Chapter 118.2: Five Kilometers Emporium


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Tang Doudou turned around. Who else could it be but the little waiter that had led them inside earlier?

“Pay the bill? Wasn’t it Gu Xun’s treat?” mumbled Tang Doudou. She soon realized something and blurted out, “You mean they left without paying?”

“That’s right ah!” The waiter looked at Tang Doudou with a gaze that said, ‘it couldn’t be that you want to dine and dash?’ His manner seemed like he was prepared to use force if she tried to make a scene and refused to pay.

“Then why didn’t you block them?” Tang Doudou glanced towards the door to judge the distance. It probably wouldn’t be that hard to escape.

The waiter gave a humph and said, “Gu gongzi is our boss’s guest, is he someone I could possibly stop?”

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou immediately got an idea. Da hell, she didn’t want to make things this troublesome either, but she didn’t have a choice ah. Who asked her to not have any money with her?

After giving a slight sigh, she asked that waiter, “Do you know why you’re only a waiter and not a shopkeeper?”

What does being a shopkeeper have to do with paying bills?

The waiter thought, could it be that there was something wrong with this gongzi’s head?

“Could it be that you’re not curious why?” Tang Doudou was speechless upon seeing that this waiter didn’t react at all to her words. However, all she could do was to continue asking in a profound manner.

The waiter shook his head. “Not curious.”

“Dang! How could you have so little ambition!?”

“Nonsense! I have plenty of ambition!”

“Then why do you only want to be a waiter and not a shopkeeper?” Tang Doudou was curious now.

The waiter choked when he heard this question. Only after a while was he able to stammer out, “W-what nonsense are you saying!?”

“How is what I am saying nonsense? All I want to know is why you don’t want to be a shopkeeper. Being a shopkeeper is great ah, all you have to do is sit and collect the money when it rolls in. It’s so much better than being a waiter!”

Tang Doudou looked at this young waiter speechlessly. It couldn't be that he thought she was egging him on to seize the throne? What a mysterious pit in the brain ah! She was just trying to use this method in order to distract him from the matter of the bill, that was all!

“You’re clearly talking nonsense!” When had the waiter ever met a customer like this? His face was red as he pointed towards Tang Doudou and shouted, “Not only are you attempting to dine and dash, you’re even trying to drive a wedge between the shopkeeper and me! How abhorrent! Someone, come!”

Tang Doudou stared dumbstruck as a large man who was naked to the waist walked out from behind the waiter. He looked like the definition of a brute, so how could Tang Doudou possibly have the presence of mind to keep chatting with the waiter? She immediately beat it.

“She’s running! You guys, hurry and capture her!” Seeing that Tang Doudou was trying to escape, the waiter yanked the cleaning rag off his shoulder and flung it. Then he stomped his feet as he gave a vicious yet still tender-sounding shout. The way he was acting was remarkably similar to the manner of a little lady that had been bullied. After the waiter shouted, a plump ball of flesh emerged from some place and hastily started coaxing the waiter.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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