Chapter 143.2: Strange Within Strange


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Xiao Dao was panicking even more because Tang Doudou wasn’t responding. He didn’t know what to do.

Yu Fenger finally snapped back to his senses and went ‘Ah.’ He went over to slap Jin Longbiao awake, before walking toward Xiao Dao.


Xiao Dao thought Yu Fenger was here to continue robbing them. He said with a cold expression, “Do you know who she is!? Golden Wind Jade Dew, you guys should be prepared to die without a burial site for having injured her today!”

Although he spoke fiercely, he was despairing within. If Golden Wind Jade Dew really killed Tang Doudou, she couldn’t be brought back to life even if Master hacked them to pieces.

Lady Doudou, I’m nothing but a servant, what reason was there for you to stake your life in order to save me!?

Yu Fenger had been scared out of his wits by Tang Doudou earlier. They had been mountain bandits for many years but have never taken a life before. They only acted fiercely in order to scare people. Even if Tang Doudou didn’t act earlier, Long Jinbiao still wouldn’t have really crushed Xiao Dao to death.

Upon seeing Tang Doudou currently in this condition, he started feeling sympathy for her. “You, don’t misunderstand. I came over because I wanted to say that you should hurry and find a doctor to treat her since she’s heavily injured…”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Dao was stunned for a moment before he immediately berated himself for being a blockhead. He lifted Tang Doudou up and wanted to run.

Seeing this, Yu Fenger hastily moved to block his way. With a face full of disdain, he said, “Where are you planning on taking her? This place is still half a day’s distance from Cloud Semblance Garrison. Do you know how long it’ll take going by foot?”

Xiao Dao stopped. He had no idea what to do.

Yu Fenger nudged Jin Longbiao who was still blanking out and said to Xiao Dao, “Our mountain stronghold is just ahead. Why don’t you bring her to the stronghold and settle her down first? There’s a doctor in our stronghold and he can make sure her condition doesn’t worsen for the time being. After that, you can go and bring a good doctor here. How’s that?”

Xiao Dao didn’t speak. There was no doubt that this was currently the most feasible method. He had also received internal injuries before so he knew it was very likely that Tang Doudou would die due to her internal organs bleeding before they even make it to Cloud Semblance Garrison.

As if he could tell what Xiao Dao was thinking, Yu Fenger continued, “Even though we, Golden Wind Jade Dew, are mountain bandits, we’ve always abided by the rules: only seek money, not lives. As long as you give us money, we will definitely look after this person carefully for you!”

Xiao Dao was convinced. It was both because there was no other choice right now and because although Golden Wind Jade Dew were notorious in the Jianghu, there had never been any news of them killing people.

Forget it, death laid to the left and the right. At least there was still a thin chance of survival if he went to their stronghold!

Xiao Dao turned around and warned, “Don’t try anything funny or I’ll make you guys pay!”

Seeing that he had agreed to the idea, Yu Fenger’s smile immediately became even brighter than a flower as he nodded hastily. “Don’t worry!”

For some reason, Xiao Dao felt like something was off.

Yu Fenger’s abnormal reaction caused Xiao Dao to be more on guard inwardly. He silently followed the two bandits towards the so-called stronghold. Behind their backs, he left a sign, requesting for assistance.

Xiao Dao glanced back to check those signs that only people from the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce would understand. Only then did he relax. Following Yu Fenger’s lead, they returned to the bandits’ stronghold: Green Summit Stronghold.

After settling Tang Doudou down, Yu Fenger called for the stronghold’s doctor. “Old Man Yu, hurry and come over here, come take a look at this gongzi’s condition! Is he about to die?”

He had just finished speaking when a sloppy-looking old man wobbled in. If Tang Doudou had been awake, she definitely would have recognized this old man. He was the doctor that Cang Baicao had disguised himself as the last time Baili Yu got injured!

He walked in while talking noisily. When he saw that the person lying on the bed was Tang Doudou, his facial color underwent a huge change and he immediately turned around to run.

Xiao Dao who witnessed this was completely confused. Could it be that this doctor knew Tang Doudou?

How could Yu Fenger possibly allow Old Man Yu to run? He shot a look over and Jin Laobiao who was standing by the door immediately picked Old Man Yu up by his front lapel and threw him in front of the bed. “Running? Do you believe me when I say I’ll break your legs!?”

Facing this violent Jin Longbiao, the unarmed and defenseless Old Man Yu’s expression turned serious as he said coldly, “Jin Longbiao, if you keep acting so fierce towards me, I won’t help you treat your injuries next time!”

“Quit wasting time and check his condition!” Jin Longbiao didn’t pay any attention to Old Man Yu’s threat at all and simply cracked his knuckles loudly.

‘When a scholar encounters a soldier, even if there’s logic it can’t be conveyed clearly.’ Old Man Yu shook his head with a crying look on his face, then turned around to check Tang Doudou’s pulse.

Xiao Dao who was standing next to the bed watched Old Man Yu nervously. When he saw that Old Man Yu’s brows furrow, he blurted out, “Doctor, how is she?”

Old Man Yu shook his head without speaking.

Xiao Dao felt as though his heart had plunged into ice. He fell backwards weakly. It’s over…

He waited for Old Man Yu to pronounce his final sentence. Old Man Yu finally put down Tang Doudou’s wrist and said to Xiao Dao with a calm expression, “She’s fine. She’ll recover after sleeping a few days!”

“She’s fine? How could she be fine?” Xiao Dao’s face was filled with disbelief. He pulled Old Man Yu who was leaving to a stop. “Are you sure you didn’t examine her wrong?”

“Youngster, you sure are weird. It’s enough that you’re doubting my medical expertise, but how could you be so blackhearted as to hope for someone to not be fine?” said Old Man Yu, peeved.

Xiao Dao released him in embarrassment. “That’s not what I meant. It’s just that back then, she vomited a lot of blood…”

“If you don’t believe me, check for yourself ah. Her pulse is calm and strong, how does she seem anywhere close to death? Humph!” Old Man Yu flung his sleeve back and gave a cold humph. “Ignorant!”

After he finished speaking, he lifted his chin arrogantly and walked out.

Xiao Dao thought about it a little, before lowering his head and picked up Tang Doudou’s wrist. After a moment, shock appeared on his face. The pulse was as Old Man Yu said: it was normal to the point it couldn’t be any more normal.


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