Chapter 147.1: Surviving Member of the Previous Dynasty


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“Yuner, how did you end up like this!?” Seeing that it was Yuner, Tang Doudou hastily moved to help him up. Her voice was full of distress as she questioned him.

Although this child was a little slow, he was very kind-hearted. He also seemed to have a special ability to sense people’s characters and was good at distinguishing good from evil.

Tang Doudou didn’t know how he ended up like this or where the people from the Prime Minister Residence went, but she couldn’t leave him like this. She decided to bring him back to the Alliance Head Residence first and think about the other things later. However, just as she was about to do so, Yuner suddenly grabbed onto her hands tightly. He looked towards her, his clear eyes filled with tears, as he cried, “Beautiful Big Brother! Yuner begs you, please save Big Sister San Yu!”

“What happened to San Yu?” Tang Doudou was completely confused. What exactly happened during this past month that she had been away?

“Big Sister San Yu, she, she…”

Seeing that he was very agitated, Tang Doudou spoke gently to calm him, “Yuner, don’t be so agitated. Say it slowly. As long as it’s something I can help with, I’ll definitely help.”

Yuner gradually calmed down, but he still gripped Tang Doudou so tightly that his fingernails were about to dig into her flesh. He moved his lips. His voice seemed to come from the horizon. “Big Sister San Yu, she, she’s about to be beheaded!”

It seemed like he had used the last of his strength to say this. Right after he finished speaking, his eyes rolled back and he fainted.

Tang Doudou was stunned by this news. Soon afterward, she lifted Yuner and said to Wu Li and the others, “Come on, we need to hurry back to the Alliance Head Residence!”

The group grandly entered Huai City, sweeping through the streets on horseback. Murong Ming who was standing on the upper story of a certain restaurant saw Yuner on Wu Li’s horse and smiled coldly.

The Alliance Head Residence was located on the north side of Huai City. They had to pass through pretty much all of Huai City’s districts to reach it.

Tang Doudou faintly recalled the way but still ended up making several wrong turns. Over an hour passed before they finally reached the Alliance Head Residence.

Tang Doudou jumped off the horse and had Wu Li carry Yuner as they walked towards the Alliance Head Residence.

After a month of absence, the Alliance Head Residence was still in shambles like before. What surprised Tang Doudou was the fact that there was no one guarding the entrance. She opened the doors and went in, completely unimpeded, to the meeting hall.

Tang Doudou had Wu Li wait outside the hall, then pushed open the door.

The center of the meeting hall was filled with seated people. When they heard the sound of the door being pushed open, they looked over with surprise. Upon seeing that the person who entered was Tang Doudou, all of them started to stand up. There were all kinds of expressions on their faces; the entire hall was awkwardly silent.

“Alliance Head?”

“The Alliance Head has returned!”

“It really is the Alliance Head!”

Following that, these exclamations broke this abnormal silence.

Tang Doudou looked around and discovered that with the exception of a few faces that she often saw, the rest of the people in the hall were unfamiliar.

As for the person she wanted to find the most, Bai Feiyun, he wasn’t here. The person she disliked most, Elder Yu, was not here either. It was really strange. What kind of meeting were they having if those two weren’t present?

Now that she was back in the Alliance Head Residence, she naturally had to act like a respectable and presentable Alliance Head and couldn’t act as energetic and lively as before. So Tang Doudou proceeded to walk in with a calm and indifferent expression. She only stopped when she reached the host seat.

She nodded slightly towards them, then lifted the hem of her clothes and sat down. “Everyone, please sit.”

One after another, they started sitting down again after seeing that she had sat down. A lot of people had puzzled expressions after they calmed down. Hadn’t Bai gongzi said that Alliance Head daren had been delayed by an urgent matter and wouldn’t return anytime soon?

It had only been a day since he said that, and the Alliance Head had already returned.

In addition, he had returned while Bai gongzi and Elder Yu were out taking care of matters so they didn’t know if those two were informed of this.

Everyone was guessing at why Tang Doudou would suddenly return. Someone decided to ask her directly: “Alliance Head, Bai gongzi said you were delayed by a matter and wouldn’t return for a while. Why did you suddenly return?”

Tang Doudou smiled and replied with a tone that seemed to insinuate other meanings, “Naturally the matter has already been settled.”

That person replied ‘oh’, then cupped his fist before sitting back down.

Tang Doudou glanced around the meeting hall again. She didn’t know which of the people present were on Elder Yu’s side, nor did she know the current situation of the Alliance Head Residence. Hence, she didn’t continue to speak and simply allowed them to continue their earlier discussion while she sat listening quietly.

It’s unknown if it was due to her presence or because the conference was pretty meaningless from the start, but they didn’t discuss much before the room fell into awkward silence again.

Tang Doudou felt that it had probably been long enough and stood up to ask, “Why didn’t I see anyone guarding the doors when I came in?”

Her temperament had gone through quite a change during this outing. When this meager figure stood in front of them, it actually emitted an awe-inspiring, imposing aura. Her eyes seemed to contain oppressive dignity, causing people to involuntarily feel reverence towards her.

This was the figure Bai Feiyun happened to see right as he walked in. He was very surprised to discover that Tang Doudou now gave off a domineering aura. His gentle eyes lit up. Could it be that she had recovered her memories?

As he thought this, he walked over slowly with a smile as gentle as the spring wind. With his garments that were whiter than snow and his lightly fluttering black hair, he seemed like an elegant, unstainable immortal. Tang Doudou was rather moved as she took this in. Hell, look at the aura Xiao Bai gave off, it practically flung the identical-looking Gun Xun several hundred streets away.

Although Baili Yu was so unnaturally good-looking to the point that it shocked the skies and caused the earth to sob, Tang Doudou still rather liked gentle and considerate pretty boys. Of course, it was merely the kind of like towards beautiful and wonderful things, it had no way of being on par with her feelings towards Baili Yu.

“I was the one who took the guards at the entrance earlier. As for why, I’ll explain to Alliance Head later.” Bai Feiyun got close and exchanged glances with Tang Doudou before standing to her side.

“Alright.” Tang Doudou nodded. Then she turned to the people in the discussion hall and said, “I still have matters to discuss with Bai gongzi. Since everyone has finished speaking, then you should head back first.”

“Alliance Head, why don’t we take advantage of this time while you and Bai gongzi are here to decide on the matter of dealing with the Demonic Sect?” Tang Doudou had a vague recollection of the person that spoke. He seemed to be the leader of some syndicate.

“Elder Yu hasn’t returned yet. We will give everyone a clear answer as soon as possible after Elder Yu returns,” replied Bai Feiyun unhurriedly before Tang Doudou even got a chance to open her mouth.

Upon hearing the words ‘Elder Yu,’ that person’s expression turned gloomy. However, he shook his head and agreed, “Alright…”

His tone clearly contained some discontent. Tang Doudou glanced at Bai Feiyun, puzzled. She really wanted to know what had happened after she left. It seemed like these people had strong objections towards Elder Yu.

As the Alliance Head, she had spoken and ended the meeting, so even though some of them had objections, they still left. When they saw Wu Li and the others at the entrance, several people knitted their brows, seeming to recognize the three.

However, it occurred to them that it had probably been the Alliance Head that brought them here so they didn’t say anything. In a few moments, they were all gone.


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