Chapter 125.2: The Commission Made Three Years Ago


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Tang Doudou didn’t move to catch it. Who knows if he was using it to distract her and make her lower her guard?

“Don’t worry, if I intended to harm you, I could have already killed you a hundred different ways on the way here!” That person’s voice was very hoarse and didn’t sound like anyone she knew.

What was his purpose in luring her out if they had never met before?

Tang Doudou looked at the object that was thrown onto the ground. It was a miniature antique lamp that looked remarkably similar to the one she was searching for. However, it wasn’t identical. Other than the difference in size, it also seemed to be much lower in quality compared to the large lamp.

“What does that mean? Was it the old sir that told you to come? Or was it Ming Mengxin?” As of now, the only ones that were related to the antique lamp were those two. There were no holes in the old sir’s story. However, she had been thinking about it these past couple days and it was precisely because the story was so flawless that she felt something was off. Before, she assumed something felt wrong because she was Tang Doudou and not Li Xueyi. However, after careful thought, she realized that there was definitely something fishy about that old sir and Ming Mengxin. In addition, the contents of the book were also questionable.

The only thing that didn’t seem to be suspect was probably that antique lamp.

“Who are they?” That person spoke, but he still didn’t turn around and simply continued on, “In regards to the terms of the contract you made with me, I’ve already found the child lamp. As for the rest, I will find them for you one by one. I only ask that you don’t hide in this sort of damned place next time. I had to waste so much time looking for you. I’ll let it go this time but if it happens again, I’ll have to ask you to increase the remuneration!”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t give Tang Doudou any chance to ask questions. With a leap, he jumped into Clear Dream River. Several ripples appeared on the river’s surface and in the blink of an eye, that person was gone.

Things had seriously happened too fast. Tang Doudou hadn’t even finished digesting the meaning in his words before he had disappeared again. She picked up the child lamp and ran to the side of the river. The stream of water flowed calmly into the distance. Nothing other than green water could be seen.

Da fudge? Who exactly was that person!?

Tang Doudou only retrieved her gaze after confirming that the person was really gone. She then looked at the child lamp she was holding in her hand. Truly, before one wave even calmed another wave was arising. Just the issue of the antique lamp was enough to keep her working overtime and now there was an additional child lamp. Wasn’t this demanding her life!?

Li Xueyi ah, Li Xueyi, what exactly have you been doing these past years?

She recalled what the person said earlier. What did he mean by ‘the rest’? Could it be that the antique lamp and this child lamp were part of a complete set that had been broken into several parts? And that Li Xueyi was collecting those parts?

But what exactly was she collecting those parts for?

Tang Doudou was getting a headache from thinking about it. She just couldn’t figure it out. It had been quite some time since she had been gone so she hastily rushed back towards Pleasure Seeking House.

Unexpectedly, the moment she walked into Pleasure Seeking House, she heard Qing He’s furious voice emanating from the room she was in earlier. “Talk! If you don’t talk now, then don’t blame me for tearing apart this rotten place of yours!”

Crap, looks like Qing He has discovered that she wasn’t in the room.

What to do?

Tang Doudou stopped on one of Pleasure Seeking House’s window ledges. After a brief moment of hesitation, she pushed open the window and jumped in.

The woman inside was currently bathing. Tang Doudou quietly picked up the lip paper* on the dressing table and turned around to head towards the bathing screen. She rushed in and, before that woman could shriek in alarm, she covered her mouth and pressed an elaborate dagger against the woman’s soft neck.

I was fascinated with this when I was younger. In the old days, lipstick came in form of a paper. The paper basically had the pigmented lip color and women would press the paper between their lips to apply lipcolor.

“Listen, I won’t hurt you, I just want to ask you for a favor. As long as you obediently comply, after the deed is done, all this silver is yours!”

Tang Doudou took out a piece of flat silver from her pocket and waved it in front of that woman. “If you’re willing, blink your eyes once. If you’re not willing, blink two times, got it?”

The woman was facing a dagger so how could she dare to say she was unwilling? A pair of teary eyes blinked towards Tang Doudou.

“En, that’s more like it. I’ll let go in a moment but you better not shout. If you do…” Tang Doudou applied a bit of strength in her hand as she said with a smile, “You know the consequence.”

The woman hastily blinked again.

“Very good!” Tang Doudou released her and glanced at the back of the blade that was pressed against the woman’s neck. Aiy, humans ah, when scared truly tend to lose their decision-making skills.

As expected, the woman continued to obey and didn’t shout when released. She simply looked at Tang Doudou timidly and asked, “This lady heroT/N...”

“Let’s not waste time on chitchat. Here you go, hurry and put this between your lips!”

“That’s too gentle! Did you skip your last meal? Put more strength into it!”

“Good good, just like that. Aiy, nice, you’re amazing! This is precisely the effect I want!”

While Tang Doudou was hollering without any trace of gentleness towards the fairer sex, the woman was pinching the lip paper with trembling hands. The woman gently moved the paper away from her lips that were now red as blood. “Lady hero, is this good enough?”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

[Chiyomira's Corner]

T/N - 侠(xia2) - hero. Usually used for a man who knows martials arts, is chivalrous, rescues ladies.

女侠 - lady hero. For a woman who’s like manly, chivalrous…?

For ‘xia2’ I always think of it as describing rouge-like men… who jump in and visit women through windows and such. (like robin hood, the guy from pirate of the Caribbean, some of the poor side leads in asian period dramas) In any case, it’s just a way to address someone you don’t know. It has a slightly respectful connotation, the lady probably uses it because she doesn’t want to offend TDD when TDD has a knife.

D: You mean a knife AT HER THROAT.

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