Chapter 145.1: Driven into the Wilderness as Bandits


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If Yu Fenger found out that Tang Doudou was currently comparing him to a roundworm, he probably would have been angered to tears again.

Tang Doudou retrieved her line of thought and smiled sweetly towards Yu Fenger. “What a coincidence. I felt this way as well when I first saw Big Brother Yu yesterday!”

“Really?” exclaimed Yu Fenger, pleasantly surprised.

Both Tang Doudou’s use of ‘Big Brother Yu’ and her words made Yu Fenger very happy. His grin was practically about to reach the back of his head.

Tang Doudou felt a little guilty upon seeing this. After all, Yu Fenger was sincere in wanting to become sworn siblings with her, yet she harbored an ulterior motive of trying to win support.

No matter how one thought about it, she still seemed a bit contemptible. However, the arrow had already been notched so she had no choice but to brace herself and continue on.

“Of course, why would I lie to Big Brother Yu!?” The more Tang Doudou spoke, the stronger her feelings of guilt became. In the end, she decided to just say, “Isn’t Big Brother Yu going to discuss this with Big Brother Jin?”

“There’s no need. He has the final say in external affairs but I have the final say in everything that goes on in this stronghold!” The more Yu Fenger looked at Tang Doudou, the more he liked her. He especially liked her personality. In all of these past years, she was the only person other than Jin ge who has ever talked so much with him. Moreover, no trace of contempt or disdain could be seen in her eyes. This was the true reason why Yu Fenger wanted to become friends with Tang Doudou.

Due to his unique inclinations and his relationship with Jin ge, even though the brothers in the stronghold didn’t discuss it in public, they would still mock him in private.

However, since birth, ever since he could remember, he had liked men. What could he do about it when he was born this way?

How much humiliation, how many supercilious looks had he received since childhood due to this?

It had continued until he encountered Jin ge and was rescued by him back to the stronghold. Not only did Jin ge not discriminate against him, he cherished him like a treasure. Ever since then, his circumstances had gradually improved and he started harboring feelings of love for this large, coarse man.

Jin ge wasn’t disgusted by him and even married him. Then together they established this Green Summit Stronghold.

Back then, he had felt that being mountain bandits was too dangerous and had persuaded Jin ge to do other things. However, time after time, due to their relationship, other people would disdain them. After being insulted in countless ways, they could only pick up their old profession again. That was how this Green Summit Stronghold came to be.

Tang Doudou had found out about these things later and came to admire their love even more.

Due to this, she also demanded that Baili Yu treat her the way Golden Wind Jade Dew treated each other. In the end, she was picked up and thrown directly onto the bed…

Of course, these were things to be taken up later. They won’t be brought up for the time being.

Once Yu Fenger obtained Tang Doudou’s nod of approval, he immediately got busy preparing the things for becoming sworn siblings.

The ceremony wasn’t very complicated. Tang Doudou successfully became sworn siblings with Yu Fenger under his guidance.

Jin Longbiao came to take a look after the ceremony was over. When he saw Yu Fenger’s happy expression, he became very happy as well. Taking out the considerably valuable night pearl, he handed it to Yu Fenger dotingly. “Originally I was going to give this to you as a present but now that you have a younger sister, so why don’t we just give it to your younger sister as a first meeting gift? In the future when we encounter something good again I’ll snatch it and give it to you as a present!”

These words were clearly very domineering, yet when Tang Doudou heard it, she couldn’t help but tear up from being moved. This was what love was like ah!

Yu Fenger was even more moved and melted into a blubbering mess. He wailed as he hugged Jin Longbiao, causing Jin Longbiao to feel completely helpless. Jin Longbiao tried to soothe Yu Fenger with gentle words but it only made Yu Fenger cry even harder.

Jin Longbiao was completely flustered and could only request help from Tang Doudou with his eyes.

Tang Doudou had no choice but to brace herself to do it. She walked up and pulled Yu Fenger who was clinging onto Jin Longbiao away, then said with a strict expression, “Big Brother Yu, if you keep crying, Big Brother Jin’s heart will be broken from your tears. Could it be that you want him to die of heartbreak?”

From the side, Jin Longbiao promptly nodded in agreement. Tang Doudou had practically voiced the depths of his heart. “That’s right, Doudou’s right. Fenger ah, don’t cry anymore. You look so good when you smile!”

“Does that mean I’m really ugly when I cry?” Upon seeing Jin Longbiao tongue-tied, Yu Fenger’s tears turned into laughter. He rolled his eyes at Jin Longbiao, then turned towards Tang Doudou with a grateful expression. “Doudou, we’ve let you see a joke. Big Brother Yu really couldn’t hold it back.”

“Big Brother Yu, we’re already a family now so what need is there to say that?”

“That’s right, Doudou’s right. From now on ah, we’re a family!”

Jin Longbiao scratched his head uncomfortably. “Doudou, you don’t blame me for…”

“Big Brother Jin, all professions have their own practices. Our Green Summit Stronghold has so many brothers that need to eat and drink, there’s no way you could let everyone starve just because of me, right?” Tang Doudou really didn’t mind the earlier incident. She understood that all existences had their own significance. In addition, she had no desire to do something like being a hero and saving the world. All she wanted was to do her own thing. It was alright as long as she felt no shame when looking into her own heart.

The more she acted this way, the more ashamed Jin Longbiao felt. Although this reason did exist, Green Summit Stronghold actually wasn’t that poor. The reason he wanted to make Tang Doudou stay behind earlier was because he wanted to make her admit defeat and beg him. Who asked Fenger to treat her that well? Then there was also the reason that Fenger would definitely be happy if she stayed.

It couldn’t be denied that though Jin Longbiao was mostly casual with affairs, when it came to something involving Yu Fenger he would become so careful it seemed like he was a different person.

Later, not only did Tang Doudou not suffer and admit defeat, she even agreed to Yu Fenger’s request of being sworn siblings. When the words she said to persuade Yu Fenger to stop crying and what she said earlier were added on, Jin Longbiao felt even guiltier. Hence, he decided to say straightforwardly, “Earlier was my wrong. Since Doudou doesn’t hold it against me, I won’t be pretentious and keep bringing up this matter either! Come, as the big brother, I’ll pour you a cup. After this toast, let’s forget our former enmity and from now on treat each other as family!”

After he finished speaking, he picked up the pot of wine nearby and filled a bowl up to the brim for Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou’s lips twitched as she looked at it. Wouldn’t she die from an overdose of alcohol if she drank this entire bowl?

At the side, Yu Fenger glanced at the bowl of wine, then reprimanded with a laugh, “Blockhead, Doudou is a girl, how could she drink wine?”

“Ahem, Big Brother Yu, I’ll be fine.”

“See that? She said she’ll be fine!”

Pei! What do you know? Doudou’s only saying it’s fine in order not to ruin your mood, yet you’re treating it as for real? Not to mention, even if girls can drink they shouldn’t drink too much. Not drinking would be best, got it, Doudou?”

Tang Doudou could tell that Yu Fenger was sincerely worried for her. The rims of her eyes became a bit red. She had never experienced this feeling of being family before. Even her grandpa had never shown concern for her this way.

Life was filled with unexpected incidences. Originally it was an unlucky kidnapping, yet she ended up obtaining two big brothers that sincerely cared about her.

Tang Doudou was very moved. She didn’t pick up that bowl of wine and poured a full cup of tea instead. “Two Big Brothers, Doudou is not good at holding alcohol so will toast with tea instead. I hope Big Brothers won’t blame Doudou for being lacking in manners.”

“This girl is saying dumb things again!” Yu Fenger saw that she had listened and didn’t pick the bowl of wine, and was so happy that his eyes curved into seams as he smiled.

Jin Longbiao didn’t understand why they were so happy and why Yu Fenger didn’t allow Tang Doudou to drink wine. However, he didn’t think any more about it seeing that Yu Fenger was happy. “Doudou, don’t be so formal. In the future, this Green Summit Stronghold is your home!”

Tang Doudou nodded. From then on she didn’t say anymore polite things.

After three rounds of drinks, Yu Fenger and Jin Longbiao were already a bit tipsy. After saying goodbye to Tang Doudou, Jin Longbiao supported Yu Fenger back to their room to rest.


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