Chapter 120.1: A Past That’s as Obscure as Mist


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“Oh, come in then.” Tang Doudou had the interest but not the ability to respond to Lady Qian’s seduction attempt so she simply gave a sullen reply as she let her in.

Lady Qian laughed coquettishly, thinking that Li Xueyi was embarrassed. Her little hand that was so soft it seemed boneless slowly started sliding down Tang Doudou’s chest. “Li gongzi, is this servant good-looking?”

“You are good-looking ah! Your looks are first class. With these looks, if Lady Qian was in the brothel business, Lady Qian would probably be able to obtain the title of queen of flowers  (nickname for famous beauty or courtesan) easily!” said Tang Doudou earnestly, taking in Lady Qian’s graceful and flirtatious manner.

Lady Qian’s expression stiffened upon hearing this. However, she soon covered her mouth and gave a delicate laugh. “Gongzi, you’re so bad!”

Her smile did not reach the depths of her eyes though.

Even if someone used their toe to think, they would still be able to figure out that Lady Qian was purposefully teasing her. She was probably testing her to figure out whether she was actually a man or a woman.

“Bad? The bad part is still coming!” After confirming her guess, Tang Doudou felt less anxious. She took a few moments to calm down and then hooked the chin of the charming little face in front of her. “Aren’t you here to help this gongzi bathe? Then what are you still spacing out for? Why don’t you start by taking off your clothes?”

Lady Qian was quite an expert. Upon hearing this, she looked towards Tang Doudou with her beautiful, slightly teary eyes and said, “Li gongzi, look. This servant has such small arms and legs, it’d be difficult for this servant to carry so much water up. Why don’t gongzi come with this servant to the hot spring behind the courtyard? The scenery there is not bad. The surroundings are in good taste and it’s in a nicely concealed spot…”

When she got to here, she sent Tang Doudou another coquettish glance. “Gongzi… the night is bitterly short, it must not be wasted ah!”

Indeed, it can’t be wasted.

Tang Doudou said, “I rather not go to the hot springs. It’s too dark. It’d be alright if I only accidentally stepped on a cat or a dog but it’d be terrible to trample the little flowers and grass by the road!”

“Little flowers and grass?” Lady Qian couldn’t follow this trail of thought for a moment. What did bathing have to do with little flowers and grass?

“And don’t trouble yourself over it. Help me get a robe and just bring me some water for washing my face!”


“Don’t just stay there, hurry and go! I still have important things to ask the old sir about!” Tang Doudou didn’t give Lady Qian any chance to ask any questions. She pushed Lady Qian out of the room and immediately closed the door.

No matter how many objections Lady Qian had towards this, all she could do was follow Tang Doudou’s instructions and prepare the clothes and water.

When she returned with the items, Tang Doudou took the clothes from her arm, lifted the water basin, and went into the room.

Lady Qian wanted to follow her in but the door had already been slammed shut.

“You can just wait outside.”

Tang Doudou’s voice didn’t even have a trace of politeness, causing Lady Qian’s facial color to turn pale, then blue before settling on a very ugly expression. There has never been anyone that dared to talk to her this way in Five Kilometers Emporium. If it weren’t for the fact that she was worried about ruining Master’s scheme, why would she ever bother to use her charm to curry favor with this guy!?

Lady Qian bit her lips as she looked towards the room. Li Xueyi, sooner or later you will fall into this ma’am’s hands. At that time...

Tang Doudou finished changing. She then washed her face and fixed her hair before heading with Lady Qian to the so-called dining room.

Not only was that old man in the dining room, there was a man wearing a butterfly mask present as well. His figure was tall and slender and he had unbounded long black hair that fell naturally over his shoulders like a black waterfall. There were several silver strands in his hair, further increasing the mysterious feeling he gave off. T/N


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by ed.L

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