Chapter 135.2: Lord of Cloud City


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What exactly did he mean!?

Tang Doudou wanted to charge up and question him, but for some reason she felt like her feet had been nailed to the ground; she couldn’t lift them up at all. Her chest felt stuffy and uncomfortable. She did suggest to rescind the marriage earlier but hadn’t he refused to agree!?

Why did he suddenly say that the wedding was already canceled!? And he even said that it was nothing but a joke in Feng Wu’s presence. Baili Yu, when all is said and done, what place do I hold in your heart!?

No matter how Tang Doudou thought about it, she couldn’t understand. After half a day of being apart, Baili Yu’s attitude towards her suddenly took such a huge change and he even said things that hurt her so much.

“Haha…” It seemed that Baili Yu’s words also shocked Feng Wu. She was stunned for quite a while before she managed to force out an unnatural laugh. She patted Tang Doudou’s shoulder in a comforting manner and said, “It’s good like this as well. Countless young girls would have been heartbroken if you two had gotten married! Not to mention, being married is nowhere as free and leisurely as being single, right?”

Even though Tang Doudou knew that Feng Wu was trying to comfort her, her heart still felt uncomfortably tight. It was as if her heart had been bound by countless vines, it was difficult to even breathe.

Tang Doudou ah, Tang Doudou. No matter what you must endure it, you can’t cry. It’s nothing but a man you hate, he’s not worth for you to feel sad over. Moreover, wasn’t having the marriage canceled precisely what you wanted? Now that you’ve finally gotten it, what are you still unhappy with?

She used all her strength to stop the tears from spilling out. Sensing Feng Wu’s deeply concerned gaze, Tang Doudou lifted her head and forced out a smile. The smile had been made with difficulty, yet it was still bright as a flower.

Baili Yu had purposefully only half closed his eyes so naturally he saw that forced smile. It made his heart ache so much he wanted to stand up right now and pull her into his arms, then fiercely punish her (by kissing I think) and never allow her to show this sort of smile ever again. A trace of helplessness flashed through the depths of his eyes. All he could do was explain to her once his entire plan had been carried out. All he could hope for was that it wouldn’t be too late.

His thoughts returned to the incident that had occurred this afternoon. He had rushed to that place after seeing Ye Chuan’s urgent SOS fireworks and saw that person.

“I have the things you’re looking for!”

Ming Mengxin’s first sentence carried incomparable confidence. (The following paragraph is BLY’s pov. All the ‘he’s refer to Baili Yu)

Then Ming Mengxin, in a mocking tone, narrated everything that he had done these past years and allowed him to thoroughly confirm the opponent’s identity. But when he had asked why…

Ming Mengxin gave a cold laugh. “Because you owe me, it’s time for you to repay all that you owe.”

Ming Mengxin didn’t waste time and straightforwardly stated his demand. “I can give you what you want, but you must leave her. The farther you get away from her the better! It’d be best if you never appear in front of her again!”

“Would she fall in love with you just because I’m out of the picture?”

“That’s not something you need to worry about. You only need to give me a reply, will you do it or not!?”

Even if he (MMX) used a mask to cover his own face and forced himself to act so cold, he still couldn’t change that irascible personality. (This is still BLY’s thought)T/N Retrieving his line of thought, Baili Yu closed his eyes. Ah Xin, I’ve given you what you wanted, but do you think you can take it away?

Although she had always been someone that could put back down something that she had picked up, when she saw Baili Yu turn a blind eye towards her hurt emotions, waves of hurt flooded her heart. Suddenly, she spied the wine cup on the table out of the corner of her eye.

Might as well get drunk again. When she woke up again, she’ll have forgotten everything!


Her palm landed heavily on the table, startling Feng Wu. Feng Wu hastily looked over in worry that Tang Doudou was about to flip out.

In the end, she saw that Tang Doudou’s hand was wrapped around the wine cup. Perhaps sensing her gaze, Tang Doudou lifted her head and said with a smile, “Thank you City Lord Feng for upholding justice in that incident earlier. Xueyi salutes City Lord with a cup! Xueyi will drink first out of respect!”

After she finished speaking, she tilted her head back and emptied the entire cup of wine into her mouth. The burning feeling slid down her throat into her stomach. Due to the combined reasons that Tang Doudou didn’t drink alcohol often and she drank this too fast, the burning alcohol caused her to start coughing.

Feng Wu glanced at the maid behind her and the maid immediately moved up to pat Tang Doudou’s back.

Cough cough. My apologies, City Lord Feng, it’s been a long time since I’ve drank such strong wine so I’ve let you see a joke.” It’s unknown if it was tears due to coughing or emotional tears that had spilled out, but her black-jade-like eyes were slightly moist. Her fair cheeks were also slightly crimson due to having drank alcohol. Tang Doudou pushed aside the maid that was patting her back and picked up the wine pot next to the table. Pouring a full cup, she said, “This cup is for celebrating my single status!”

After she finished speaking, she tilted her head back again. Before she even finishing pouring all the wine down, she choked and fell onto the table, coughing so much she could barely breathe.

“What the hell are you doing!?” Su Yi emerged from some unknown place and snatched the wine cup out of Tang Doudou’s hand.

Crash! The cup shattered into pieces on the floor. After smashing the cup, he gave a cold humph and turned to walk towards Baili Yu.

He was truly angry this time!

Feng Wu hastily stood up and blocked Su Yi’s way. “Calm down!”

“F*ck as if I should calm down!” Su Yi pushed her aside. There was so much wrath in his eyes that fire was practically about to emerge. “Move aside. If lao zi doesn’t beat him up to the point he needs to search the floor for his teeth, then lao zi’s name is not Su Yi!”

Unexpectedly, a trace of pleasant surprise flashed through Feng Wu’s eyes as she faced a Su Yi that was so crude in manner and she obediently moved out of his way.

He had finally gotten angry with her! Feng Wu thought happily. She had already waited twenty years for this moment! Unexpectedly it had finally arrived!

Compared to the complicated emotions of the other three in the boat, Baili Yu was much more calm. He didn’t even lift his eyelid in response to Su Yi’s attack.

Just as that fist was about to reach his face, Tang Doudou who had been coughing suddenly cried, “Su Yi, stop!”

The fist came to an abrupt stop a centimeter from Baili Yu’s face. Just a little more and it would have made contact with that high nose bridge.

“I’ve already warned you…” Su Yi’s voice was low and suppressed, reflecting the anger he was currently holding back. Anyone who saw their unmarried daughter whom they had raised for over twenty years being bullied by someone like this would be so angered that they’d itch to beat that bastard to death!

“It’s my own business,” said Tang Doudou mildly.

Of course, she didn’t say this to protect Baili Yu. To tell the truth, she also really wanted to punch him right now. However, she also understood that Su Yi wasn’t Baili Yu’s match at all. If they really started to fight, Su Yi would definitely be the one to suffer losses.

She couldn’t bear for anyone who treated her well to get hurt.

She didn’t notice at all the shock and hurt that appeared on Su Yi’s face when he heard this.

However, Baili Yu who was directly facing Su Yi saw it clearly. When he saw Su Yi’s despairing expression, he almost could not control himself and blurted out the truth. However, in the end he chose to endure it.

Those dark red lips curved into an almost imperceptible smile as he reached out and pushed aside the fist near his nose. He spoke unhurriedly, “City Lord Su. As the Lord of Cloud City, you actually have so much free time as to meddle in other people's matters?”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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