Chapter 115.4: Nightless City


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Tang Doudou tilted her head inside the black cloth to look towards the ground. The lighting was bright so she could see that the ground was made of gray-colored slabs. From how worn they were, they were probably quite old.

When she was in the Alliance Head Residence, Bai Feiyun had told her about the powers in the Jianghu along with the general terrain regions. However, she couldn’t recall anything about a place like this Mist City no matter how much she thought about it. It was unlikely that Bai Feiyun had mentioned it. After all, this place was so distinctive that its description would’ve probably been memorable.

She thought about for a while longer but still remained perplexed. In addition, they were walking on the streets so boldly. Weren’t they worried that someone would arrest them?

For better or for worse, this was an actual city. Although it was underground, there should still be an established structure of authority. Could it be that even the imperial household was unaware of this city’s existence?

That’s far too illogical ah!

“Boss Suo, we’re here!”

“Let’s talk inside.”

There was the sound of a door opening. Tang Doudou noticed several damaged steps below her. She made a mental note as Skinny and the others lifted her into the courtyard.

“No one saw you guys, right?” said someone nervously the moment they stepped inside the courtyard.

It sounded like the voice of a man around twenty years of age.

Boss Suo said, “Of course people saw.”

“What!?” said that person in alarm.

“We walked in boldly from the city gates. How would it be possible for no one to see?” said Boss Suo with a smile that was not quite a smile.

That man sighed a breath of relief and said with a laugh, “Boss Suo, you almost scared me to death!”

“I won’t repay that death with my life you know!”

The two started chatting. It was nothing but matters regarding human trafficking.E/N

Skinny and Fatty didn’t make a sound during this entire time. They simply followed after Boss Suo like puppets.

“Boss Suo, the item from last time…” said the man after they had talked for quite a while. He seemed like he had more to say, but started hesitating.

“Brother Gu, we’ve already known each other for so many years. You can just say it directly.”

The man surnamed Gu went ‘aiy’, then said, “That item escaped.”

“How is that possible?” Boss Suo seemed to doubt it. “I had used half a year’s amount. During this half a year, the master should’ve been able to do whatever he wanted. How could it be possible for it to escape?”

“I found it strange as well ah. We’ve been in this business for so many years and I’ve never seen something like this happen before!”

“Tell me in detail what happened.” Boss Suo had a bad feeling as if something big was about to happen.

“It’s inconvenient to talk here. Have someone bring the item to the goods warehouse. Let’s talk in the study.”

Da fudge! What is it that you can’t say here ah!

Tang Doudou itched to jump up and interrogate that surnamed Gu about what exactly happened. It was likely that the previous item they were talking about was Baili Yu. She was even more vexed with the way they were beating around the bush.

However, she was also worried about dying a violent death if she were to rush into action indiscriminately. She clenched and unclenched her fist in stress. It was just a slight movement, but Boss Suo immediately discovered it.

His eyes darkened and he reached out to abruptly pull away the black cloth.

Due to the sudden exposure to eye-piercing light, Tang Doudou reflexively lift her hands to shield her eyes. By the time she realized that something was off, it was already too late.

Not only was Boss Suo, that ugly ghost, staring at her gloomily, there was also a familiar person staring without blinking. After a brief moment, he revealed an ecstatic expression. “It’s Li Xueyi!”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Prady

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E/N - “It was nothing but matters regarding human trafficking.” yea you know, just some casual every day chatting about human trafficking, nothing special.

Haha, who do you think the ‘familiar person’ is? For some reason, my first guess was the guy that had been super excited to meet Bai Feiyun. You know, the guy hinted to have spent a night with Bai Feiyun? Poor guy, I don’t even remember his name… Wonder if he’ll ever show up again?

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