Chapter 161.2: Killed


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When Golden Wind Jade Dew arrived, it was right in time to see Tang Doudou being led away. Yu Fenger wanted to immediately run over and rescue Tang Doudou but Jin Longbiao stopped him.

“Fenger, something’s not right. Look!”

Yu Fenger was very anxious but he still followed Jin Longbiao’s gaze and looked over.

Someone he saw in the crowd immediately caused his facial color to undergo a great change. “It’s them!”

“From the looks of it, Tang Doudou has already returned to normal. We should return and find Bai Feiyun before discussing what to do next.”

Yu Fenger was unwilling but still nodded. “Then let’s hurry and go back. No matter what we can’t let Xi Qiulin learn about Doudou’s identity!”

Jin Longbiao nodded. “Do we need to contact Old Tang and the rest?”

“For the time being, let’s not. They’re bad news!”

As they spoke, they headed back to Bai Courtyard. However, they didn’t find Bai Feiyun there. Thinking that he was definitely still out looking for Tang Doudou, Yu Fenger sent Wu Li out to find him.

Yuner had already been in Bai Courtyard for half a month. He had bothered Tang Doudou every day about helping him save San Yu. After he was finally calmed down and convinced that the matter wasn’t that urgent, he spent his days dazing out, crouched beneath the magnolia tree.

However, today he actually ran over as soon as he saw Golden Wind Jade Dew walk in.

“B-big Brother Y-yu, B-b-beautiful Big Brother…”

“Don’t bother me!” Yu Fenger was in a very bad mood. Upon hearing this stuttering voice, his anger erupted.

The situation was already chaotic, yet he wanted to cause more trouble!

Yu Fenger rarely got angry and in the past would often patiently talk to Yuner to ease his anxiety. When he suddenly got this angry, Yuner was immediately cowed. He returned to spacing out under the magnolia tree with a wronged expression.

“What a serious fool!” Yu Fenger returned to his room, feeling a headache.

However, Jin Longbiao noticed that something was different about Yuner today. He walked over and patted Yuner’s shoulder. “Yuner, were you looking for Doudou for something?”

Jin Longbiao’s appearance was very intimidating so Yuner shrank back a little. “Y-yes.”

“Could you tell me?”


“You don’t need to be scared, I just look fierce.”

“I know.”

“Then why don’t you tell me?”

“I-I-I wanted t-to say t-that, Beautiful Big Brother was in danger. W-wanted to h-have Big Brother Yu help…” stammered Yuner.

Upon hearing this, Jin Longbiao’s expression immediately turned serious. “How did you know?”

“I-I knew w-when I saw Beautiful Big Brother yesterday,” replied Yuner honestly.

Jin Longbiao was stunned to hear this. “You know how to tell fortune from reading facial features?”

“Yuner doesn't know what that means.” After talking a little with Jin Longbiao, Yuner wasn’t as scared anymore and his words became more fluid.

Jin Longbiao knew that Yuner’s brain didn’t function very well so he didn’t force him to reply. He reached out and stroked Yuner’s head. “We know. Your Beautiful Big Brother has already been captured. We’re currently trying to think of a way to rescue her, don’t worry!”

Upon hearing that Tang Doudou actually got captured, Yuner was stunned for a moment. Then he muttered, “How could that be? How’s that possible?”


Yuner’s voice was very soft so Jin Longbiao didn’t hear it clearly. “For the time being, stay in Bai Courtyard, alright? Don’t run outside, no matter what. Got it?”

Yuner nodded. Staring at the magnolia above him, he started spacing out again.

Jin Longbiao didn’t feel worried that he would run around upon seeing this and went to find Yu Fenger.

Tang Doudou, who was completely confused, was being escorted towards the Imperial City. However, halfway there she saw a familiar figure in the crowd ahead of them and instantly returned to her senses.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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