Chapter 125.1: The Commission Made Three Years Ago


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“Boys that aren’t bad, women simply find them sad.* Don’t you big sisters just love how bad I am?” Tang Doudou drew the woman’s hand towards her and started feeling her way down. When she got to that protruding soft area, she gave it a big slap. “Does big sister like it when I’m this bad?”

This is basically my rearrangement of a little rhyme in Chinese which basically says that women are attracted to bad boys.

Boy? She saying she’s a male?

“Aiyah, how hateful!” The woman grabbed hold of Tang Doudou’s hand and gave Tang Doudou a bashful look. Only then did she realize that Tang Doudou’s chest was flat and that her hair was pulled up. If one didn’t look closely, this person really did give off the feeling of a charming gongzi. Could it be that he wasn’t a woman but a pretty youngster disguised as a woman?

It’s not like this kind of thing hasn’t been seen in the brothels before. Some young gongzis come from strict families and they would disguise themselves as women in order to sneak out to play. However, their true identities were always immediately revealed when they got here and got on the bed.

And then there were also gongzis from rich families who simply liked female garments and crossdressing.

This woman had grown up in the pleasure quarters so she had seen plenty of occurrences like this. Thus the surprise on her face soon disappeared. Instead, an even more flirtatious smile appeared on her lips as she pressed her soft, seemingly boneless body against Tang Doudou.

Though she was a woman of the pleasure quarters, she still liked handsome men, not dainty women. When she came to the conjecture that Tang Doudou was likely a man, she became even more eagerly attentive. After all, men were much easier to serve than women!

Tang Doudou pulled the woman off her body and, smiling devilishly, lifted her brows at Qing He. Pulling the woman with her, she started walking towards Qing He.

“Qing He ah, don’t say that I don’t look after you. This lady is top quality goods.” With a tug, Tang Doudou shifted the woman to her front and pushed her towards Qing He.

“Hug her properly, don’t lose her alright? Since we’re already here, you should just have fun without worrying about anything, got it?”

A trace of disgust flashed through Qing He’s eyes as she watched the woman fall towards her. How was such a filthy woman fit for her to hug?

Qing He felt that Tang Doudou was getting increasingly carried away and had gone too far. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She pushed the woman aside towards the ground, then walked to Tang Doudou with a cold expression on her face. “Lady Doudou, if you don’t stop now, then forgive this servant for being impolite!”

Tang Doudou only laughed ‘hehe’ in response to Qing He’s threat. Then, she pulled Qing He into her arms. “Little Qing He’s angry appearance is seriously cute. This Alliance Head couldn’t help but be reminded of Qing Yin, that adorable little lass. Since Little Qing He is that concerned about this Alliance Head, why don’t you accompany me?”

“You!” Qing He never expected such shameless words to come out of Tang Doudou, a woman’s, mouth. She was so infuriated that her face turned blue, then white. However, she didn’t dare to defy Master’s orders so all she could do was give a cold humph. Since she couldn’t do anything to Tang Doudou and she had no interest in watching Tang Doudou commit more outrageous acts, she decided to just go stand guard in the corridor. She directed her gaze into the distance towards some unknown scene.

When Tang Doudou felt sure that Qing He wouldn’t come bother her anymore, she pulled the woman up from the ground and drew her into her arms. Then she called for several other ladies and entered a room not far away. The door closed with a ‘bang’. The women left in the corridor who hadn’t managed to squeeze into the room in time stomped their feet, then unwillingly dispersed.

The corridor that had still been crowded just moments ago instantly became empty. The only person left standing there was Qing He who was gritting her teeth in anger.

She had decided that no matter what punishment she would receive, she would still tell Master about this incident so that Master could sort out this hateful Tang Doudou. Leaving aside the fact that she brought her to a brothel, she actually even wanted her to accompany her?

Had she gone crazy?

Even Master had confirmed that she was a woman, not a man, so how could she do things like this without any restraint? It’s intolerable!

When it occurred to Qing He that this hateful person would become her future female master, she became very depressed. It felt like the future ahead was pitch-black.

Qing He was focused on thinking about how to complain to Baili Yu about Tang Doudou and completely did not notice that Tang Doudou, who had been pushed into the room by a large crowd of ladies, was currently jumping out of the window with a serious expression on her face.

She landed lightly on the roof of the opposite building as she concentrated her line of sight in front.

Right at this moment, a figure dropped down from the roof in front of her and disappeared.

Tang Doudou knew that this wasn’t coincidence at all and that he was purposefully doing this so that she would follow. Earlier, when she was outside Pleasure Seeking House, this person had been in the crowd and showed her something in his hand, then indicated for her to shake off Qing He and follow him.

That was why the earlier scene had occurred.

After another moment of hesitation, Tang Doudou chased after him. The two were not far apart so she soon arrived below the building. Her figure flashed and she landed on the ground.

As of now, her control over qinggong was becoming increasingly better, it was almost second nature.

Tang Doudou only realized that this place was a shabby little courtyard when she landed. The area was in such decline that it was obvious no one had set foot in here for a long time.

Why exactly did that person lead her over here?

Tang Doudou thought about it a little. However, she couldn’t afford to waste time since Qing He was still guarding the room in the brothel so she simply started looking around the courtyard with her guard up.

Right after she moved, the figure in front of her flashed again. He was actually leaving the courtyard.

The place he wanted to bring her to wasn’t this courtyard? Tang Doudou considered it a little but decided to continue following him. That person’s qinggong wasn’t half as good as hers but Tang Doudou was curious about where he wanted to lead her so she didn’t attempt to catch up. She simply followed after the person at a good pace. That person made several turns before finally stopping next to a river. He stood there with his back facing Tang Doudou. It seemed like he was waiting for her to reach him.

Tang Doudou slowly started to descend as well. She looked around and soon recognized this place to be the southwest area of Mist City. There was a river here called Clear Dream. The water was an unusual moss green color and in the mild sunlight, it glowed a faint green.

“Who are you? What is your intention in leading me here?” Tang Doudou stopped five meters away from the person. This distance was enough to ensure that she had enough time to react and escape if anything dangerous occurred.

If it weren’t for the fact that she had extremely fast qinggong, she wouldn’t have followed him even if someone threatened to beat her to death.

The person didn’t say anything, nor did he turn around. He simply threw the object in his hand towards her.


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