Chapter 118.1: Five Kilometers Emporium


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What kind of shitty luck was this!?

There were three people in this room. Why were all the attacks aimed at her?

This was what Tang Doudou was silently cursing about. Alerted by the previous experience, this time she reacted especially fast and managed to dodge the projectile.

What flew over this time was a small knife. The quality of the knife, from the delicate decorative design on its surface to the material it was made of, was unbelievably high. One could tell it was in a completely different class from the earlier arrowhead with just one look.

There was a letter tube hanging from it. Tang Doudou didn’t wait for Gu Xun to help this time. She took the initiative to untie it and put it on the table.

“Looks like a lot of people already know that Alliance Head Li is in Mist City.” Gu Xun’s attention was not on the tube in Tang Doudou’s hand but on the small knife. He muttered to himself as he stared at the decorative design on the knife. He felt that they probably wouldn’t be able to continue discussing this matter today so he pulled Old Suo up and said to Tang Doudou, “Since Alliance Head Li has so many affairs to attend to, we won’t continue disturbing you. However, this Gu hopes that Alliance Head Li will continue to stay in Mist City for a couple more days.That way, it’d be more convenient for this Gu to find Alliance Head Li once this Gu finds news about Alliance Head Li’s friend.”

Shit! How come trouble follows her wherever she goes?

It was definitely Skinny and Fatty who were telling her to come get the antique lamp, but who was the owner of this small knife?

How did he know that she was in Mist City?

Could it be that it was Skinny and Fatty who leaked the news?

Couldn’t they leave her alone and just let her be a quiet beauty? She still had to find Baili Yu, ok?

So annoying!

“Looks like that’s all we can do for now!” She didn’t want Gu Xun and Old Suo to find out that she didn’t know what was going on either so she feigned composure. In any case, the longer she could intimidate them, the better. No matter what, she can’t let them set about the task of silencing her!

Gu Xun and Old Suo then left.

Tang Doudou didn’t immediately open the letter. Storing it, she then proceeded to eat her fill before leisurely walking downstairs.

The moment she exited the restaurant, someone grabbed her arm.

“Hey, gongzi, you haven’t paid the bill yet!”


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