Chapter 152.2: Demanding Her Life


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“Dead-as-a-doornail die ah?” repeated Bai Feiyun. Then he asked with his eyebrows raised, “What you said earlier were all lies?”

“Of course ah. I just came back, I don’t even know what’s going on, how could I have a countermeasure?” Tang Doudou grabbed Bai Feiyun’s hand. “Xiao Bai ah…”

“You should go find Mu Ye.” Bai Feiyun moved his hand out of her grasp and walked forward a couple steps before stopping and saying this with a sigh.


“He’s the only one that can resolve this matter. I’ve already tried all the other methods.”

Tang Doudou became even more distressed. Go find Mu Ye. Where was she supposed to go to find Mu Ye? The last time they meet was when he saved her from the God Firmament Hall’s ambush while passing by.

“But would Mu Ye agree to stop it? I heard that over half of Jianghu’s sects have already surrendered to them. They only need to put in a little more effort to overthrow our Alliance Head Residence and proclaim themselves rulers of the Jianghu.”

Bai Feiyun swept a glance at her, very confused with the difference in her manner of speech in front of others and in private. “This matter isn’t something Mu Ye started. He tried to salvage the situation before but it was no use. It’s likely that something has happened to the Demonic Sect.”

“No way? Mu Ye seems so powerful, how could he not even be in control of the matters within his sect?”

“He seems to have been looking for something. Due to this, the Protectors and Elders in the sect have started to clash. He hasn’t even been back to the Demonic Sect lately, so they’re like a bunch of dragons without a leader. Currently, the Demonic Sect is also messy as a pot of porridge and not doing much better than us.” Bai Feiyun calmly explained to Tang Doudou. As the two spoke, they walked along the small alley and returned to the street.

Tang Doudou saw that the stores in Huai City seemed very gloomy. In addition, quite a lot of people hastily moved out of the way upon seeing her.

“What’s going on? Is my appearance very scary?” Tang Doudou couldn’t help but reach to touch her face upon seeing this strange reaction. Could it be that a flower was growing on her face?

Bai Feiyun ignored her and continued talking about the Demonic Sect. “I’ve also been looking for Mu Ye for quite a while but couldn’t get hold of his exact location. I heard that during the Plum Garden Gathering, he went to find you on his own?”

Eh? That time, she and Mu Ye were the only ones present. How did other people find out?

“Baili Yu has informants everywhere in Plum Garden. Your every move is within his view. This information, due to certain reasons, tends to be spread out. What I know is that not only did Mu Ye look for you on his own, that night Jun Xin crazily destroyed almost a hundred plum trees outside the wooden rooms, and even shattered Bloodthirster. After that, Jun Xin left Plum Garden and never returned.” Bai Feiyun’s warm eyes looked towards Tang Doudou with a probing gaze as if he couldn’t see through her thoughts. “The moment you arrived in Huai City today, he returned as well.”

“What?” Tang Doudou was shocked by everything Bai Feiyun said. She had no idea that something like that had happened after she got drunk. It was likely that Jun Xin found out Baili Yu and she did dat, and so after going crazy from heartbreak, he left downheartedly…

Pei! What was with that? It’s completely wrong!

Jun Xin was back again!

This didn’t correspond with the storyline. Why did he go berserk and leave home? And why did he only just come back?

“Let’s just talk about Mu Ye first!” Tang Doudou decided not to worry about Jun Xin’s matter. That brat looked like a purely tsundere kid, but in reality, he was really irascible and temperamental. Just from the sound of his name, ‘Blood Fiend Jun Xin,’ one could tell how brutal of a guy he actually was.

She had no intention of provoking such a frightening guy as if she had nothing else to do. Although Mu Ye was also very frightening, Tang Doudou stopped being afraid of him ever since he smiled towards her last time.

“Mu Ye… If you look for him, you’ll probably find him easily.” Bai Feiyun retrieved his probing gaze and spoke after a brief pause.

“Why would it be easy for me to find him? It’s not like I know him very well.” They had only met about three times and probably hadn’t even exchanged a total of ten sentences.

Upon hearing this, Bai Feiyun’s smile turned a little strange to the point it made Tang Doudou’s hair rise on end. Finally, he spoke and said, “Because he’s also looking for you.”

Never would have thought it ah!

She actually found Mu Ye this easily.

After silently staring at each other for a long while, Tang Doudou finally sighed and broke the silence. She asked curiously, “Why were you looking for me?”

“To make a deal.” Mu Ye coldly glanced at her, then spat out these words.

He was truly cold to the point that it made people shiver beneath the scorching sun.

The deal he was talking about, it was probably the one he mentioned back in Plum Garden?

Last time she had thoroughly disgusted Mu Ye ah. As Tang Doudou thought to here, she asked with an unnatural expression, “What deal could the two of us possibly make?”

“There is.”

Big brother ah, let’s not be so miserly with our words so much when speaking, alright? It’s not like I charge you per word!

Tang Doudou silently criticized as she rubbed her nose. Recalling what Bai Feiyun told her earlier, her heart calmed down and she asked, “Then what you’re saying is that what you’re looking for is with me?”

Mu Ye’s cold gaze swept over, sharp as a knife. “Correct!”

Jesus ah! The Mu Ye she encountered last time was an imposter, was it? Moreover, she daydreamed that he smiled towards her. This right now was practically a slap to the face!

The person in front of her right now was probably the true Mu Ye, just his gaze was enough to make her calves tremble. Tang Doudou gulped and moved to the side to avoid that knife-like gaze. “Ahem, what is it? There’s no harm in saying it. I…”

Before she even finished speaking, Mu Ye’s cold eyes appeared right in front of her again. Words jumped out one by one from those thin lips. “Your life!”

“Ha, ha, w-what are you joking about? I-it’s not funny at all!”

He actually wanted her life! Then what did he save her for last time? Was he mentally ill!?Mu Ye’s gaze was cold and seemed completely inhuman. His eyes were deep and seemed to engulf her like a whirlpool without leaving a trace! Tang Doudou was so scared that she was stammering. Panicking, she leaned back against the tree and tried to find a safe place.

My holy yoyo ah! Didn’t they agree that there wouldn’t be any life-threatening danger?

Xiao Bai ah, Xiao Bai! You’ll troll me to death at this rate!


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