Chapter 153.1: Mu Ye’s Condition


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Tang Doudou ducked, alarmed, but Mu Ye didn’t move at all. He just stood there and stared at Tang Doudou. After a while, he took the initiative to speak. “In the past, I wanted your life, but I don’t want it anymore.”


The change in development occurred too quickly, for a few moments Tang Doudou couldn’t quite follow. Without thinking, she asked, “Why don’t you want it anymore?”

After she spoke, she returned to her senses and itched to just bite her own tongue off. Damned retard. Did you get too used to people wanting your life so now you can’t adjust?

“What I mean is, why do you suddenly not want my life anymore? Could it be that your conscience discovered that a good person like me shouldn’t die?” Tang Doudou hastily explained in order to prevent Mu Ye from misunderstanding.

Mu Ye looked at her disdainfully as if she was an idiot and said coldly, “How could you possibly count as a good person?”

...she should just keep quiet after all.

However, curiosity kept scratching at her heart like a cat’s claw, making her unbearably uncomfortable. When she saw that Mu Ye didn’t plan to take her life, she became much braver and asked, “For a while, you said you wanted my life, yet a while later you didn’t want it anymore. No matter what there should be a reason, shouldn’t there?”

“When I wanted, I wanted, when I didn’t want it anymore, I didn’t. There’s no reason.”

“Big Brother ah, can’t we be a bit more forthcoming with our words? How are we supposed to continue with you like this?” Tang Doudou felt completely helpless in face of this da ye. Could he stop being so obstinate?

“I’m not your big brother,” replied Mu Ye coldly.

His conduct was pretty much provoking Tang Doudou to explode. She itched to just beat him up. “Alright, let’s stop wasting time and get to the main topic. You probably know why I came to look for you. As long as you don’t want my life, anything else is fine. How’s that? Has this Alliance Head been frank enough?”

She was completely like a little hooligan, where was there any trace of an Alliance Head’s dignity? However, getting straight to the point was also a pretty good choice. Wasting words wasn’t his style after all.

He thought for a little bit and the coldness in his eyes melt slightly. When he spoke, his tone was stiff and seemed a bit embarrassed. “I want to marry you.”

“Jesus ah!” Tang Doudou staggered and ran into the tree trunk. “D-did I just have a hallucination?”

Mu Ye’s expression darkened and his eyes chilled again. “You didn’t hear wrong. As long as you marry me, I’ll withdraw the Demonic Sect forces and will even help you get rid of Elder Yu.”

“The key point is, why ah!?” Tang Doudou couldn’t make sense of the situation at all, but she wasn’t narcissistic to the point of thinking that it was because Mu Ye liked her. There was definitely a different reason for why he was doing this. This pertained to the safety of the martial arts circles, and also to her life’s big event, she, of course, had to ask clearly!

After she asked ‘why’ Mu Ye sunk into silence. After a while, he finally forced out a sentence that almost made Tang Doudou voluntarily ram her head into the tree. “There’s no need for you to know!”

Tang Doudou instantly flared up. She didn’t need to know about the rest but she couldn’t even know about this?

Perhaps seeing that she was about to explode and because Mu Ye felt that it was unfair to make a person get married when they weren’t sure what was going on, he said, “I read an ancient text that said the only way to cure the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance was to get married with someone who had been poisoned by the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance before…”

When he said ‘get married,’ a trace of unnaturalness flashed across his face. It was clear that there was another meaning.

Tang Doudou took a moment to think about it and immediately broke out in cold sweat.

No wonder Bai Feiyun said that the only one who would be able to cure her poison was Baili Yu. In addition, though Baili Yu brought up the matter of curing the poison from the first day they met, he never made any indications of doing it. So it turned out that this was the catch!

They actually had to get married… Of course, it wasn’t just getting married, but entering the bridal room ah! (Consummation if it wasn’t clear enough)

As Tang Doudou thought about this, her expression also became unnatural. What Mu Ye meant was, was…

Wait. Tang Doudou suddenly looked up, her tone shocked. “Y-you also got poisoned by Disseminating Tassel Fragrance?”


Originally Tang Doudou thought he would say that she didn’t need to know. Unexpectedly he admitted it so straightforwardly.

“I thought it was just a normal poison. I only found out that it was the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance after going to Azure Water Valley last time. I’ve been looking for you ever since I found out that you and Baili Yu have both been poisoned with it before.”

After hearing these puzzling words, in a brain-dead moment, Tang Doudou asked Mu Ye, “Then why didn’t you go look for Baili Yu?”

Mu Ye’s face instantly turned black.

Tang Doudou hastily changed her words. “Ahem, I was just joking.”

After she said that, she looked towards Mu Ye again, puzzled. “Didn’t you go to Azure Water Valley last time to kill someone?”

“Cang Baicao found out about the fact I was poisoned, so he must be killed.” The things that came out of Mu Ye’s mouth were too inhumane, but it did fit with his cold temperament.

Although what he said made a lot of sense, Tang Doudou still felt that it probably wasn’t as simple as he was presenting it to be.

“I can’t marry you! Although you only want to marry me for the sake of curing the poison and nothing else, I’ve already agreed to marry Baili Yu. Moreover, I haven’t been cured of the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance either, so I probably can’t help you.” She wasn’t an extremely traditionalist person. It wasn’t impossible for her to make a bit of a sacrifice for the sake of saving someone, but she hadn’t even cured her own poison yet, so how could she help Mu Ye?

In addition, if she really agreed to help Mu Ye, she’d probably lose Baili Yu. That was the most important thing.

It hadn’t been easy for her to finally find someone she liked, she didn’t want to lose him.

The person who was poisoning people with Disseminating Tassel Fragrance was really strange as well. Why was he only targeting men?


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