Chapter 14: Little Cabbage Elder Yu


Chapter 14: Little Cabbage Elder Yu

And she even said this guy was a nice person. Unexpectedly, he actually turned out to be such a black belly!(outwardly kind but inwardly evil)

For a woman's revenge, ten years later is not too late!

She, Tang Doudou, will endure this!

The atmosphere between the two was strange. Not long later, they entered the hall of Rutaceae Pavilion.

Violet-pink colored gauze canopies fluttered everywhere, quite a few peoples took turns crisscrossing within. In the east corner area of the hall, the coarse laughter that could be heard outside earlier became even more clear and distinct.

After Bai Feiyun entered the hall, he immediately headed directly towards that direction.

From the moment Tang Doudou entered the hall, she felt quite a few gazes fall on her body. She looked all around but couldn't find the owner of those gazes and her heartbeat became especially uneasy.

All the way until Bai Feiyun once again stopped. Tang Doudou who was still distracted almost bumped into him.

Please do not host elsewhere but Volare and Yumeabyss

Recalling that Bai Feiyun warned her not to speak casually, she whispered, "Why did we stop?"

Please do not host elsewhere but Volare and Yumeabyss

No waiting for Bai Feiyun to reply, that crude voice exploded next to Tang Doudou's ear.

"Since Bai gongzi has arrived, let us start!"

It rumbled like striking thunder. Tang Doudou immediately picked up her ears and look towards the source of the voice.

Because Bai Feiyun was in front, she was completely kept to the back. Reckoning the other people didn't notice her at all, Tang Doudou snuck a glance from the tiny opening Bai Feiyun left.

She saw there was about a dozen people in the hall, each sitting on their respective seat with completely different expressions.

That rough voice sat in the very front. Candle flames flickered all around, but they were a bit far away so Tang Doudou could not clearly make out his appearance. All she could faintly make out was the black, full beard that covered his entire face.

Bai Feiyun cupped his fist in salute to the surroundings. "I've caused everyone to wait, please forgive me."

And then he went to a seat and sat down before asking copious sideburns, "Elder Yu, when I arrived just now, I heard that Li Xueyi was attacked by the Demonic Sect and his whereabouts are uncertain. Is this true?"

Oh my god, that guy is Elder Yu? Tang Doudou jaw dropped. It was way too different from what she had imagined!

She thought Elder Yu was an old witch granny going through menopause!

Even if it wasn't a witch granny, it should still be an eccentric perverted guy.

This kind of rugged forthright appearance... Tang Doudou couldn't help but start to doubt Bai Feiyun again. This guy wasn't duping her, was he?

Seeming to have predicted that Bai Feiyun would ask this, Elder Yu also didn't think much and directly replied, "Of course it's true. The one that had an accident is the future Alliance Head, how could the Jianghu dare to make up lies about matters regarding him?"

Lord! She was actually that tyrannical? Even more fearsome than the old man emperor to the point that careless remarks can't even be made about her?

The favorable impression she had towards Elder Yu just now instantly vanished. She finally understood, this person, Elder Yu, is that type whose exterior looks like a little cabbage in the ground, seeming completely natural and harmless, but in reality, his entire stomach is full of little veggie bugs. The moment you take a bite, it was not as simple as just disgusting, it was practically disgusting to death.

Not only did she feel indignant after listening, everyone else around that heard was also very irritated.

It was just that she was angry at Elder Yu, but the one they were angry at was actually Li Xueyi.

The moment Elder Yu's words fell, not waiting for Bai Feiyun to ask again, the sound of a cold humph immediately came from the nun-like middle-aged aunty. The air of irritation flew at Tang Doudou. "Not even able to defeat a trifle like the Demonic Sect! How could Li Xueyi possible sit in this Alliance Head position?!"

The moment this was said, the hall became like an exploded pot. One criticism came after another about how Li Xueyi wasn't fit to be the Alliance Head.

Ha. ha. ha*! Tang Doudou opened and closed her mouth, her black jade-like pupils intentionally or otherwise swept across the unperturbed Bai Feiyun. This damned-, not letting her speak casually, was it just because he wanted to let her see these people's attitudes?

It's like haha, but in a stronger, more irritated and mocking way.

Clearly knowing that she, the very person being discussed was here yet not telling them and letting these people exhaust all the malicious words they have in front of her face. It's nothing less than extremely abominable ah!

She just can't figure out this guy's intention, it couldn't be that he wanted to anger her so that she would start a fight with these people?


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