Chapter 158.1: The Heart of the Black Demonic Nightcrawler


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“It cures a hundred poisons?” Tang Doudou was stunned for a moment before she grabbed Jun Xin’s hand excitedly. “What you mean is that, that the bug heart can cure the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance!?”

“If the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance is one of the hundred poisons. If it isn’t, then there’s nothing to be done.” He had searched through numerous ancient texts and inquired after many people who had secluded themselves from the world in order to find a way to cure the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. The most reliable method he found was the Black Demonic Nightcrawler’s heart.

For the sake of this heart, he had used half a month to search and finally found a way to restrain the Black Demonic Nightcrawler.

So he found an opportunity to bring Tang Doudou here to kill the Black Demonic Nightcrawler and get its heart. Even if it didn’t cure her poison, it wouldn’t cause her any harm.

Tang Doudou scratched her head, not very satisfied with this answer. However, she understood as well that if the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance was that easy to cure, it wouldn’t have stumped so many people.

Even Baili Yu with his extensive capabilities didn’t have a surefire way to cure it.

“Thank you, Jun Xin!” She never expected that Jun Xin would be this concerned about her. It was hard to imagine him flipping through so many ancient texts with his irascible personality.

Jun Xin gave a light smile. “There’s no need for thanks. Just remember to get my bowl and chopsticks next time.”

“Ahem…” Tang Doudou coughed awkwardly and acted like she didn’t know what he was talking about.

The two continued walking forward. With Jun Xin leading the way, Tang Doudou didn’t have to worry about crashing into a wall. They had probably turned a corner because her line of sight immediately widened. There were specks of light in the darkness ahead of them, as if there was a crowd of fireflies dancing.

Jun Xin lowered his voice and said, “We’re here. Be careful, the Black Demonic Nightcrawler is very sensitive to sound. Just a bit of sound would alarm it.”

What he said was very scary. When Tang Doudou recalled the enormous shadow she had seen that day, she immediately covered her mouth and nodded.

As the two gradually made their way forward, the sound of low breathing came from the darkness. It sounded almost like snores.

“Wait here. After I get the bug heart out, eat it immediately, got it?” Jun Xin turned back again to exhort.

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou froze. She had to eat the bug heart raw?

She imagined that tragically bloody sight, then grabbed Jun Xin. “Can it be eaten raw?”

“If you want to die you can choose not to eat it!” Jun Xin’s tone turned tsundere again, causing Tang Doudou’s teeth to itch.

“There are a lot of parasites in raw stuff, don’t you know?”

Jun Xin was practically angered to laughter by what she said. Treasures like these were things people could only come across by extreme luck. Anyone would be honored to have the opportunity to eat it raw, yet she was actually being picky about it!

“If you don’t want to eat it raw, could it be that you want to stir-fry it, steam it in broth, and recook it first?”

“Hm, I feel like this suggestion isn’t bad!”

...was this woman’s brain made of mud?


Right at this time, the sound of an exhalation came.

Jun Xin hastily stepped in front to shield Tang Doudou. “Be careful, it’s about to wake up.”

Tang Doudou immediately recalled that huge figure again and her heart leaped into her throat.


A chilling light flickered in the darkness. Jun Xin had taken out his dagger.

Following that, he pushed Tang Doudou aside and noiselessly approached the Black Demonic Nightcrawler. Borrowing the luster of those green lights, Tang Doudou saw that there was a huge monster lying on the ground about three steps in front of them. Its silver, scale-covered body was moving up and down faintly. The sound of breathing surrounded them from all directions and was stifling.

Now that Jun Xin was no longer in front of her, Tang Doudou became very scared. At the same time, she didn’t dare to move so she could only wait anxiously without moving. She hoped that Jun Xin would be able to get it fast and that nothing unexpected would happen.

She didn’t know if the Heavens were purposefully working against her, but right after she thought that, the surroundings started shaking again. The rumbling noises were practically about to burst Tang Doudou’s eardrums. Following that, she saw the Black Demonic Nightcrawler frantically start wiggling.

Only now did Tang Doudou realize that the things that looked like fireflies were actually specks on the Black Demonic Nightcrawler’s body. When it moved, it looked like a flowing green Milky Way. The breathtaking scene almost made Tang Doudou forget about the current danger!

“So beautiful…”

“Don’t just stand here, dodge the falling rocks!” Jun Xin’s warning jolted Tang Doudou back to her senses and she hastily dodged a rock falling towards her. When she saw that rocks were falling all around, she hastily moved back.

She didn’t know how big the Black Demonic Nightcrawler must be to cause such a huge disturbance just by moving a little. It was hard to imagine what would happen if it started moving its entire body.

When Tang Doudou’s thought up to here, she started worrying about Jun Xin again. Would he really be able to successfully dig out the bug’s heart?



Tang Doudou didn’t know what Jun Xin did, but the Black Demonic Nightcrawler started moving frantically. That silvery green river surged forward violently towards Tang Doudou. She was so frightened her face was completely pale. She hastily retreated backward but that bug’s speed was shockingly fast. In just a few breaths, it was so close it was about to crush her.


Silver light flashed past and Jun Xin’s figure appeared above Tang Doudou’s head. He abruptly sent a palm strike over. Blood-colored light turned into a curtain and enveloped the bug. Its enormous body was instantly struck back.

It crashed into the opposite wall, making an enormous boom.


The Black Demonic Nightcrawler was angry now. Its lifted its enormous head and opened its mouth to roar, then rushed towards the two.

Jun Xin’s eyes turned slightly cold. Carrying Tang Doudou in a princess hold, he rapidly moved back and dodged the Black Demonic Nightcrawler’s attack.

“W-we had better leave after all!!” Tang Doudou was so scared she was about to wet her pants. She hugged Jun Xin tightly.

The warm and soft sensation caused Jun Xin to momentarily be distracted. However, he quickly came back to his senses and once again tightened his grip. The dagger in his hand flew out. As it flew, it embedded deeply into the Black Demonic Nightcrawler’s body. “Hold on tight. I’ve already injured its lifeline. We only need to hold out for a little longer before we can dig out its heart.”

“So it doesn’t have to be dug out live?” After Jun Xin threw the dagger, he brought Tang Doudou to a place very far away.

Jun Xin replied, “When a Black Demonic Nightcrawler is close to death, all the essence blood in its body would rush toward its heart. That’s the best time to dig it out!”

From the looks of it, Jun Xin had done quite a lot of homework on Black Demonic Nightcrawlers. The two silently waited for a long time. The Black Demonic Nightcrawler didn’t seem to have good eyesight. When they didn’t make any sound, it didn’t attack again. It just continuously threshed on the ground, trying to lessen the bone-penetrating pain it felt.

However, Jun Xin’s dagger was just like a poisonous snake. The more the Black Demonic Nightcrawler moved, the deeper the dagger went.

The scene soon turned tragic. Tang Doudou couldn’t bear to watch anymore and turn away. Only then did she realize that she was still in Jun Xin’s arms. The side of her head was pressed right against his firm chest. She could hear his steady and powerful heartbeat that right then sped up a bit chaotically.

Tang Doudou was a bit speechless. She didn’t know why Jun Xin’s heart was speeding up.

Could it be that he got too excited fighting just now?

Or was it that he was tired from carrying her?


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