Chapter 148.1: Jun Xin has Returned


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Bai Feiyun seemed to have noticed that Tang Doudou was blaming herself as he said with a smile, “Even if you hadn’t been there to stir up trouble, she still wouldn’t have gotten away with it. No matter how useless Xi Qiulin is, he’s still the emperor. How could he possibly get poisoned that easily?”

Tang Doudou thought about it and found that it made sense. “Then where is San Yu right now?”

Earlier, when Yuner had begged her to save San Yu, she knew that San Yu was in trouble, but she hadn’t expected for the trouble to be this big. If she went to save a girl from the previous dynasty, no matter what, she would be suspected of being a conspirator. At that time, if Xi Qiulin raised difficult questions, without Baili Yu to serve as a protective umbrella, not only would she not be able to save herself, but the entire Alliance Head Residence would be implicated as well.

She wasn’t an impetuous person. San Yu would only be beheaded after autumn so there was still time for her to slowly inquire about the matter. This matter wasn’t very urgent. In any case, if she could save her, she’ll do so. If she couldn’t, then all she could do was apologize.

“Death row criminals are naturally imprisoned in the Imperial Prison*. I advise you to give up on the idea of going to save her. After being beaten by you last time, Xi Qiulin is currently itching for an opportunity to grasp your pigtail (evidence of wrongdoing). He fears Baili Yu, but he doesn’t fear you.”

The Imperial Prison is the prison instituted in the capital and under the direct management of the Imperial Court

Bai Feiyun knew what Tang Doudou was thinking the moment he saw her eyes whirl. He rapped her head, then headed off to lead Wu Li and the others to a place where Yuner could rest.

Tang Doudou returned to her room in the Alliance Head Residence and plopped down on the bed as she massaged her head that felt like it was swelling from the information. She had been mentally prepared to have a lot of matters to deal with, but she had expected them to be mostly in regard to the Demonic Sect. Yuner’s matter was something completely outside of her expectations.

“The first thing I see coming back is your ugly expression, what bad luck!”

Suddenly, a familiar, disdain-filled voice came from above Tang Doudou’s head, startling her so much that she almost fell from the bed. Flipping over, Tang Doudou got up and looked. Jun Xin, who had disappeared for nearly two months, was currently hanging upside down from a roof beam, his large eyes filled with disdain.

“Jun Xin! How the hell are you here?” shouted Tang Doudou in pleasant surprise. To tell the truth, she really did miss this guy a little. It seemed like she hadn’t seen him since the day he had been angered off by Baili Yu. When she asked Qing Yin, Qing Yin said she didn’t know where he had gone either.

Jun Xin jumped down and landed softy. Casually sitting down on a stool, he poured himself a cup of tea and took several gulps. “What, I’m not welcome?”

“Welcome, welcome, of course you’re welcome! But speaking of which, where have you been? I haven’t seen a shadow of you for so long.” After seeing Jun Xin, all of Tang Doudou’s worries had been swept away. She stared at Jun Xin with interest, wanted to know what exactly he had been up to all this time.

Veiled emotions flashed through Jun Xin’s eyes as he looked at her sparkling eyes. If he said that he had been by her side this entire time, would that scare her off?

“Went to play of course, what else?” Jun Xin lifted his brows impatiently and stood up. “I’m going to live in the Alliance Head Residence, help arrange it for me!”

Da fudge, after such a long time this guy’s tone was still as infuriating as before. Her Alliance Head Residence wasn’t an inn that you could walk in and out of as you pleased.

However, she didn’t reject his demand. She simply glared at Jun Xin, then said, “It’s alright if you want to stay here, but it’s not free!”

“You want to charge me for staying in a crappy place like this?”

“You can choose not to stay here ah!”

Jun Xin burst out laughing. “Isn’t it just money? Ben shaoye has plenty of money! However, I have a condition…”

“If there are conditions the cost is doubled.”

Tang Doudou’s inner abacus was going pitter-patter with calculations. She was currently poor as a dog, if she didn’t get some gray income she’d have to go eat dirt.

In a rare show of patience, Jun Xin nodded. “That’s fine, but you must agree to this condition. The amount of money doesn’t matter.”

Tsk tsk, as expected of Baili Yu’s subordinate. His rich and imposing aura was not something a commoner like her could compare with.

“Say the condition first and I’ll consider it.”

“How faithless,” muttered Jun Xin. With a swoosh, a little dagger appeared in his hand. “The condition is that while I’m staying here, you have to cook for me every day and every dish must be different. If it doesn’t taste good you have to remake it for me, and…”

“And a damned yoyo!” Tang Doudou didn’t wait for Jun Xin to finished stating his pile of demands. She stomped up and kick him to the ground as she cursed, “Youngster Jun, just because this Alliance Head was being a little polite towards you, you really think you’re someone special!? Little guy, you think you’re impressive just ‘cause you’ve got money!? And you even want different dishes every day? Why don’t you just ascend to heaven!?”

“Li Xueyi, you actually dared to kick ben shaoye! Do you want to die?” Jun Xin’s butt felt like it was about to break from Tang Doudou’s kicks. He hastily dodged and moved to the door, then glared at Tang Doudou as he rubbed his aching butt.

Tang Doudou went ‘tch,’ then arrived in front of Jun Xin in a flash. “This Alliance Head dares to kick an incapable ruler down from high above and kick the hoodlums below. You should feel honored to be kicked!”

“Who taught you qinggong!?” His butt suffered another kick. A trace of surprise flashed through Jun Xin’s eyes. Since when did she know qinggong?

“Would you believe it if I said it was self-taught?”

“Was it Baili Yu that taught you?”

Tang Doudou folded her arms as she slanted a glance at him. “That’s not something you need to know.”

“What is something that doesn’t need to be known?”

Her voice had just fallen when Bai Feiyun’s puzzled voice came from outside the door. Tang Doudou was standing right next to the door, so she reached over and opened it.

“There’s a person called Xiao Dao outside looking for you. Who were you talking with earlier?” asked Bai Feiyun. He didn’t come in and simply stood outside the door.

Xiao Dao had arrived?

Tang Doudou jumped up and ran towards the entrance, ignoring Bai Feiyun’s last question.

By this time, Bai Feiyun had already caught sight of Jun Xin who was inside the room. He gave a slight nod in greeting before turning to follow Tang Doudou to the front hall.

After the two left, Jun Xin’s unruly expression immediately turned cold. It was filled with such a chill that it seemed to come from the ninth hell. The entire room seemed to instantly plunge below freezing. Baili Yu, you should just have fun fighting your desperate battle while trapped in Mist City. He will slowly snatch her heart and properly cherish her.

Retrieving the dagger in his hand, Jun Xin left the room as well. With a couple of leaps, he got to the wall of Plum Garden.


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