Chapter 149.2: Entertaining Guests


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“This courtyard used to belong to an old grandma, she also had a granddaughter.” When he said ‘granddaughter,’ he turned and gave Tang Doudou a meaningful glance. “Guess who the old grandma’s granddaughter is?”

“I know her?” asked Tang Doudou in surprise.

Bai Feiyun gave a slight smile.

Tang Doudou’s big brain immediately started whirling. She hasn’t met many lil’ sis since her transmigration over. Nearby ones were Qing Yin, Qing He, Meng Yu and Bai Lianhua, and San Yu. Far away there was only Feng Wu from Mist City…

Of these people, Bai Lianhua and Feng Wu could be directly eliminated. Qing Yin and Meng Yu were Baili Yu’s maids; it’s said that they had been taken in since young, so they could also be eliminated. Then there was only…

Tang Doudou was very shocked. “You’re saying it’s San Yu?”

“En.” It was such an obvious question, yet she had to think half a day about it. Bai Feiyun shook his head, helpless in regard to Tang Doudou’s slowness.

“I remember that her house was…” A scene flashed through Tang Doudou’s mind and she turned around to look at the courtyard again. When she saw the newly replaced roof, she was immediately stunned to realize that it really was this place.

That day when they had gotten out of the Prime Minister Residence, she had been completely flustered and didn’t pay any attention to their bearings at all. Later they had left really quickly so she had paid even less attention. Now that she thought about it, Baili Yu definitely would have been bringing her towards Plum Garden. It was simply that the Hoarfrost Poison suddenly flared up while they were midway there and they ended up falling into this courtyard.

However, the more shocking part was the fact that Bai Feiyun had been able to transform the courtyard into this style in just a short month. Not even a trace of its original look could be made out.

“I don’t remember that there seemed to be an old grandma in her home?” Back then she only seemed to have seen Yuner.

Bai Feiyun said, “This grandma can’t walk well and always stayed in the little house over there. San Yu pretty much looked after her in all aspects of her daily life. After San Yu was sent to prison, she moved away.”

“Where did she move to?” Where could a grandma go all by herself?

“To a small temple west of the city. If you want to investigate San Yu’s matter, you can set about it by starting with her. From what I know, this grandma isn’t a simple character.”

As Bai Feiyun spoke, he swept a glance at Tang Doudou who was listening carefully. “I would advise that you not to get involved in this matter.”

“From what you’re saying, it seems like you know something?”

“San Yu is a princess of the previous dynasty. Her goal in coming to Huai City was to find her little sister, not to kill Xi Qiulin. Someone had framed her in the drug incident. The only reason she participated in the culinary arts competition was to help Yuner leave the Prime Minister Residence.”

Suddenly his words took a turn. “Speaking of which, the way she’s so meddlesome is quite similar to you.”

It’s unknown if the speaker did it on purpose or not, but the listener ended up quite shocked. Then could it be that San Yu was…

“Ahem, probably all ladies with good hearts are like this.” Tang Doudou gave a couple dry laughs, then pointed in the direction of the Alliance Head Residence. “I noticed that if you look over from this tree, the place that’s the clearest is probably not my room but that side, right?”

Bai Feiyun knew the place she was talking about without even looking. “It doesn’t matter where, it doesn’t have much to do with you. From now on, you should just live here.”

“What? Me live here?” Tang Doudou awkwardly glanced at the little courtyard behind her. Could she really stay here?

“Due to the matter with the Demonic Sect, the Alliance Head Residence is already fully occupied. There’s someone living in your house as well. I’ve already helped you move your stuff here. If you want to go back and live there, pack your things and move them back over yourself.” After Bai Feiyun finished speaking, he lightly descended and landed in the Alliance Head Residence’s side and left without turning back.

Tang Doudou sighed, then jumped off the tree as well. She glanced around the courtyard. A very serious question suddenly occurred to her. There didn’t seem to be a single servant in this courtyard. Didn’t that mean that she’d have to personally deal with the matters of everyday life in the future? Heavens ah, this was seriously a sad story.

She glanced at the sky. It was already almost noon, so she could only resign herself and head towards the kitchen.

Tang Doudou’s mood improved a little when she got to the kitchen.When it came to cooking, she could always maintain her passion! (When it comes to eating, I can almost always maintain my passion!)

She didn’t know if Bai Feiyun had prepared everything for the sake of her return or what but everything needed was prepared in the kitchen. Fresh vegetables, pork, and fish were all placed there. All the necessary ingredients and seasonings were also prepared.

“This Xiao Bai quite knows how to pass his days ah…” Tang Doudou glanced at all the things that filled the kitchen, then rolled up her sleeves and got started. There was probably going to be a lot of people this afternoon, in addition, it was the first time Golden Wind Jade Dew and the others had come, so she as host naturally couldn’t be casual with what she served them.

After thinking about it a little, Tang Doudou decided to prepare a big feast!

As she was picking out the vegetables, she suddenly recalled Jun Xin, that little brat. He was an authentic foodie ah.

“Xiao Dao!” Since she was cooking anyway, she might as well call that brat over too. Of course, it’d be best to call up Qing Yin and Meng Yu as well. It has been a long time since they had seen each other.

Xiao Dao had followed her over earlier and was serving loyally as a hidden guard. The moment Tang Doudou called for him, he immediately appeared in the kitchen.

“What instructions does Lady Doudou have?”

“I’m cooking today. Go to Plum Garden to invite Jun Xin, Qing Yin, and Meng Ru over.” Tang Doudou put down the vegetable in her hand. As she watched Xiao Dao leave, she suddenly recalled something and said, “Xiao Dao, remember to bring a couple jars of wine back with you.”

She didn’t drink but Yu Fenger and Jin Longbiao were very fond of alcohol.


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