Chapter 149.1: Entertaining Guests


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Bai Feiyun’s words caused Yu Fenger’s facial color to turn pale. He pulled Jin Longbiao and said to Tang Doudou, “Doudou ah, don’t trouble yourself over it. Just come see us at the stronghold when you have time. We only came because we wanted to see you. We’re at ease now seeing that you’re fine. There’s a lot of matters to handle at the stronghold so we’ll return now!”

“Big Brother Yu…” Tang Doudou glanced at Bai Feiyun helplessly. She knew that it wouldn’t be appropriate for her to bring Golden Wind Jade Dew into the Alliance Head Residence. Xiao Bai definitely wouldn’t say anything but the orthodox sects of the martial arts circles would definitely kick up a fuss. Elder Yu, for one, would definitely use this against her.

“It’s fine, Doudou.” Though Yu Fenger said this lightly, his eyes were filled with a reluctance to part.

Tang Doudou sighed and was just about to nod in agreement when Bai Feiyun spoke again. “Why don’t you guys come to my house?”

Tang Doudou looked towards him, surprised and also a little puzzled. Bai Feiyun was someone of White Wind Manor. While he was in Huai City, he had always stayed in the Alliance Head Residence. She had never heard that he had a house in Huai City.

Could it be that in the month she was gone, Bai Feiyun had already settled down in Huai City and gotten married?

As if knowing that her thoughts had again gone astray, Bai Feiyun gave a simple explanation. “It’s a courtyard under the White Wind Manor’s name. I’ve been staying there ever since you left.”

So it was like that. The distress contained in Tang Doudou’s eyes instantly disappeared now that there was a way for Golden Wind Jade Dew to stay. She smiled happily. “Xiao Bai ah, you really are my little angel!”

Bai Feiyun ignored her and started walking.

Tang Doudou, Golden Wind Jade Dew, and Xiao Dao followed.

Yu Fenger looked towards Jin Longbiao with a hesitant expression. Jin Longbiao shook his head with a helpless expression and said, “Even if we go back, you’ll just keep moaning about this, so why not just stay here? Green Summit Stronghold has also amassed quite some wealth these past years, it’s enough to support our brothers for the rest of their lives. I’ll find a time to head back and disband Green Summit Stronghold. Hasn’t this been what you wanted for a long time?”

Jin Longbiao’s words made Yu Fenger so moved that he melted into a puddle. He cried with tears in his eyes, “Jin ge…”


“Ahem, big brothers, could you two wait until we get to the place first?” Tang Doudou who had been walking in front didn’t see Golden Wind Jade Dew following so she turned back, only to see the two gazing lovingly into each other's eyes. She coughed and interrupted the moment.

Yu Fenger glared lightly at Jin Longbiao. “It’s all your fault.”


Unexpectedly, Bai Feiyun’s house was on the street right behind the Alliance Head Residence. It was only a wall away from the Alliance Head Residence and two courtyards away from Baili Yu’s Plum Garden.

The courtyard wasn’t large, but the decoration inside was unusually elegant. It was barely the start of spring, yet spotlessly white magnolia flowers adorned the trees. Flower petals gently spilled down, the aesthetic was exceptionally beautiful.

Bai Feiyun seemed to like these magnolias which were similar to his temperament very much, as pretty much all the trees in the courtyard were magnolia trees. Tang Doudou sighed emotionally as she watched the scene of the flower petals being swept up by the white garment.

They’re all white garments, they all seem so much like celestials.

When Baili Yu wore white, the feeling he gave off was like that of an immortal banished from the ninth heaven, unattached and uninvolved with the world. Meanwhile, Bai Feiyun was like a mundane world immortal, seeing through all that exists in the mortal world, and so being free from vulgarity, tranquil without ripple.

Bai Feiyun led her around to view the entire courtyard, then called for a maid to guide Golden Wind Jade Dew to the guest room to rest. He looked at Tang Doudou with a mild gaze. “How is it? Is this courtyard presentable enough to enter Alliance Head daren, your eyes?”

This entire time he had seen her look all around with her eyes sparkling as if she really liked this place.

Of course she liked it. She liked it so much she was practically beside herself ah!

This courtyard was better than the Alliance Head Residence by countless folds. Any normal human would want to live here!

Every time Tang Doudou recalled the poverty-stricken appearance of the Alliance Head Residence, she would feel like crying.

However, regardless of whether it was a golden nest or a silver nest, it still couldn’t compare to one’s own dog nest. No matter how good this place was, it still belonged to someone else. “It’s not bad, but isn’t this location a little too coincidental?”

What she was pointing at was naturally the fact that it was next door to the Alliance Head Residence. No matter how one looked at it, it didn’t seem like one of White Wind Manor’s estates. It seemed more like Bai Feiyun had purposefully moved here.

Bai Feiyun smiled and didn’t deny it. “Isn’t it very convenient this way?”

As he spoke, he walked to the corner of the north wall in the courtyard. There was a large, bare tree. Due to the fact that there were no leaves at all, Tang Doudou couldn’t tell what kind of tree it was.

Bai Feiyun smiled at her, then with an easy movement, he leaped onto the tree. Afterward, he beckoned Tang Doudou with his hand.

Tang Doudou was puzzled at this, but still obediently flew up. After she got a good footing, she looked in Bai Feiyun’s direction and was completely taken aback.

Looking this way, her room’s window was in direct sight. In addition, everything in the room could be seen clearly.

Da fudge? Tang Doudou got goosebumps upon seeing this. Hell, who exactly did this courtyard used to belong to!? It couldn’t have been a peeping tom, right? Luckily she had always closed the window while she slept in the past due to fear that someone would discover her true gender. However, the thought of it was still frightening!

She glanced towards Bai Feiyun with a strange expression on her face. What did he mean by this?

“Don’t worry, I don’t have that hobby.” Bai Feiyun didn’t even look at her and simply stared at that room. He gave a light laugh, then said, “Moreover, there’s nothing much of interest to see.”

Freaking yoyo!

If it had been Jun Xin who said this, Tang Doudou definitely would have kicked him straight off the tree. However- Tang Doudou glanced at Bai Feiyun whose expression was tranquil as always and could only hold back her pent-up her frustration. “Xiao Bai, you’ve changed.” (‘Person’s_name, you’ve changed’ is a common phrase that appears in cnovels when a character who’s originally innocent and pure turns more evil.)


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