Chapter 142.2: Mountain Bandits Golden Wind Jade Dew


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Half a month later.

Tang Doudou and Xiao Dao had been riding horses so much that their bones were about to shatter from the jolting.

“No more, no more, I need to rest!”

“Not far ahead is Cloud Semblance Garrison which is pretty close to Huai City. Let’s rest once we get there!” suggested Xiao Dao as he gazed at the darkening sky.

Tang Doudou didn’t know what instructions Baili Yu had given Xiao Dao, but Xiao Dao had urged Tang Doudou to hurry throughout the entire journey. Tang Doudou had endured for half a month but she was at her limit.

“If you want to keep going, you can keep going by yourself. I’m going to take a break here!”

It really wasn’t that she was being headstrong, she seriously couldn’t go on any longer. There was not a single place anywhere on her body that didn’t hurt!

Tang Doudou got off the horse. Without even so much as a glance at the ground, she lay down and sprawled out on her back. She felt immediate relief. “So nice…”

Xiao Dao hastily drew in the reins and turned back around. He felt seriously helpless as he looked at Tang Doudou who was lying on the ground. “Mountain bandits often appear here. Lady Doudou, we had better continue on as soon as you’ve rested a little.”

“What? Mountain bandits?” Tang Doudou abruptly sat up and looked around, alarmed. “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

They hadn’t encountered much danger during this trip. It would suck to encounter disaster when they were right about there!

It was said that the mountain bandits around Wind Spirit Imperial Court were quite savage!

“Ahem, I’ve been reminding lady to hurry this entire time…”

“Alright, then I won’t rest anymore. Let’s hurry and go!”

Tang Doudou rubbed her legs and made to stand up. However, her muscles had been stretched taut due to long days of traveling and had relaxed during this break. Now her muscles were sore and strengthless, she couldn’t stand up at all.

“Da freak is happening?” She tried several times to stand but failed. She looked towards Xiao Dao, completely confused. “Why aren’t my legs listening to me?”

Xiao Dao jumped off his horse and checked the surroundings before walking over to Tang Doudou. “It’s fine, your legs are simply too tired.”

“Th-then what do I do?”

“Since we’ve already stopped, then you might as well rest a while longer. After all, there’s no way we could have such bad luck…”E/N Before Xiao Dao even finished speaking, the sounds of horses neighing came from the distance. His facial color paled greatly and he stiffly lowered his head.

Tang Doudou was stunned for a moment before she realized what those horse neighs meant. Da fudge? Xiao Dao, is your mouth a crow’s beak? (makes inauspicious remarks.)

She rapped Xiao Dao’s head hard as she scolded, “What are you dazing out for, hurry and run!”

Only then did Xiao Dao return to his senses. The embarrassment on his face immediately vanished. Picking Tang Doudou up in a princess carry, he dropped her onto his horse, then jumped behind Tang Doudou and took hold of the reins.

Tang Doudou was slightly stunned from being dropped onto the horse. Following that, she heard his bashful voice. “E-e-excuse my offense…”

“What damned offense ah!?” Tang Doudou could hear the sounds of horse hooves getting closer. “Hurry and go!”

Xiao Dao could hear the approaching horses even more clearly than Tang Doudou, hence he didn’t waste any more time. Lifting the whip high, he struck the horse hard. The horse reared up, then shot forward like an arrow leaving a bow.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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