Chapter 139.2: Clues to the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance


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It was unexpected that the person Baili Yu was bringing her to meet was actually Gu Xun.

“Gu Xun is Bai Feiyun’s twin brother, they look identical. When you meet him later, don’t mistake him for Bai Feiyun.” Baili Yu seemed to still be unaware that she knew Gu Xun, as he warned her when they were almost about to reach Gu Residence.

Naturally Tang Doudou feigned surprise and purposefully asked, “Then why is Gu Xun’s surname Gu and Bai Feiyun’s surname Bai?”

“I’ll explain to you in detail after we get back. We’re almost there.”

“That’s right, do you still remember how you got to Mist City?”

Of course Tang Doudou remembered, but she didn’t say anything and waited for Baili Yu to continue.

“Gu Xun is a famous human trafficker in Mist City. It was one of his people that drugged you. I’ve done some investigation into this incident. It’s likely due to the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance that we were able to wake up earlier from that drug so it’s likely that the person who made the drug is connected somehow to the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. I’m bringing you to see Gu Xun today in order to find out from him where that person is.”

Was he talking about Old Suo?

Tang Doudou thought about it a little and felt that Baili Yu’s guess was very logical. What else could explain why the only people that ever woke up on their own from Old Suo’s drug were Baili Yu and her?

The only thing they had in common was that they’ve both been poisoned with Disseminating Tassel Fragrance before.

If Old Suo really was connected to the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance, then didn’t that mean there was hope for curing the poison?

Tang Doudou immediately became excited when this thought occurred to her. In her excitement, she recalled that Su Yi had taken the booklet to Baili Yu yesterday. “Did you look at the booklet Su Yi gave you last night?”

Baili Yu seemed to have predicted that she would bring this up. He nodded and said, “I’ve looked at it. It is indeed the way to cure the Hoarfrost Poison.”

“Then when do you plan to cure the poison?”

“There’s no rush.”T/N

Tang Doudou still wanted to ask more about it but Baili Yu had already stood up. “We’re here. Head out first, we can talk more about this later.”

For some unknown reason, Tang Doudou felt like Baili Yu seemed to be avoiding this matter. Could it be that he didn’t want to cure the Hoarfrost Poison?

But if he didn’t want to cure it, why did he go to Azure Water Valley last time?

To play?

While she was caught up in confusion, Baili Yu had already left the palanquin. Before she even got out she heard Su Yi noisily challenging Baili Yu to a duel.

When Tang Doudou imagined the scene of Baili Yu, Su Yi, and Gu Xun sitting together, she suddenly no longer wanted to get off the palanquin.

However, she couldn’t choose not to get off the palanquin. Baili Yu didn’t say anything, he probably didn’t want to bother with Su Yi. Su Yi, on the other hand, insisted on picking a fight with Baili Yu. When he saw that Baili Yu was ignoring him, he ran to the door of the palanquin and noisily cried out for Tang Doudou to come out and take charge of justice.

Tang Doudou was extremely speechless upon hearing this. He was looking for her to take charge of justice in a fight between two grown men? Was Su Yi really not the Dou Bi Monkey invited over?

Didn’t they say that the Lord of a City was supposed to be cold and dignified?

Tang Doudou wondered how Su Yi was able to manage Cloud City with this sort of temperament. It’s likely that there was no one in Cloud City that dared to confront him head-on. No wonder that old guy, Cang Baicao, said that those people were getting restless now that Su Yi didn’t regularly return to Cloud City.

Who would want a superior like this who could explode at any time and beat someone up?

For one, she didn’t want it. When there was time she had better talk to Baili Yu and have him think of a way to get her out of going to Cloud City. Although Su Yi had yet to do anything scary to her, but what if?

Tang Doudou slowly got off the palanquin while still worrying.

The moment she got out, Su Yi pulled her to the side. “Later when you enter, don’t sit with him. No matter what you’re the Alliance Head of the martial arts circles, how could you act like his little servant girl all day? It’s so undignified!”

Tang Doudou was speechless. She didn’t have much interest in being the Alliance Head of the martial arts circles at all. Moreover, how many people in the Jianghu truly regarded her as the martial arts Alliance Head? Rather than trying to put on airs, it would be better to just act like Baili Yu’s little servant girl. Didn’t he see how much respect Qing Yin got when she went to the Alliance Head Residence?

“Wouldn’t it be pretty good if the position of martial arts Alliance Head was given to Xiao Bai?” The meaning in those words was, hurry and give the position of Alliance Head to Bai Feiyun and return her freedom!

Su Yi rolled his eyes at her. “You wish! Even if you’re about to die you’re still not allowed to casually give this Alliance Head position to someone else!”


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