Chapter 157.2: Cure to a Hundred Poisons


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Meanwhile, Tang Doudou had already gotten to the bottom of that hole, but she still didn’t see Jun Xin. The shaking had also mysteriously stopped.

She was much calmer now. Since it wasn’t an earthquake, Jun Xin was probably fine. She decided that it was best for her to focus on getting out right now.

Perhaps Jun Xin hadn’t fallen in at all.

It was also possible that this was a prank Jun Xin was pulling. With his inner strength, it probably wouldn’t be hard for him to make the earth shake.

The more Tang Doudou thought about it, the more likely it seemed that this was a prank. When she recalled how worried she had been, anger rushed up. “Stinkin’ Jun Xin, just wait to see how this grandmama will sort you out!”

“Grandmama?” Just as she was about to turn back, Jun Xin’s low voice which contained that distinctive tone of unruliness suddenly came from the darkness. “Who’s the grandmama? You?”

“Brat, as expected this was your prank!”

“Who would be so idle as to prank you?”


“There’s no then, let’s go!”

It was rare for Jun Xin not to taunt her for her use of the word ‘grandmama.’ Tang Doudou felt that something was strange, but she followed behind Jun Xin without a word.

“The disturbance earlier was due to that guy turning over. I was worried that it would wake up so I went down earlier and used anesthesia powder on it,” explained Jun Xin quietly.

The more Tang Doudou listened, the more she felt that the situation wasn’t good. What exactly could cause such a huge disturbance from turning over?

“Open your mouth. Take the antidote first.”

“Wait, can you tell me first what you’re bringing me to see?” Tang Doudou already had a vague idea of who the so-called ‘guy’ was, but she hoped she was wrong.

In the darkness, Jun Xin said with a seemingly smiling tone, “Haven’t you already guessed? You still need me to explain?”

“N-no, that thing is really dangerous!” Having obtained confirmation, Tang Doudou hastily stopped and refused to continue walking. “We had better go back!”

“Don’t worry, it won’t be able to hurt you as long as I’m here.” Jun Xin turned back and placed the antidote in Tang Doudou’s hand. “I need your help. Just help me once, alright?”

His tone was a bit sad. Tang Doudou started feeling down just hearing it.

“H-how do I help you? Jun Xin, did something happen? Just say it! I’ll definitely help you!” Only then did Tang Doudou notice that something was off about Jun Xin and she immediately became worried.

She had always thought of this Jun Xin, who always bickered with her, as a younger brother. Although he was a damned tsundere, he was very cute most of the time. When she recalled how they first met, she became even more concerned about Jun Xin.

One could tell with a glance that Jun Xin was the type of person to keep his burdens buried deep in his heart without saying a word, so Tang Doudou didn’t try to force him to speak. She was silent for a while before she said, “I won’t force you if you don’t want to talk about it. In any case, if you need my help don’t hesitate to look for me! You don’t need to be polite with me!”

After she finished speaking, she started groping her way forward, her earlier fear completely gone.

Before she even took two steps, Jun Xin came to her side. “Why?”

Tang Doudou was at a loss with this sudden question. “Why what?”

“Why do you want to help me?” Jun Xin’s voice was very low, completely different from how he usually was.

“Heh, isn’t it obvious? Although you have a stinky mouth and always talk back to me, and have a bad temper, and is annoyingly tsundere and narcissistic, but that’s fine ah. Who asked for us to be friends? Since we’re friends, we naturally have to help each other, understand each other, and care for each other!” Tang Doudou told Jun Xin everything in her heart as if it should be completely natural. She felt moved by her own words and wondered if Jun Xin was moved to the point he was crying.

Unexpectedly, right after she finished speaking, Jun Xin’s gloomy voice came from the darkness. “We’re only friends?”

Humph, this little kid seriously liked to aim for a foot when you gave him an inch!

Being friends wasn’t enough? It couldn’t be that he wanted her to say things like sworn siblings?

It was too embarrassing!

“Forget it, you’re just an idiot.”

“LIttle brat, can’t you differentiate between good and bad? I’m doing this all for you, how could you act like this?”

Jun Xin didn’t feel like wasting time arguing with her over this topic. He understood that the reason she was treating him like this was because this identity, Jun Xin, in her eyes was just a headstrong little kid.

However, she didn’t seem to like his Ming Mengxin identity much ah!

Forget it. In any case, it wasn’t the right time yet. Regardless of it was Jun Xin or Ming Mengxin, he’ll simply act as needed with them!

“The Black Demonic Nightcrawler is the sacred bug of the Demonic Sect. You probably already know about this, right?”

The topic had switched too quickly and Tang Doudou was confused for a moment. “What black…”

Following that, she recalled what the fake Lou Qingyun had once told her about the Black Demonic Nightcrawler. “I know. That Xin Yue even said that after she refined the Demonic Nightcrawler, she would become undefeatable!”

Jun Xin nodded in the darkness and continued, “This is the Black Demonic Nightcrawler that Xin Yue wanted to raise to maturity. As long as you dig out its heart during its maturing process and eat it, your martial arts power will increase explosively. After that, things like contending for control over the martial arts circles, being matchless under the heavens, would be a piece of cake.”

“Huh? It couldn’t be that you want me to help you get that bug heart, right?”

“Of course not. Other than explosively increasing martial arts power, that bug heart has another very important use. I also only discovered it recently when consulting ancient texts.”

“What other use?”

Jun Xin smiled as he declared, “It’s the cure to a hundred poisons!”


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