Chapter 132.2: Pay a Visit to the Lord of Mist City


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Luckily she didn’t drink anything this time, otherwise she definitely would have spat it out all over Su Yi again. What exactly was this guy doing? If he didn’t believe the old man, then why did he run all the way here?

Furthermore, he arrived with such an anxious expression that she had mistaken it to be some important matter.

“The fact that I came to look for you today has nothing to do with him. I just wanted to ask you if you’ve recalled anything. For example, anything related to your own identity?” Su Yi pinched the edges of his clothing as he asked nervously.

It’s not like she was the real Li Xueyi, how could she possibly remember anything like that? Even having read that diary she still had no way to put herself in Li Xueyi’s shoes.

“I don’t remember. I feel like there’s not much hope for me to ever recall the past in this lifetime.”

Su Yi nodded and sighed, seeming relieved. “It’s also good like this. It’s a good thing if you can’t remember.”

What relationship did Su Yi have with Li Xueyi? Why did it feel like he cares a lot about Li Xueyi?

Tang Doudou silently took a sip of tea. Su Yi stood up and said, “Then let’s leave things at here for the time being. I’ll be staying in Mist City for a while. During this time period, you should behave and stay in the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce. No matter what, don’t randomly run around.”

Seeing that he was about to leave, Tang Doudou asked reflexively, “Where are you going?”

After half a day, it turned out that he ran all the way over here just to ask that one question?

Su Yi smiled. “Of course I’m going to the City Lord Residence. I haven’t drunk with that guy for a long time. It wasn’t easy to come all the way over here. I refuse to leave without drinking dry all of that guy’s alcohol!”

Going to the City Lord Residence? A scheming look appeared in Tang Doudou’s eyes as she recalled that Baili Yu still hadn’t returned from the City Lord Residence. “Can you bring me along?”

“Sure!” Su Yi agreed easily. Then he looked at his own clothes and said, “This won’t do, I have to go change first. You wait here for me, I’ll be back right away!”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t wait for Tang Doudou to reply and simply ran off.

He ran off. It couldn’t be that he didn’t plan to come back, right?

Tang Doudou propped up her chin and sighed. This was very possible ah!

Nightfall arrived and hundreds of homes lit up the night.

The tea vendor stand boss still hadn’t returned. Tang Doudou rubbed her growling stomach. She looked at the gradually forming crowd on the street and stood up. Su Yi was definitely not coming back. She had better return to the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce to wait for Baili Yu. While at it, she could comfort her stomach as well.

She had just stood up when a gust of wind rushed at her from the front. Soon afterward, she heard the annoying sound of Su Yi’s voice. “Haha, did you have fun waiting?”

He actually came back? Tang Doudou sized up Su Yi in surprise. What she saw left her unbelievably speechless.

Was he… going on a blind date?

Tang Doudou couldn’t help but sigh upon seeing Su Yi’s outfit. Red garments truly weren’t things that anyone could pull off. Look at this. When people like Baili Yu wore red garments, they gave off such a high-class, seductive and domineering aura. Then, look at Su Yi. A proper, elegant and sunny gongzi has turned into a sissy....

“How is it? Doesn’t it look good?” Su Yi spread his arms and showed Tang Doudou the decorative design on his red robe smugly. “I had to run through the entire Mist City to buy this. Don’t I look much better than that little bastard, Baili Yu, in this?”

Tang Doudou didn’t even have the strength to ridicule him anymore. She nodded for show and pointed at the dark sky above them.

“Hey, if we don’t go now, will be we still be able to make it in time for dinner?”

Only then did Su Yi seem to recall what he had gotten changed for. He slapped his head and said with a smile, “Look at this memory of mine, I almost ended up forgetting about it.”

Towards this, Tang Doudou only wanted to go ‘haha’... (polite laughter)

When they appeared in front of the City Lord Residence, another hour had passed. Taking an entire hour just to walk a couple hundred meters, Tang Doudou truly had to express her admiration for Su Yi’s ability.

On the entire way here he was acting like a complete lady, wanting to buy this, wanting to buy that. He bought and bought and bought, then threw the entire pile over for Tang Doudou to carry. No wonder he had freaking agreed so quickly. He had planned this from the start! Exploiting free labor! If it weren’t for the sake of finding Baili Yu, Tang Doudou would have already crushed Su Yi’s stinking face with this pile of stuff.

“Aiyah, don’t make such an ugly expression. Once we return I’ll compensate you.” Su Yi reached out with both hands to pinch Tang Doudou’s bright red cheeks. “Looks like Baili Yu treats you quite well ah! Look at this, you’ve gotten a size rounder and your complexion is not bad as well. Looks like I really should go pay a visit and thank him for taking care of you…”

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. If there was a need to thank him, it should be her going to thank him. What did it have to do with him?

And he said her complexion was not bad? Isn’t it all because she was tired out from carrying too many things?

“Quit wasting words. Are you going in or not ah!?” As she watched Su Yi poke his head out to peek at the City Lord Residence, she questioned whether her own brain had gotten damaged. What made her believe that this guy Su Yi actually knew the Lord of Mist City?

The way he was acting was clearly a sign that he was trying to think of a way to sneak in!

When Su Yi heard Tang Doudou’s impatient words, he glanced back at her with an embarrassed expression. Or perhaps it should be said that he was glancing at the things that were about to bury Tang Doudou. “Is this too little? It’s been over twenty years since I’ve seen her.”

Alright, she was wrong again!

Su Yi was clearly just messing with her for fun!


Tang Doudou threw all of the things onto the ground and said coldly, “You can take your time playing around, this Alliance Head won’t accompany you any longer!”


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