Chapter 159.1: The Calamity Caused by the Bug’s Heart


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Tang Doudou’s reaction could still be counted as fast. She reached out with both hands and caught that bug’s heart that was overflowing with light and color. Only then did she feel that she was seriously overthinking earlier. No matter how one looked at it, this was several times larger than a human head!

There was a slight sweet scent coming from the bug’s heart. However, it smelled exceptionally good. Tang Doudou couldn’t help but take a few deep breaths.

“Idiot, hurry up and eat it. What are you spacing out for?”

Eat? Tang Doudou lifted her head, incomparably distressed. “Big Bro, it’s so big. How many days will I have to spend eating?”

“Who’s asking you to eat the entire thing? Prick a hole on it with a dagger and just drink the blood!”

“But, I don’t have a dagger!”


The dagger in Jun Xin’s hand instantly stabbed into the wall next to Tang Doudou. “Hurry up. The Black Demonic Nightcrawler goes mad before it dies. At that time, not even I will be a match for it.”

Upon hearing that there was going to be danger, Tang Doudou didn’t dare to delay anymore. She immediately pulled the dagger out of the wall and stabbed it into the bug's heart.

A concentrated fragrant smell immediately filled the air. It made one feel a bit lightheaded.

Tang Doudou swallowed. Without waiting for Jun Xin’s urging, she lowered her head to suck the blood.

It actually tasted very good. It was practically a peerlessly perfect delicacy.

The strangest part was, despite the fact that the heart was so big, there were only about three little mouthfuls of blood. After that, no matter how she sucked, nothing came out. As the blood was sucked out, the gorgeous heart turned dull and revealed its blackish-red base, looking extremely disgusting.

Tang Doudou hastily threw the bug's heart onto the ground and said to Jun Xin, “Jun Xin, I’ve finished eating. Let’s hurry up and go!”


Jun Xin instantly reached Tang Doudou’s side. He asked worriedly, “Do you feel anything strange?”

“No. Other than the fact that the taste was not bad, I don’t feel anything else. Jun Xin? Is this really going to be useful?” Tang Doudou was very doubtful and wondered if Jun Xin had gotten it wrong. Other than the taste not being bad, this bug's heart really didn’t do anything else.

“Whether it was useful or not, you’ll know once you have Bai Feiyun take a look!” Jun Xin grabbed her hand and turned back to glance at the Black Demonic Nightcrawler that was still in the midst of its final struggle. “Let’s go and leave this place first.”

The two returned using the same path as before. Not long after, they had returned to the surface again.

“Phew, we’re finally out!” This trip underground was really like an exotic tour. Even Tang Doudou who had experienced transmigration felt it was extremely shocking. She never thought that this ancient era would actually have such a magical creature. Those sparkling green lights and that gorgeous bug's heart were seriously beautiful to the point that it was hard to forget.

However, Jun Xin didn’t seem to be impressed by those strange sights. He swept his gaze over the messy ground, unperturbed. “Aren’t you going? You’ve been gone so long. Those annoying subordinates of yours will have to search everywhere again.”

Only then did Tang Doudou slap her head in realization. “Oh! I almost forgot about that!”

After she finished speaking, she started rushing towards Huai City. After taking a couple steps, she stopped and turned back to ask Jun Xin who hadn’t moved, “You’re not coming?”

“I still have business to take care of. You return first,” replied Jun Xin.

As he usually seemed busy, Tang Doudou didn’t question it and nodded with a big smile. “Alright. Thank you so much for today. Some other time I’ll definitely prepare a feast just for you!”

This brat didn’t seem to like eating with other people much. Since he helped her with such a big matter, she’ll help make him a personal feast!

Although Jun Xin felt very happy, at the same time, he didn’t express it and simply gave a light, unconcerned, ‘en.’

It made Tang Doudou feel very awkward. Hell, it couldn’t be that he didn’t want this kind of thanks right?

“After you get back, have Bai Feiyun immediately see if it was effective.” Jun Xin swept a glance at Tang Doudou who was still standing there dazed. A trace of helplessness passed through his almond eyes. If she didn’t head back now, the people from the Alliance Head Residence would probably search their way to here.

He had already transformed this place into God Firmament Hall’s stronghold, so this place couldn’t be exposed.

Tang Doudou also really wanted to know whether this bug's heart was useful or not so she didn’t delay any longer and flew towards the forest. Her figure soon disappeared.

Only then did Jun Xin retrieve his line of sight. He quietly glanced at the hole they had come out from. His gaze turned cold and he entered it once again.

When Tang Doudou got back to Huai City, the Alliance Head Residence had once again, as expected, exploded.

Although this wasn’t the first time Tang Doudou had disappeared without a sound, previously Bai Feiyun had always been aware of her whereabouts. This time though, even he didn’t know where she was. No one saw her leave either. Worried that something might have happened to Tang Doudou, Bai Feiyun not only had all of the Alliance Head Residence’s people search the city, he even mobilized the people from White Wind Manor and Plum Garden.

“How is it? Did you find him?” Xiao Dao hastily questioned the hidden guard from Plum Garden that had returned.

The hidden guard shook his head. “We’ve looked through the entire city. There’s no trace of him.”

“How could that be possible?” Xiao Dao paced back and forth anxiously. “And no one had seen him leave the city either! Could it be that he’s been captured by Xi Qiulin?”

“There’s no signs of movement from the imperial court so that’s probably not the case.” Although Bai Feiyun said this, his eyes were filled with worry. If Tang Doudou was still in Huai City, the only person capable of noiselessly capturing her without leaving any tracks was Xi Qiulin!

Where exactly did she go?

Bai Feiyun stood up worriedly. He had better go look for her himself after all!

Just as he was about to go, he saw a wretched figure on the street outside the Alliance Head Residence that was frantically running in their direction.

Although the person’s garments were completely muddy and unbelievably ragged, everyone present recognized Tang Doudou’s clothes with one glance.

The person that had come back was Tang Doudou!


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