Chapter 137.2: Jing Yi


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“Su Yi probably came to find you this time precisely for the sake of bringing you back to Cloud City,” said Baili Yu suddenly.

“No way, right? He only said that he was here to see me and that the old man had told him to come.” Tang Doudou shrugged. Though the old man and Su Yi were people Li Xueyi had been close to, in the end she wasn’t Li Xueyi. She had pretty good feelings towards Su Yi, but in regards to that old man... Ever since the large fire in Five Kilometers Emporium, she couldn’t help but feel that something was off about that old man.

In brief, she didn’t like him.

“In half a month is Cloud City’s Spring Offering CeremonyT/N. As Su Yi’s disciple, you’ll definitely have to participate.” He had already guessed Su Yi’s motive in coming to Mist City when he first saw Su Yi appear. On one hand, it must have been due to the Spring Offering Ceremony, on the other hand, Su Yi must have been worried that he would use Tang Doudou.

What was the Spring Offering Ceremony? A sacrifice offering ceremony held in the spring? However, winter had just ended. Although the weather was already warming up again, wasn’t it still quite a ways away from spring?

“Let’s talk about it when the time comes.” Going or not going didn’t matter that much, in any case, it’s not like it would hurt to go. Tang Doudou clapped her hands, then undid the waist tablets.

Baili Yu watched curiously as Tang Doudou carefully tucked the tablets away. “You’re worried that other people will try and steal them?”

“Of course!” Tang Doudou finished tucking the tablets away securely. She wasn’t afraid that a thief would attempt to steal them, but more that someone would set his sights on them. (When a thief wants to steal something, you only have to guard against them once. When someone sets his sights on your possession, he may scheme to get them so you’ll have to constantly be on guard.)

“Oh, that’s right! When Cang Baicao came earlier he had given me the tools to treat the Hoarfrost Poison. There are still a lot of parts I don’t understand though, so if Su Yi really intends to bring me back with him, it’d be perfect timing. I can go find Cang Baicao and ask about it.”

After she finished speaking, she looked at Baili Yu worriedly. “You have to hold on until I get back though, don’t let the poison flare up again! I’d hate it if you were no longer around by the time I got back.”

“You’re always saying silly things.” Baili Yu gave a light laugh, then wrapped his arm around her waist and brought her back to the City Lord Residence.

After the two left, Su Yi, who was in the cover of darkness, lifted his brows as he looked towards a figure in the darkness not far away from him. Revealing a sneer, he said, “Do you still want to follow them?”

“Say, what need is there for you to be like this?” Su Yi shook his head and sighed. He didn’t attack that person but simply tidied up his clothes before leaving.

That figure stared after Su Yi until he could no longer see his figure. Exhaling deeply, his shoulders drooped as he leaned weakly on the tree behind him. He has lost again...

While Tang Doudou and Baili Yu were leisurely making their way back to the City Lord Residence, Feng Wu was still drinking wine on the boat. When she saw Tang Doudou walk in, she hastily threw aside the wine pot in her hand and walked up to greet her. “Where’s Su Yi? Didn’t he go after you? You’re already back, so where is he?”

“I didn’t see him though?” Right now Tang Doudou was still thinking about what Baili Yu had said before he left so she absentmindedly replied back.

Based on Su Yi’s ability, the odds of something happening to him were very low. However, it’s been half a day yet he still hasn’t returned. It couldn’t be that he wanted to back out again, right? When Feng Wu’s thoughts got to here, a very unpleasant feeling emerged in her heart.

“Ahem, I think he’s probably been delayed by something. He’ll probably be back in a bit,” comforted Tang Doudou.

“I hope that’s the case!” Feng Wu’s personality was one where emotions came fast and left just as fast. After hearing what Tang Doudou said, she instantly started smiling again. “While he’s not here, come and drink with me!”

Originally Tang Doudou wanted to refuse but once she saw Feng Wu’s eager gaze, she couldn’t bring herself to. “Alright!”

The sweet beans (Tang sounds like the word for sugar) at this moment never would have imagined the trouble that her agreement would lead to.

Meanwhile, after Baili Yu had parted with Tang Doudou, he had returned to that strange forest. Ming Mengxin was already waiting there. When he heard Baili Yu’s footsteps, he said, “What about the matter you promised me?”

“I ended up regretting.” Facing Ming Mengxin’s anger, Baili Yu simply sighed. A trace of pity flashed through his eyes. This Ah Xin was no longer that same Ah Xin. He was now a pitiful person who would utilize any means for the sake of achieving his goal.

“Could it be that you don’t wish to save Ye Chuan anymore?”

“You won’t hurt him, Ah Xin.”

“Is that so?” Ming Mengxin laughed lightly. Despite not having the antique lamp with him right now, his tone was still as eerily cold as before.

“Let Ye Chuan go, alright?”

Su Yi had only returned when Tang Doudou and Feng Wu were drunk to the point they were slush. His facial color immediately turned ashen upon seeing this scene. “Why did you guys drink so much?”

“Of course it’s because we’re happy ah!” Feng Wu instantly became lively again when he walked in and no longer seemed intoxicated. She ran up and gave Su Yi a pelt of kisses before saying in pleasant surprise, “You’ve come back!”

Su Yi pushed aside the passionate Feng Wu helplessly and walked to Tang Doudou. “Are you alright? Did that damned brat Baili Yu bully you?”

“He didn’t!” Tang Doudou rolled her eyes at Su Yi, then changed the topic. “Do you know where Cang Baicao is?”

“What do you need Cang Baicao for? Although his medical expertise is high, he’s still incapable of curing the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. He said that the only person besides the maker who knows how to cure this poison is probably Baili Yu.”

“It’s not for curing the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance.”

“Then what is it for?”

“Do you know of the Hoarfrost Poison?” Tang Doudou didn’t bother to go around curves and got straight to the point.

“Hoarfrost Poison?”

“That’s right ah!”

“Didn’t Cang Baicao give you the tools to cure that poison?”

“That’s right ah, but he seemed to have grabbed the wrong things…”

When this was brought up, Tang Doudou immediately became angry again!


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