Chapter 156.1: Caused Stirrings of Love


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That night, Tang Doudou and Mu Qingyao talked late into the night. She only jumped over the wall to return to Bai Courtyard when her eyelids could no longer defy gravity.

Early the next morning, Tang Doudou was called to the Alliance Head Residence and, under Elder Yu’s intense pleading, convened the martial arts convention. With Bai Feiyun’s help, she arranged the response policy for all the sects and promised that she would resolve the current crisis as quickly as possible.

After bustling around for an entire day, Tang Doudou was completely spent. She fell unconscious the moment her head touched her pillow.

She never predicted that, for the next month, she would spend every single day this way.

She only had free time to look for Mu Qingyao after the matter with the Demonic Sect gradually settled down.

“Don’t worry, Alliance Head. Qingyao understands.” When Tang Doudou arrived, Mu Qingyao was in the middle of packing to head back to the Green Jade School.

Actually, the reason Tang Doudou came was just to see if they had left yet. She had no intention of urging Mu Qingyao to help her.

“From the looks of it, the Alliance Head Residence’s reception was unsatisfactory, that’s why Sect Leader is in such a rush to leave?” joked Tang Doudou as she looked at the room that had been put back in order.

Mu Qingyao picked up her wrapped bundle and stood in front of Tang Doudou. “We’ve already been in Huai City a long time. I don’t know even how much work has piled up back in the school, waiting for me to sort through.”

“Since it’s like that, I won’t detain Sect Leader any longer. Just let me see you off until the city gates!”

“How could we dare trouble Alliance Head Li?”

“Haha, Sect Leader, no need to be polite with me. Let’s go!” Tang Doudou picked up the wrapped bundle on the table nearby and took the initiative to walk out.

A trace of helplessness appeared in Mu Qingyao’s eyes. She said softly to the disciples, “Let’s go.”

Mu Xinyu nodded, her face slightly red. She looked bashfully towards Tang Doudou’s back, because that bundle was hers.

When Mu Xinlan, who was next to her saw her blush, she laughed coldly. “Second Senior Sister, you couldn’t have fallen for Li Xueyi, right?”

Upon hearing this, Mu Qingyao glanced at Mu Xinyu questioningly and asked, “Xinyu, is what your Junior Sister said true?”

Her inner thoughts exposed, Mu Xinyu bit her lower lip and twisted her sleeves without speaking. However, her reaction already gave a clear answer. She had fallen for Li Xueyi, that lively youngster.

Upon seeing this, Mu Qingyao shook her head helplessly and said with a slight warning tone, “Give up on this idea as soon as possible. You being with him is impossible.”

“Master, I…” Mu Xinyu really wanted to say that there was nothing in this world that was impossible, that she believed her good looks and personality were sufficient to match up to Li Xueyi. However, she had just started objecting when Mu Qingyao shot a stern gaze over, scaring her into silence.

“Xinyu, don’t forget that he is engaged to someone else. Could it be that you want to become a concubine? Even if you want to be a concubine, that person has to agree first. Do you think that’s possible?” Mu Qingyao’s calm eyes turned stern and started to emit a special oppressive pressure. After she stared at Mu Xinyu a few moments, Mu Xinyu was so scared that her eyes were whirling around to avoid that gaze. However, she was the type that was likely to keep dreaming her entire life if no one completely destroyed her hopes.

After Mu Qingyao finished speaking, she left with the other disciples without waiting for Mu Xinyu’s reaction.

“Eh? Why isn’t Xinyu coming out?” Tang Doudou, who had waited quite a while at the entrance of the Alliance Head Residence, saw Mu Qingyao come out with the other disciples in a group. However, when she swept her gaze over them, she discovered that the group was short one person.

The reason she remembered Mu Xinyu was because when she was over discussing matters with Mu Qingyao, that lady would often bring her all sorts of tasty treats. In addition, her personality was reserved, gentle, and cute. She was very similar to Qing Yin and was a wonderful girl.

Tang Doudou was naturally unaware of the little episode that had occurred earlier in the room. The moment she asked this, the expressions of the disciples standing behind Mu Qingyao changed and became a little awkward.

Mu Xinlan had always been rather audacious, and so at this time she directly asked, “Alliance Head Li is so concerned about my Senior Sister, could it be that you’ve taken a liking to her?”

“Xinlan!” Mu Qingyao hadn’t expected Mu Xinlan to speak so quickly. By the time she reacted and spoke to stop her, it was too late. She looked towards Tang Doudou apologetically and said, “Xinlan is just joking with Alliance Head, I hope Alliance Head Li won’t take this to heart. Xinyu had left something behind and went back to look for it. She’ll be here soon.”

“Haha, it’s fine. Xinlan and Xinyu are both good ladies with straightforward and mild-mannered personalities. Countless people must envy Sect Leader for being able to have such cute disciples.” Actually, Tang Doudou had been quite alarmed by what Mu Xinlan said. She thought back to Mu Xinyu’s usual behavior and felt that it actually did seem like Mu Xinyu liked her.

She had never expected something like this to happen again after what happened with Qing Yin. Tang Doudou felt quite depressed.

After shifting the topic with a laugh, she saw Mu Xinyu jog over, her eyes red. When she got close, she softly called ‘Master,’ then joined the group, not daring to even glance at Tang Doudou.

Her manner validated what Xinlan said earlier.

Damned yo-yo ah, Li Xueyi! This was all because of this stinky skin sack of yours!T/N

If she had been a man, it’d still be fine to hit on girls like this but she was a lil’ sis ah! The way she was stealing hearts like this, wasn’t it harming the girls? What if Mu Xinyu got love-sickness after she went back? Wouldn’t she have committed a great sin?

This wouldn’t do. She had to reinstate her female identity as soon as possible, otherwise, it’d be hard to guarantee that something like this wouldn’t happen again.

At this time, Mu Qingyao spoke again. “The matter regarding the Demonic Sect has yet to be completely resolved so Alliance Head Li definitely still has a lot of affairs to attend to. Qingyao is already honored to have Alliance Head Li see us off this far and requests that Alliance Head simply sees us out here.”

If it had been before, Tang Doudou definitely would have insisted on seeing them off further. But when she saw that Mu Xinlan had nothing on her back, she immediately realized what was going on and handed the bundle she was holding to Mu Qingyao. “Aiyah, if Sect Leader Mu hadn’t brought it up, I really would have forgotten. Not only do I have to deal with the Demonic Sect matters, my wedding day is also approaching. I still have to prepare for the ceremony!”

It was impossible for the people present not to know what was going on upon hearing this.

Mu Qingyao didn’t blame Tang Doudou for acting in such a cruel, final manner. On the contrary, she was very grateful that Tang Doudou didn’t wade in mud and water, and said with a smile, “From the looks of it, we won’t be able to make it in time to Alliance Head’s wedding, so Qingyao will give well-wishes in advance. May Alliance Head and Baili gongzi have a long and happy life together and forever be of one mind and one heart!”

Tang Doudou smiled. “Then I’ll just see you off this far. I hope you have a pleasant journey and reach home safely!”

Mu Qingyao nodded slightly, then left with her disciples.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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T/N - “Damned yo-yo ah, Li Xueyi! This was all because of your stinky skin sack of yours!” I seem to recall in the beginning chapters that Li Xueyi looked identical to Tang Doudou tho? Lmao.


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