Chapter 118.3: Five Kilometers Emporium


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When Tang Doudou, who was in midair, turned back to take a look, this was the scene she saw. It almost made her lose concentration and fall. Jesus Her freaking perception of the world was about to ‘go die’! The waiter and the shopkeeper were actually gay guys ah!

Didn’t they say that people were very conservative in ancient times?

This pair of homosexuals were already making a public display of affection, why wasn’t anyone jumping out to stop them ah? It’d be good if someone would just come around to stir up trouble!

Tang Doudou glanced at the half-naked men that were chasing her and felt almost depressed enough to commit suicide. Da fudge? Where did the earth’s gravity go?

Who can explain to her how such a fat person can fly?

Tang Doudou didn’t dare to be distracted anymore. She looked back towards the front and frantically circulated her inner strength. With a ‘whoosh’ she flew out even further. With a couple twists and turns, she managed to shake off those annoying men.

Then, she landed on a tree in some street corner of Mist City.

She rested there for a moment before taking out the paper strip Skinny had sent her. The brushstrokes that formed the shape of the lamp automatically changed into a path in her vision. A familiar feeling came over her as if she had been to Mist City before.

Perhaps Li Xueyi had been to this place in the past.

Tang Doudou slid down the tree and started walking according to the road she recalled. As she walked towards that location, she made inquiries to learn about the place.

Though Baili Yu was very important, the antique lamp was just as important. Once she cured herself of the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance, she had to find a way to transmigrate back using the antique lamp!

The ancient era is seriously too scary. It’s not suitable for the existence of a little bean like her.

Time to stop thinking about random things. Tang Doudou patted her cheeks, then got to work. She soon found out about the place Skinny wanted her to go. It was a place called Five Kilometers Emporium.

Five Kilometers Emporium was in the east side of Mist City. That side is said to be a place where people of the lower class - the poor, the beggars, the gamblers - liked to gather. It was a place where fish mixed with dragons. If someone dressed like her entered, the person was destined to be attacked and looted by the people there.

After Tang Doudou learned about all this, she became confused about Skinny’s intentions.

In the end, the desire to go home won over her fear. Tang Doudou found a beggar on the street and traded her high quality clothes for the beggar’s worn out coat. Suppressing her disgust, she draped it over herself. Then, she swiped some ash from the bottom of a large flat bread stove and rubbed it on her face. After messing up her hair for good measure, she started walking towards Five Kilometers Emporium while feigning a hobble.

The further in that direction she went, the worse the houses looked. The street was also a complete mess. From time to time, the beggars lying on the sides of the street would lazily look up upon hearing the sound of footsteps. However, when they saw it was a person that looked even more ragged than them, they would simply spit near Tang Doudou’s feet. The spittle was yellow and exceptionally disgusting.T/N

From the start Tang Doudou’s intention was to subtly check out the situation so she was naturally prepared for this sort of situation. Instead of getting flustered, she forced down the urge to hurl and gave a silly giggle in response. That beggar said, “Oh, so it’s a fool,” then closed his eyes again to sleep.

Tang Doudou inwardly sighed in relief. It must be known that Tang Doudou heard someone say earlier that though Five Kilometers Emporium looked messy and dirty, there was a strong centralized power that can’t be underestimated. The members were firmly disciplined and status was extremely strict among them. The beggar lying next to the street earlier was one of their sentinels. They would spit to test the reactions of all the new beggars that entered Five Kilometers Emporium. Only people that looked dumb like the way Tang Doudou was currently acting would be let in.

However, they would usually ignore people that were well-dressed. Once that person entered though, they would send a signal to the beggars inside. As for what fate befalls that person, dear readers, please envision for yourselves!

Tang Doudou found out this information by giving an old beggar a baked flat cake. That old beggar even warned her to look out for people carrying wine gourds. They were the core members of power in Five Kilometers Emporium. If she encountered them, she should avoid them if possible. Those guys, for the sake of being safe, would use emergency measures even on a fool.

Tang Doudou was just thinking about this information when she encountered someone that had eight wine gourds hanging off his waist. The beggar staggered over drunkenly.

Her gaze swept across the gourds at the beggar’s waist, then she checked the surroundings. The only road to Five Kilometers Emporium was the one she was on. There wasn’t even a fork in the road. All she could do was stare wide-eyed as the drunk beggar approached.

Hopefully he’s so drunk that he doesn’t notice her!

Tang Doudou licked her lips. Being too nervous, she didn’t even notice that she licked the ash by her lips.

The two weren’t far away from each other. However, the drunkard's figure kept swaying haphazardly. It was clear that he was drunk to the point he couldn’t be anymore intoxicated, because he kept trying to walk forward but still didn’t reach her after half the day. He walked in circles on the road as he muttered something. Then, shuddering from the urge to pee, he pulled down his pants and started letting it out towards the corner of the wall.

F*ck! An on-the-spot live broadcast ah!

Tang Doudou hastily pretended that she tripped and fell to the ground with her back facing towards the beggar. It was lucky that she had quick reflexes. Otherwise, her poor eyes ah!

Tang Doudou waited. When she thought that he was about done and there was no more sound coming from behind her, she got ready to climb up.

Unexpectedly, just as she started to move, a face that was even dirtier than her own appeared right in front of her. It startled her to the point that she fell down again. Only after a few moments did she realize that this person was the drunk beggar.

“You’re a new arrival?” That beggar looked completely drunk but his speech was unexpectedly clear. He swept a glance over Tang Doudou, then his gaze paused on the exposed white boots below her ragged coat.

Seeing this, Tang Doudou silently cursed ‘crap’. She wanted to hide her feet but it was too late.

“Heh, unexpectedly a sneak got in!” When the beggar saw that those boots were made of top-notch materials, he instantly cracked a wide smile full of yellow teeth as he bent down to pull off Tang Doudou’s boots.

Tang Doudou naturally refused to let him take them without a fight. She sent a kick over. It happened to hit the beggar right in the face and the beggar was sent tumbling backwards.

Tang Doudou rolled over and scrambled to her feet, then kicked that beggar a couple more times before running forward.

The beggar was drunk from the start so after being kicked, he was so disorientated it took him a while to recover. “F*ck, to actually dare to kick lao zi!”

He cursed, then pulled out something from his chest. Aiming it towards the sky, he released it.

Magnificent fireworks burst forth in the night sky. Tang Doudou was startled by the sound as she ran. Barely an instant later, she saw countless beggars rush out from all directions and swarm towards her.


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