Tang Doudou who was curled up in the straw and laughed in contempt.


Tang Doudou inwardly sent him two words in reply.

At the same time, she became even more confused. What the hell did he actually want?

The second prince soon gave her an answer. He took out a little jade bottle from his chest. After chuckling darkly a little, he crouched down in front of Tang Doudou.

“Li Xueyi ah, Li Xueyi. With how unbridled you are, you probably never thought that you’d fall into my hands, isn’t that so?”

After the second prince crouched down, he started speaking contemptuously. “They all say that you’re very amazing, but from what I see, you don’t seem that remarkable. Where’re the three heads and six arms?” (Three heads and six arms is a description for an amazingly capable person.)

What the fudge? No matter how awesome she was, she was still a human. How could she possibly grow three heads and six arms?

There was definitely something wrong with this second prince’s head. He didn’t follow any of the usual routes at all!

“I loathe interacting with people like you.”

As if she wanted to come into contact with him!

“However, as you men of the Jianghu like to say, people in the Jianghu don’t have the freedom to act independently, they are duty-bound and honor-bound.”

He sure has a lot of crap to say!

Tang Doudou couldn’t help but roll her eyes even with them closed. Freaking yoyo! This second prince’s chattering disease was beyond cure!

Though Tang Doudou made a lot of criticizing remarks, she still started pondering Xi Qiuyi’s words seriously. Everyone knew that he was collaborating with Elder Yu, and based on Elder Yu’s scheming personality, there was no way he would do something this openly.

That meant that there was definitely someone else interfering in this matter. The biggest question was probably how it all managed to happen so coincidentally.

The incident in which Jun Xin brought her to get that bug heart was something that had happened suddenly. Her losing awareness and running away after seeing Bai Feiyun was also something that had happened without warning. So the incident with the vendor was as abrupt as it could be, yet those soldiers had arrived that quickly.

Guards patrolled Huai City in timed sections. Tang Doudou knew that there was no way any soldiers were passing through in that street during that time. Even if there was the vendor’s wife to pass on the news, there was no way the soldiers could have arrived so fast if they weren’t already nearby.

Could it be that the person who arranged for those soldiers to be nearby was the second prince, Xi Qiuyi?

He did have the power to do so in Huai City.

However, how did he know that she would cause a disturbance on that street?

It was too strange!

The more Tang Doudou thought about it, the more alarmed she became. She even started suspecting whether the incident with the bug heart was a trap Jun Xin had laid for her.

However, this thought disappeared after just a few seconds. Jun Xin had no reason to harm her.

If it wasn’t Jun Xin, then who would it be…

She was so focused on thinking that she didn’t even notice Xi Qiuyi grabbing her chin.

By the time she came back to her senses, something stiff and cold had touched her lips. She instinctively turned her head away.

“Humph! So you were already awake!” Xi Qiuyi flung Tang Doudou’s chin aside and smiled darkly as he put the jade bottle away. Lifting his leg, he kicked in Tang Doudou’s direction.

Tang Doudou’s eyes were already open. When she saw him move to kick her, she hastily dodged to the side and managed to avoid Xi Qiuyi’s fierce kick.


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C: Btw, after the dying flash, the person actually dies if it wasn’t completely clear.


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