Chapter 124.2: Visiting the Pleasure Quarters, Looking for Tarts


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Seeing that she was about to be dragged into the Pleasure Seeking House, Qing He hastily shook off Tang Doudou’s hand and retreated backwards. “Lady Doudou, this isn’t a place that women can enter. We had better return! If you are seriously bored, I can ask the manager to help you find some fun things to play with. It’s best if we don’t go in there, Master will get angry!”

“If you don’t say anything and I don’t say anything, how would he know? What could be more fun than visiting the pleasure quarters? Stop dallying. Don’t worry, I won’t make you lose out!” Tang Doudou had no intention of letting Qing He go. She pulled and tugged and dragged her inwards.

Qing He didn’t dare to use martial arts to resist and with her delicate body there was no way her normal strength could compare with that of Tang Doudou’s with her masculine build. In just a few moments, she had been dragged inside.

There was a strange fragrance mixed with the heavy scent of rouge. The smell was so strong Tang Doudou almost fainted from the onslaught. Behind her, Qing He exposed an even more disgusted expression. It was clear that she really disliked this place.

However, as they say, the hookup you yourself initiated, you must carry through with even if you fall to your knees! T/N

Since she had already pulled the person inside, there was no way she could immediately back out. Tang Doudou feigned calmness and looked towards Qing He as if nothing was wrong. “It’s nothing ah, it’ll be fine once you get used to it. Let’s walk around a little and find a lady to have some fun with.”

After she finished speaking, her sparkling eyes lit up as if she thought of something fun. She beckoned the gorgeously dressed madam (female brothel owners) standing at the head of the flight of stairs and said, “Lady Boss!”

She then turned around and asked Qing He in a quiet voice, “Did you bring any money?”

Qing He was speechless upon seeing Tang Doudou’s experienced manner. She couldn’t understand her master’s taste at all.

“Lady Doudou, we had better leave,” persuaded Qing He once again.

“Aiy, we’ve already come in. How can we leave just like that? Is it that you didn’t bring money? It’s fine if you didn’t, I’ll think of an idea later!” After saying this, Tang Doudou stopped paying attention to Qing He and greeted the madam that headed over like she was greeting an old acquaintance. Following that, the madam’s smile widened so much her face practically became a chrysanthemum as she pulled Tang Doudou upstairs.

There was no way Qing He dared to let Tang Doudou go off on her own. She was extremely conflicted but in the end, she steeled herself and followed after them.

Tang Doudou saw Qing He following them out of the corner of her eye and exposed a nefarious smile. She casually pulled a lady over and said to the madam, “Lady Boss, prepare a good place for me and deliver some good wine and dishes. Afterwards, send all these ladies to the room for me. If you do well, this xiao ye will naturally bestow a big reward.”

Since the beginning, Pleasure Seeking House had a depressingly small volume of business during broad daylight so these ladies were also happy to suddenly have such a forthright customer. Hence, they didn’t even mind that the person was a woman, all of them swarmed up and gave their all to leave a favorable impression.

It can’t be denied that the ancient era was great for one’s health. Ever since she had transmigrated here, apart from the exceptional few who were impossible to look straight at, everyone else had rather good looks. In addition, pleasure quarters had always been places that made the most of one’s youthfulness. What countless queens of flowers relied on were their faces. It couldn’t be said that every single one of them was beautiful as a fairy but they were all pretty good looking and each had distinctive features. Being among them and listening to these women give sweet words of flattery instantly lifted one’s spirits.

No wonder men always liked visiting the pleasure quarters. This taste, mmm, it’s really not bad.

However, she was here for business. The main matter is still the most important, the main matter is important…

Tang Doudou randomly pulled a woman over and frivolously lifted the woman’s chin. Lowering her head, she drew close to the woman’s ear and blew into it, before saying in a low voice, “Nice big sister, I still have a friend back there. Look…”

The woman was tickled by her breath and she pushed Tang Doudou while rebuking her, “You’re so bad!”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by ed.L

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T/N - “the hookup you yourself initiated, you must carry through with even if you fall to your knees! “ It’s more vulgar than that. It refers to if you ask someone if they were dtf and you guys set a date, since you initiated, you have to go through with it even if you have to kneel to finish. By kneel, I guess it’s just that you kneel when you’re in despair.

Ed: Am I too dirty that I’m interpreting this another way?? Welp.

C: Haha, there’s probably multiple levels of meaning..

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