Chapter 122.2: Baili Yu’s Words of Love


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The book was soon turned to ash by the large flames. A wind that sprung up from some unknown place swept up the white ash and carried it in a circle in front of the two before continuing on its way. The ashes turned into sparks as it was carried further into the flames, then disappeared. Baili Yu stopped moving. Retrieving his gaze from those sparks, he lowered his head again to look at the little person in his arms. The light from his eyes mixed with the radiance from the flames and was so dazzling it seemed to practically drown that person in his gaze.

“I…” Tang Doudou’s face was thoroughly red as she faced this gaze which scorched even more than the flames. Her heart had already made the decision for her when that book had slid out.

She was going to trust Baili Yu one more time.

Or perhaps, it was more like she was going to trust herself one more time. She was going to trust her own judgment!

No matter what others said, at the very least, the Baili Yu whom she has interacted with has never lied to her!

Not to mention, she wasn’t a fool. Even when everyone thought she was Li Xueyi, Baili Yu has never thought that way. She could sense that he was completely treating her as who she really was!

It didn’t matter whether the relationship she had with Li Xueyi was that of present incarnation and previous incarnation, Li Xueyi was Li Xueyi and she was herself. It was not worthwhile for her to shoulder all of Li Xueyi’s burdens just because she had transmigrated into Li Xueyi’s body. She should have her own life, a life that she wants for herself.

“Baili Yu. If one day, you discover that I am not who I seem to be, that I don’t have everything that you want and I can’t help you with anything, would you still treat me well like you do now?” Tang Doudou lifted her head and met those celestial-like eyes head on. As of now, she knew she had fallen in love with Baili Yu. She liked him without reason. Perhaps it was because he was good-looking, perhaps it was because she felt grateful to him for saving her numerous times, or perhaps it was because of the way he always took liberties shamelessly… In any case, she liked him. She liked him in a way she couldn’t give a definite reason for. T/N

“To say this, Wife is truly wrongly accusing this husband.” After listening carefully to what Tang Doudou was saying, Baili Yu tilted his head and thought for a while. Then his brows slightly creased and his eyes filled with an innocent yet aggrieved look as he spoke with a slight pout.

To make such a cute expression with those looks, it’s practically inciting people to commit crimes!

Tang Doudou licked her dry lips and silently repeated a mind-clearing chantT/N2 several times. Forcefully shifting her gaze to an empty space, she said, “I’m saying in the future. In the future if you discover that I can’t help you with anything…”

“Is the present, the future, important?” asked Baili Yu. He placed Tang Doudou down so that she stood facing him. With his large hand, he lifted Tang Doudou’s little face. As he gazed at this face which he hadn’t been able to let go of from start to finish and these lively and clear eyes that had appeared countless times in his dreams, there was only one thought in his mind - no matter what, he had to keep her at his side, all the way until the second he breathes his last!

Before meeting her, when he went there to give her that Alliance Head Command Tablet, it was true that she was in his plans. However, on that night, after that night in which nothing happened, he started painstakingly removing her from his plans. He had extracted the most important element from his meticulously arranged plan, that was what caused so many unpredicted incidents. Ever since he started having memories, there has never been a precedent of something he wanted slipping out of his control. However, this time he had repeatedly lost control of the situation. All of this was because of her, because he truly wanted to protect her.

He wanted to protect this silly little girl who was surrounded by danger.

“Doudou.” Baili Yu gently pulled her into his arms. He was as careful as if he was handling an extremely precious treasure. “From now on, allow me to protect you, alright?”

He has always had a constantly frivolous attitude. Unexpectedly, when he spoke endearing words, it was so gentle it caused one’s heart to completely melt.

Did this count as words of love? Although it was simple and ordinary, it triumphed over oaths of eternal love. It made one so moved one became completely muddle-headed.

Tang Doudou thought about all this in a daze. When she became sure that Baili Yu was gently speaking words of love to her - not to anyone else but her, Tang Doudou - a sweet feeling started to spread from her heart.

As it spread, it seemed as if the tongues of flames around them also felt that sweetness and merrily started to dance.

She lifted her head slightly and stared at Baili Yu’s handsome face without speaking.

Baili Yu was also gazing at her with tenderness in his eyes. He waited quietly, for Tang Doudou to give him a reply.

A long while passed. As the surrounding fire grew greater and wreaked havoc on the surroundings, the demon-like fire forced the two in the center of the sea of flames to gradually press closer together. Just as the tongues of flame was about to lick the two, an ‘okay’ that caused a person to be overjoyed, and also caused a person to despair, was heard.

Baili Yu smiled. Those eyes that seemed to converge the light of ten thousand stars seized one’s soul. That ink-black hair and crimson robe, framed by the surrounding flames, formed a devastatingly beautiful picture. Tang Doudou’s breath practically stopped. She didn’t even dare to blink in fear that she would ruin the beautiful scene in front of her.

Those eyes gradually grow larger in her line of sight as they approached. They got so close she could count the number of long delicate lashes on those eyes, close to the point that her heart had already skipped multiple beats. Her clear, water-like pupils reflected that bewitching face and those eyes that were filled with deep emotion as she slowly closed her eyes.

In nervous anticipation, she waited for the following delight.

Baili Yu first softly pecked the tip of her nose. After he felt the slight tremble of the person in his arms, he seized those soft, alluring-pink lips. The wonderful flavor captivated him.

He couldn’t help but want to explore deeper. His arms gradually closed around Tang Doudou as if he wanted to pull her completely into him.

Tang Doudou responded to his expression of love rather inexperiencedly. His kiss was extremely gentle, gentle to the point she was about to lose herself. It was so much that she wished to just keep kissing him like this until the end of time.

In the distance, on the top of a shabby building, the crooked figure of the old sir stood next to Ming Mengxin’s figure. Ming Mengxin’s cold eyes reflected the image of the man and woman kissing in the center of the sea of flames. Drops of blood dripped down from within his sleeves. From the continuously dripping line of blood, it could be imagined how deeply those nails were digging into his palm.

The old sir gave an almost inaudible sigh. “I’ve already put the antique lamp in that place. You… you should decide things for yourself!”

After he finished speaking, he started walking downstairs without looking back. Only when the old sir had disappeared into the endless darkness did Ming Mengxin clutch his chest in pain as he spat out a mouthful of jet-black blood. He leaned, out of strength, on the horizontal railing. Where was there any trace of that terrifying darkness left in his eyes? His pitiful despairing gaze was fixed on the person in the sea of flames.T/N3

Why? Why is it impossible to change things just because they’re destined!?

Why? After all he did, after all he lost, it was still useless…

You... do you know, that in the darkness, there’s still an existence? That I, am here?


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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