Chapter 130.2: Plan


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The pavilion that had been empty after the two left was now occupied by four people. That ugly ghost, Old Suo, was unexpectedly among them.

The other three were unfamiliar faces. However, based on their attire it could be inferred that they were not ordinary people.

Seeing that Gu Xun was back, Old Suo took the initiative to ask, “He’s left?”

“Don’t worry, I personally saw him leave.” Gu Xun glanced at Old Suo, a trace of displeasure briefly flashing through his eyes. Then he greeted all the others with a smile before sitting back down on his own seat. “Wonder what advice Seniors have come to give today?”

“We wouldn’t dare give advice. It’s just that, as of now agitation is spreading throughout Mist City and all the powers are getting restless. That’s why we’ve come to ask if Old Pal Gu has any good ideas to get us brothers safely through this crisis?”

“Senior Meng is joking,” said Gu Xun mildly. “Gu Xun is slow-witted and have yet to even notice any crisis that could possibly threaten you Seniors. I’ll have to ask Senior Meng to enlighten me.”

Was Gu Xun slow-witted?

No, he was extremely smart. What he was saying was that Meng Hao had to use information to trade for his help.

Everyone sitting here had extensive world experience and also had made many business deals with Gu Xun throughout the years. How could it be possible for them not to know what he meant?

In the past, they always prepared information in advance but with this current incident… Meng Hao stood up and said with a serious expression, “Old Pal Gu, it’s not that we older brothers wish to rip you off. I won’t hide it from you, the City Lord has already rooted out all of our informants. As of now, we don’t know much more than you do about this incident. We only came to look for you for the sake of guarding against the unexpected.”

“Syndicate Leader Meng is right. Presently, though the City Lord didn’t express any intention to deal with us on the surface, he has already secretly gotten rid of many of our brothers!” The youth sitting next to Meng Hao gave a long sigh. “Just the incident with Five Kilometers Emporium is odd enough to be a concern!”

Old Suo who hadn’t said a word for a long time now spoke up, “This incident is indeed a concern. I believe you guys all know who it was that set the fire. The most worrying matter is if that person has already reached a collaboration agreement with the City Lord. It’s within his power to swallow Mist City and he has always had high ambitions. Mist City is such a gold mine, I think he has definitely set his eyes on it since long ago, it’s just that he never had a good opportunity. As of now…”

He paused for a bit, then looked towards Gu Xun. “There’s also no way for us to stay out of it.”

Gu Xun knew what he was pointing at and nodded. “Alright, since there’s no way to stay out of it, then Gu Xun is willing to work with you Seniors. Triumph or fall, we shall do it together.”

“Old Pal Gu is refreshingly straightforward.” The worry in Meng Hao’s eyes finally cleared when he saw Gu Xun agree. It’s said that the person who understood the City Lord the most in Mist City was Gu Xun. He was really highly capable. In just a few years after arriving in Mist City, he practically gained connections to all the powers in the city and the connections were actually quite strong. Regardless of if it was him or other people, no one dared to stir up trouble. The people who didn’t know that he was in that line of business always gave him positive evaluations. As for those who knew about his actual business, they would keep one eye closed to it as long as he didn’t target members of their own family.

Gu Xun muttered to himself for a while, then said, “There’s still one more matter.”

Seeing his serious expression, Meng Hao’s heart thudded. Could it be that he knew something?

Gu Xun saw Meng Hao’s expression change and hastily explained with a smile, “Senior Meng, no need to worry. What I’m about to say has nothing to do with this matter. It’s just that I wish to ask everyone to help keep a watch on a certain someone.”

“So it’s like that. You gave me quite a scare!” Meng Hao rubbed his chest. “Who is it that you want us to keep a watch on? There’s been quite a lot of people coming to Mist City lately ah!”

Gu Xun smiled. From the looks of it, Meng Hao had truly been scared bad by this incident. For better or for worse he was the leader of a syndicate, yet he has become a bird that gets startled by the mere twang of a bow.

“There have been quite a lot, and they aren’t ordinary people either. The person I wish to ask everyone to help tail is also not an ordinary person. Are you willing to help?”

“It couldn’t be that Old Pal Gu wants us to help tail that person, right?” Long Yunzheng of Wound Dragon Syndicate who had been silent this entire time finally spoke. Dragons and snakes mingled in his syndicate, it was filled with people from the lowest rung of Mist City. Quite a lot of the beggars in Five Kilometers Emporium had belonged to his syndicate, so he had suffered the most damage from the fire.

“Of course it’s not him. I still don’t have enough power to dare to tail him. Come, Brother Meng, let’s sit down and talk about it slowly!” Gu Xun invited Meng Hao to take a seat, then waved his hand to instruct someone to remove the tea set in front of him. Then he called for someone to serve up some fresh tea. “None of you have seen this person before… it involves the newest established power, God Firmament Hall. Everyone has heard of it, no?”

When this was brought up, everyone present with the exception of Old Suo exposed surprised expressions. They hadn’t expected for Gu Xun to talk about this. It was true that this didn’t have much to do with them.

“The person I want you guys to keep a watch on is the Master of God Firmament Hall, Ming Mengxin.”

Tang Doudou returned to Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce but didn’t see Baili Yu anywhere. When she asked the manager, the manager said that he had returned, but soon after rushed out again.

The manager was in charge of the Chamber of Commerce affairs so he wasn’t very clear in regards to Baili Yu’s whereabouts.

It seemed she had to find Qing He.

Tang Doudou ran to the back courtyard and searched through the entire courtyard. Unexpectedly, even Qing He was gone. What was even stranger was the fact that the maids Baili Yu brought here were gone as well.

Odd ah, strange ah. Where would they have gone?

After searching several rounds, she still couldn’t find anyone she could question. So then, Tang Doudou plopped her butt down on the rocking chair in the middle of the courtyard and sulked.

The hidden guard that had been in charge of following Tang Doudou had searched through the entire city but still didn’t find her. In the end, all he could do was return in defeat to the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce.

Right after he walked in, he saw Tang Doudou sitting in the middle of the courtyard gloomily muttering something to herself.

He slapped his own forehead. It was seriously such a blunder. Why didn’t it occur to him that she had already returned?


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