Chapter 145.2: Driven into the Wilderness as Bandits


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Tang Doudou stood in the Green Summit Stronghold’s arms drill field, sending them off with her gaze. It was already the middle of the night. Green Summit Stronghold was probably situated at a pretty high place. When one looked up, the star-filled sky seemed to be within reach. The enormous, bright, round moon had already risen into the sky and its clear splendor spilled down. There were still some brothers on duty on the lookout tower not far away, there were also quite a few brothers patrolling.

When they saw Tang Doudou, they would look at her with fear as they greeted her with ‘Third Chief.’

Tang Doudou didn’t know whether to laugh or cry in response to how scared they were of her. It looked like the incident yesterday left a huge shadow in their hearts.

As she gazed at the distant moon, she started missing Baili Yu a little. Wonder what he was doing right now?

In Mist City.

Baili Yu slowly crushed the letter in his hand with a smile that was not quite a smile. When he loosened his grip, the letter had already turned into fine powder. The powder slid down from his slender fingers.

“Master, what did the letter say?” Qing He stood to the side and stared at the falling powder. She hesitated a little, then asked, “Did it say anything about how Ye Chuan was doing?”

Baili Yu swept a glance at her. “You like Ye Chuan?”

His tone contained the usual hint of a smile. Qing He, however, fell kneeling on the ground, terrified. “This servant dares not!”

“Is it that you dare not or that you don’t like?”

Qing He didn’t dare respond.

Baili Yu then asked, “After I had you punished last time, you treated her with an attitude again, didn’t you?”

Of course Qing He knew who he was talking about. She lowered her head even more, not daring to speak.

“What do you mean by this silence?” Baili Yu stood up and walked to her.

“This servant, this servant…” As a maid that had served Master for many years, Qing He naturally knew that Baili Yu was currently angry. She didn’t dare to continue being silent yet at the same time, she didn’t know where to start speaking from.

Baili Yu suddenly gave a light laugh and stooped down in front of her. He lifted Qing He’s chin lightly with a brush. “This face falls short of the best but is better than the worst. With Ye Chuan, hmm… it’s not a very good match.”

His words caused Qing He’s heart to fall inch by inch into a lake. The depths of her eyes turned completely gray and dull. Although she had never dared to make extravagant requests, she also never wanted to have her yearning so mercilessly crushed by Master.

“Originally I wanted to punish you for being rude towards Doudou, but now that I think about it, there’s no much use in punishing you so let’s just forget it.” Baili Yu let go of the brush he was holding and it started falling. When it landed in Qing He’s hand, for some reason it broke into two halves.

“However, that’s my woman, and even I can’t bear to give her attitude…” Baili Yu stood up and smiled incomparably brilliantly, however his voice suddenly turned cold like that of a demon from the ninth hell. “Since you like Ye Chuan, but isn’t suitable for Ye Chuan, at the same time, I also don’t feel like punishing you, why don’t you just go die in Ye Chuan’s place!?”

Qing He was so scared that she fell to the floor, paralyzed. She looked at Baili Yu who didn’t seem like a mortal. The brightness of that smile was proportional to the coldness of his gaze. She moved her lips, then stammered, “Q-Qing He u-understands…”

Baili Yu nodded, satisfied. He lay on the couch again and narrowed his eyes. “Go find Ming Mengxin and tell him to decide for himself regarding the Demonic Sect matter. While at it, have him send Ye Chuan back. Since he can’t bear to kill him, what use is there for keeping him over there?”

After he finished speaking, he swung his sleeve. Qing He who was on the ground was slapped out. The door closed heartlessly.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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