Chapter 126.1: I Belong To You Now


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Tang Doudou nodded and said in satisfaction, “Not bad, it’s pretty good.”

Seeing that Tang Doudou was finally satisfied, the woman’s tears gushed out from fear. She didn’t know what kind of fetish this young woman had, to actually like watching people apply lipstick. In addition, the lipstick even had to be red and gaudy. She had never heard of such a strange fetish.

However, what Tang Doudou said next made her feel like the future was even bleaker.

“Come here, kiss me!”

“What are you dazing out for, hurry up ah! Put strength into it! Remember, you must leave lipstick marks, got it!? Make the arrangement natural looking. Leave some kisses here, here, and here!” Tang Doudou could hear the sound of Qing He yelling as she smashed things now so she grabbed the woman’s head and started moving it towards her own neck.

The woman was so frightened she almost screamed. However, for the sake of her life, she forcibly endured it. Closing her eyes, she kissed those places according to Tang Doudou’s guidance.

Leaving behind exceptionally conspicuous red lipstick marks.

Qing He was furious. These women actually dared to collude with Tang Doudou to trick her! Now Tang Doudou was gone. How was she supposed to explain it to Master?

It was seriously hateful! Qing He looked at the mess covering the floor and the women trembling in a corner and lifted her chin disdainfully. She decided to head back to the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce in order to send people to look for Tang Doudou.

She had just stepped out of the door when she was blocked by someone staggering past. She took a closer look at the person. Wasn’t this Tang Doudou?

But what’s with this overpowering smell of alcohol?

A trace of astonishment flashed through Qing He’s eyes as she moved to support Tang Doudou who was tottering dangerously. “Lady Doudou, why did you drink so much alcohol?”

How could Tang Doudou possibly be capable of drinking that much alcohol? She just sprinkled the wine on her clothes, then rinsed her mouth with the wine in order to create the false impression of being completely drunk.T/N

The depths of her eyes were clear but because she kept swaying here and there, Qing He wasn’t able to get a clear look. Tang Doudou then pressed her head against Qing He’s shoulder. “Haha, it’s Little Qing He. Little Qing He, you sure are pretty…”

These words that sounded like they were from a drunk in addition to the overpowering smell of alcohol almost made Qing He reflexively fling Tang Doudou away. However, she resisted the reflex and silently mouthed some of the things Master had told her to endure, then threw a bunch of silver to the the women inside. “Go find a carriage!”

After seeing the silver, those women immediately threw the memories of how terrifying Qing He had been earlier to beyond the highest clouds. They scrambled to pick up the silver, then ran downstairs.

A carriage was soon found and Qing He finally managed to put Tang Doudou into the carriage after exerting a great amount of effort. However, as she was placing Tang Doudou down, she saw the bright red lipstick marks that covered Tang Doudou’s neck and the anger in her heart erupted again. And she was wondering why Tang Doudou disappeared all of a sudden, it turned out that she went to fool around!

Qing He was angry, but in the end, she still couldn’t do anything to Tang Doudou. Hence, she just went to give directions to the carriage driver.

The carriage started moving with a creak.

In just a few moments, they reached the entrance of the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce. Qing He jumped off the carriage first and told the driver to wait, then went into the Chamber of Commerce to look for people to help.

Unexpectedly, right after she ran in, she saw her family’s master leaning languidly on the soft couch as he rested with his eyes closed. T/N T/N - *dying from silent laughter*

Even without opening his eyes, Baili Yu knew that it was Qing He who had returned. He parted his lips slightly and asked, “Qing He, where’s Doudou?”

Didn’t Master say that he wouldn’t be returning for some time? Why was he back so soon?

Qing He then recalled Tang Doudou’s current state of drunken stupor and broke into a cold sweat. It must be known that Master had entrusted Tang Doudou to her before leaving. If Master found out that they had visited the pleasure quarters and Tang Doudou may have even committed some immoral deeds, regardless of whether this incident was Tang Doudou’s fault, she would definitely be the first to be punished!

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Did she cause trouble outside again?” Baili Yu slowly opened his eyes when Qing He didn’t reply. He stared at her face for a few moments, then started making conjectures.

From his understanding of Tang Doudou, she really was quite capable of causing trouble. However, what he liked about her was precisely this foolish and lively part that caused trouble without any fear.

Qing He knew that if she continued to drag this on it would only lead to a more severe punishment. She bit her lips and was just about to speak when she saw a figure staggering over out of the corner of her eye. Her facial color underwent a huge change. She wanted to move to block Tang Doudou’s figure, however, it was too late. Baili Yu had already seen.

“She drank?” The tone sounded amused yet it contained an underlying chill. “Who did she drink with?”

Qing He didn’t dare to look at her master. She bit on her lips so hard they were close to bleeding before finally saying, “A lady.”

“A lady? From which family? When did they get to know each other?”

“This servant, this servant doesn’t know when Lady Doudou met her…”

“You allowed her to drink with someone of unknown origin?” Baili Yu glanced at Qing He, then said simply, “Go receive your punishment.”

“Understood, Master!” Although this incident was Tang Doudou’s fault, she was also guilty of not stopping Tang Doudou in time. It was natural that she would be punished. However, she just hoped that Master would be able to see through Tang Doudou, this loose gongzi, in time so that he didn’t miss his opportunity with actual good ladies.

Qing He was depressed as she moved to head to the courtyard and find the manager to be assigned punishment. She had just taken a step when Tang Doudou called out and made her stop. “Little Qing He, where are you going? Are you going to take me to look for tarts again? Hic… Oh, the big evil spirit is here too! Perfect, let’s go to look for tarts together!”


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