Chapter 117: What Need is There for Men to Make Things Difficult for Other Men


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“He’s the richest individual under the heavens, who could possibly not know of him?” Gu Xun took the wine. None of them noticed that Tang Doudou had only poured wine for the two of them and didn’t pour any for herself.

“Speaking of Baili Yu, are the rumors about the engagement between you two true?”

They say that gossip is the root of all evil and they were totally right. Gu Xun couldn’t help but recall the hotly debated topic from a while ago when Tang Doudou took the initiative to bring this up.

Tang Doudou laughed ‘hehe’ and said, “Brother Gu, why don’t you try guessing?”

“I think it’s definitely fake,” said Gu Xun straightforwardly. “Although I haven’t personally met Baili Yu, I’ve heard quite a lot of rumors about him. It’s said that he’s the most beautiful man in the world. People compared him to a yao or to a celestial, but they all agree that he doesn’t seem human. However, how could someone like that exist in reality? Old Suo and I have seen plenty of exceptionally beautiful men and women over the years. Take for example that friend of yours. Though there’s a little bit that seems inhumanly beautiful, those looks still can’t be compared to that of a celestial’s.”

Pfff. Gu Xun’s rather serious analysis caused Tang Doudou to choke and spit her tea out onto the ground. She coughed so much her throat burned. Da fudge? They really were born of the same mother. Though Gu Xun’s moral quality was lacking, when he was earnest, his reactions were really on par with Bai Feiyun’s.

In the Alliance Head Residence, when Tang Doudou said that Baili Yu was an evil spirit*, Bai Feiyun had once said something that was similar. He pretty much told her not to idealize Baili Yu too much.

this ‘evil spirit’ is a phrase that refers to a evil spirit that typically seduces people with their beauty and drains their life force and/or takes their life

But it’s best not to worry about this for now. Tang Doudou threw away this useless line of thought. What Gu Xun said was enough to confirm that the person who escaped was not Baili Yu.

She truly used quite a lot of effort solely for the sake of confirming this.

Smart people don’t put in pointless effort. If that person really wasn’t Baili Yu, there was no need for her to dally and hang out with Gu Xun and Old Suo any longer. She should directly ask Old Suo to send her out of Mist City.

However, since that had been confirmed, next she had to think of some way to find Baili Yu!

But what would be a good way to do that?

Just as she was in the middle of thinking, there was another sound of something moving through the air in high speed. As before, it was headed straight towards Tang Doudou’s face.


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