Chapter 148.2: Jun Xin has Returned


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In the front hall, Tang Doudou saw Xiao Dao sitting with his head in his hands, seeming to be very worried and blaming himself for something.

Tang Doudou hastily jogged over and called out in pleasant surprise, “Xiao Dao!”

“La…” Xiao Dao was also very happy to see that Tang Doudou was unharmed. He stood up and was about to call out ‘Lady Doudou’ when he noticed that Tang Doudou was wearing male clothing and immediately changed his words, “Alliance Head, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Do I not look alright? That’s right, Xiao Dao, what happened to you? Why did it take you so long to arrive?”

Xiao Dao replied in a helpless tone, “I found people from the Chamber of Commerce in Cloud Semblance City, so after getting money from them, I immediately returned. In the end, Golden Wind Jade Dew told me that you had already left. I didn’t believe them, so I called for people to capture them, then came to Huai City to look for you…”

“What? You captured them?”

“That’s right ah. I didn’t know whether they were telling the truth or not. What if it was a lie and I not only ended up not being able to find you but also let them escape?” explained Xiao Dao, embarrassed.

Fine, what he said made sense but…

Tang Doudou asked, “Then where are they?”

Xiao Dao pointed towards the entrance. “They’re right outside.”

It was simple and crude enough. He had directly kidnapped the people from Green Summit Stronghold and brought them here. And she had been remarking about how slow he was. This speed was practically flying fast, alright?

Tang Doudou hastily ran out. Before she even saw Golden Wind Jade Dew with her eyes, she could already hear Yu Fenger cursing in his unique intonation.

“Little bastards, you better pray that you don’t fall into my, Yu Fenger’s hands! I-it, it’s seriously infuriating!”

“Fenger ah, you should save your strength. You’ve been scolding them the entire way here. Jin ge’s heart aches for you.”

“Aiy, wonder where that little sister of ours is right now. Did she get to Huai City safely…”

Even having fallen to this point, Yu Fenger was still worrying about her. Tang Doudou’s nose stung and she had to force back her tears before looking over. The moment she looked, she couldn’t help but burst out laughing. These two big brothers of hers were sure cute.

Xiao Dao who followed her out was also stunned for a moment before he explained embarrassedly, “Their martial arts skills are very high, none of the people I brought over were any match for them. They voluntarily allowed me to capture them.”

Tang Doudou glanced at the rope that was strung around Golden Wind Jade Dew practically as decoration, then glanced at the hidden guards that were continuously feeding the two grapes. Their expressions were all helpless.

“Big Brother Yu, Big Brother Jin!”

“Aiyah, that’s our little sister’s voice!” Yu Fenger who was laying on his back immediately pushed away the grape from in front of him and sat up to look this way. When he saw that it was really Tang Doudou, he immediately ran over excitedly. The rope on his body dropped to the ground on its own with this movement.

“Big Brother Yu, I’ve made you guys suffer. Xiao Dao didn’t know that I had already returned and not only bothered you but even brought you guys here. I’m really sorry.”

“Aiy, it’s fine!” Yu Fenger looked Tang Doudou up and down, then glanced at the Alliance Head Residence behind her. “Doudou ah, why are you living here?”

“About this, I’ll tell you more in detail later. Big Brother Yu, you two must be tired from the journey. Come in first and rest for a while.” Tang Doudou called Xiao Dao, then made to lead Golden Wind Jade Dew inside.

However, Yu Fenger pulled her to a stop. “Doudou, your Jin ge and I are happy to see that you’re fine so we’ll leave now.”

“Big Brother Yu, if you guys don’t want to come in I won’t force you to either, but we’re already at the door so why not come in and sit awhile? It couldn’t be that two big brothers dislikes Tang Doudou’s place and thinks it’s too unpresentable?”

“Of course not…” Yu Fenger glanced inside the Alliance Head Residence, then pulled Tang Doudou to the side. “Doudou, you’re also aware of the kind of business we’re in. How could we dare to go into the Alliance Head Residence?”

Only then did Tang Doudou realize this problem. It really wasn’t that appropriate for Golden Wind Jade Dew to enter the Alliance Head Residence with their status, but how could she allow them to leave without entertaining them when they had already come all the way here?

Just as she was at a loss over what to do, Bai Feiyun walked out.

“You two are Golden Wind Jade Dew?” There was a warm smile on his face but the expression in his eyes was deep as he looked at the two.

“Ahem, that’s us. You’re Bai Feiyun, Bai gongzi, correct?”

A trace of fear flickered in Yu Fenger’s eyes as he was talking to Bai Feiyun, and he retreated backward a little.

Sensing that the atmosphere was a little off, Tang Doudou’s eyes whirled, then she moved to stand right in between the two. Laughing with a ‘hehe’, she said, “Xiao Bai, Big Brother Yu and Big Brother Jin came from far away, so…”

Bai Feiyun said lightly, “It’s not that I’m prohibiting them from entering, but do you dare to bring them inside?”


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