Chapter 117: What Need is There for Men to Make Things Difficult for Other Men


Chapter 117: What Need is There for Men to Make Things Difficult for Other MenOriginal and most updated translations are on volare. If this is being found anywhere else, it has been stolen. Don't support theft. :)

Old Suo and Gu Xun exchanged looks upon hearing what she said. Then, Gu Xun asked, “Wonder what matter is it that Alliance Head Li wishes to know about?”

“It’s a very simple matter. I want to know the current whereabouts of the person that escaped earlier!” Tang Doudou had no desire to obtain Old Suo’s help but she really wanted to know whether that person was actually Baili Yu.

Gu Xun wasn’t surprised that she brought this up because she had already asked about this once before back when they were in the courtyard.

“Could it be that Alliance Head Li is friends with that person? Could it be that the reason Alliance Head Li came to Mist City is for the sake of that person?” asked Gu Xun, trying to probe for some information.

Tang Doudou replied, “That’s actually not the case. I’ve already said so before, it’s all pure coincidence. Old Suo probably understands the whole story very clearly.”

“Then why…”

“After coming to Mist City, I happened to see something related to him. Hence I decided to try and verify it, that’s all!” Da fudge? She really didn’t have any other intentions. It’s just that once she left this place, she definitely must find people to shake this damned place out properly! To dare to kidnap her and try to sell her? The law practically did not exist in their eyes!

Although it was true that the law also wanted to arrest her... When Tang Doudou recalled how she beat up Xi Qiulin in Huai City, she felt that it was probably best for her not to go back to Huai City after all.

“Ahem. Old Suo does owe Alliance Head Li an apology for this incident…” The expression in Gu Xun’s eyes was a bit strange. Rumors said that Li Xueyi was the type to return every revenge tenfold. Old Suo had kidnapped him for no justifiable reason, but not only did he not get angry, he was even negotiating with them calmly. Why did all this feel so strange? Could it be due to his face? Was Li Xueyi allowing bygones be bygones due to the fact that he looked identical to Bai Feiyun?

An apology? Could an apology heal the wound her heart suffered?

F*ck! It was a good thing she was immune to that poison. Otherwise, she’d probably be on the bed of some old man with some sort of special fetish right now!

In short, this matter wasn’t over!

“Aiy, between brothers, what need is there for apologies? We’ve been brought together by fate and we’re all just people working to scrape together a living. What need is there for men to make things difficult for other men?” T/N Tang Doudou waved her hand magnanimously. However, in her heart, she had already used her entire vocabulary of swear words to curse Old Suo and Gu Xun.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

[Chiyomira's Corner]

T/N - “What need is there for men to make things difficult for other men?” This is more commonly used for women. Like there’s a lot of stories about women scheming against other women and then there’s one female mc who’s not involved in all of that and she sighs, then says something like, life is already so tough, what need is there for women to make things difficult for other women?


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