Chapter 137.1: Jing Yi


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He lowered his head and covered those moving lips with his own as they landed on the branch of a tree. The clear and cool moonlight penetrated through the dense fog at the center of the sinkhole and spilled down, converging into a mass of white light on top of the dark green leaves. It caused all the leaves in this long stretch of forest to glow with a faint white light.

In the midst of this dream-like sea of light, the figures of two people intertwined in embrace could be seen. Their long hair entwined, separated, and entwined again in the wind.

Su Yi stood in the distance and watched this scene. Though he didn’t like it, he still couldn’t bear to approach and destroy such a beautiful scene. Perhaps Feng Wu was right. He should allow the youngsters to resolve their own matters. At this age, they as the seniors should just silently support the younger generation.

However, to just let Baili Yu off like this?

No, that won’t do!

Su Yi paced back and forth. He had to think of a good idea. No matter what he had to make Baili Yu suffer a little.

Even after so many years of competing, he had yet to get any benefits out of this little fox…

Su Yi was in the middle of his thoughts when he suddenly sensed someone approaching. His expression turned serious. Who would come to this wilderness in the middle of the night? After glancing at the two people in the distance, Su Yi moved into the darkness. If it was just a passerby, then it’ll be fine. But if it wasn’t…

For some unknown reason, Su Yi had a premonition that the person who was coming did not have good intentions!

Baili Yu only reluctantly released Tang Doudou once she was completely out of breath. He hugged her tightly again as he said, “Doudou, are you still willing to trust me?”

Tang Doudou had also asked herself this. Should she continue to trust him?

Seeing her confused expression, Baili Yu knew that he needed to give her time to consider. He reached out and stroked Tang Doudou’s soft hair. “If you can’t figure it out, then you don’t need to think about it. I’ll tell you about everything once there’s time. It wouldn’t be too late for you to give me an answer then.”

Tang Doudou peeked at his face. Seeing that his expression was sincere, she nodded. “Alright.”

“As for the engagement…” Baili Yu took out an exceptionally familiar-looking jade tablet from his chest and placed it in her palm. “As long as I live, as long as there’s a single breath left in me, you should give up on trying to escape from my side. You should understand now that I’ve put it this way, right?”

Wasn’t this the Alliance Head Command Tablet? Hadn’t it always been on her? How did it get into his hands?

Tang Doudou hastily felt around her waist and was surprised to find that the jade tablet that always hung at her waist was still there. She took down the jade tablet and put the two tablets side by side to look at them.

Both tablets emitted a hazy jade color beneath the moonlight. The penetrating light allowed the vein patterns on the tablets to clearly emerge. As Tang Doudou looked at them, she discovered something.

It was actually a map!

Tang Doudou was astonished. She joined the two jade tablets and, as expected, they fitted seamlessly together. The map also fitted together perfectly.

“From now on, you’re the owner of these two jade tablets,” said Baili Yu softly as he took Tang Doudou’s hand.

“Isn’t this the Alliance Head Command Tablet?”

“That was just Su Yi teasing you guys for fun. When has there ever been an Alliance Head Command Tablet? It was just something he blurted out after getting drunk one time. This is a paired jade tablet. Its name is Jing Yi. Just as you’ve seen, there’s a map engraved on it. This map is said to show the location of a certain imperial court’s treasure.”

“Da fudge? This is a treasure map!?” Tang Doudou stared at the tablets, then moved her face close to Baili Yu’s. “You’re really willing to give me something this important?”

“It’s useless to me anyways so why not give it to you to use as an ornament? It looks quite pleasing to the eye at your waist.” Baili Yu smiled as he took the jade tablets from Tang Doudou’s hand and helped her tie them onto her waist.

Tsk tsk tsk. Tang Doudou pulled the jade tablets up and flipped them back and forth to look at them. See? The wealthy are just wealthy, what did it matter to burn some money and scatter some silver?

To hang a treasure map off oneself as a decoration, isn’t that a little too damned cool!?

“What you mean is that this jade tablet was something you and Su Yi each both possessed a half of?”

She had only said the start of it but Baili Yu immediately knew that she was thinking of something strange in that little head of hers again and cut her off. “You should go back. Su Yi’s definitely worried about me suddenly bringing you away. Though I don’t really like him, in the end he is your relative. In the future I have to yield to him a little more, else you’ll say I bully him.”

“I never thought that Su Yi would be the Lord of Cloud City, he’s way too young. Aren’t you guys curious at all? I heard Xiao Bai say that Su Yi was over a hundred years old, but he looks even younger than you!” And there was Feng Wu as well. The more Tang Doudou thought about it, the more puzzled she felt. Could it be that they’ve eaten an immortality pill? Or was it that the place she had transmigrated to actually had some hermit cultivators?

Having read quite a lot of novels, Tang Doudou’s brain immediately started whirling with these thoughts. However, it was normal for her thoughts to turn in this direction considering how unbelievable Su Yi and Feng Wu’s situations were.

Baili Yu explained, “The reason they seem young is because of their martial arts style. It’s part of Cloud City’s most mysterious legend. It is said that if one practiced it to the tenth stage, one could even attain immortality.”

Tang Doudou was shocked. “Isn’t that way too mystical!?”

“It’s not that mystical compared to the other things Cloud City contain.” Baili Yu’s smiling tone seemed to contain other implications as he said this.

“Aiy, what exactly is Cloud City like?” A trace of light streaked through Tang Doudou’s eyes as she looked into the vast starry sky above them. For the first time, she looked forward to seeing Cloud City.


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