Chapter 115.3: Nightless City


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“Have you dealt with it?” asked Boss Suo as his expression returned back to normal.

Skinny revealed a ‘you know’ expression and said with a laugh, “It’s nothing. I’ll just bring him to stroll around a good place some other day!”

Boss Suo nodded. “After this transaction is finished, I’ll take you guys there. My treat!”

“Hehe, then thanks in advance, Boss Suo!”

“It’s about time, let’s go!” Boss Suo turned around and looked at Tang Doudou for a while. He then pulled off the antique lamp and threw it in the grass by the side of the road.

Skinny glanced at the antique lamp, looking a bit confused at Boss Suo’s abnormal action. It must be known that in the past, for the sake of fulfilling those buyers’ requests, they had handed up all the things that belonged to the sold person, especially the items that could prove their identities. No matter how valuable those things were, Boss Suo didn’t touch them. It was precisely because of this that Boss Suo was rather highly trusted in this business.

He and Fatty looked at each other. They were both confused, but in tacit understanding, didn’t ask about it.

Boss Suo was pleased with their reactions. Based on his cautious personality, he wouldn’t have cooperated with these two for so many years if they were thoughtless.

The carriage rumbled as it moved forward.

Tang Doudou almost gave the game away when the antique lamp was thrown away. However, after thinking about it, she grit her teeth and stayed still. Damn it. All she could do was pray that no one else would come to this crappy place.

The surroundings still looked the same, but gradually began to get brighter after some unknown amount of time. Boss Suo waved his hand and a black cloth was draped over Tang Doudou.

“Aiy, Boss Suo is delivering goods again ah!” About ten minutes after the cloth was draped on Tang Doudou, she heard a burst of friendly greetings. Following that, she heard Boss Suo jump off the carriage. Skinny and Fatty moved away as well.

Tang Doudou took advantage of this chance to lift the black cloth and glance outside.

She was stunned by what she saw.

It was a genuine underground city ah!

Enormous city walls stretched into the distance. It was a sight resembling that of a giant dragon slumbering on the ground. The city was brightly lit and lively. There were the mixed sounds of people calling out sale pitches, laughing, and conversing. It seemed just like a nightless city.

Tang Doudou lowered the black cloth. Her heart started to pound, this was probably the location of the true Mist City!

Boss Suo and the others were returning. As they got closer, she heard Skinny ask in a low voice, “Boss Suo, do you think what that person said is really true?”

“I’ve also heard about this before, so you guys better concentrate. There had better not be any hiccups. If an accident occurs, none of us will be able to escape!” said Boss Suo in warning. Then he consoled them, “However, don’t be too nervous. Events like these have occurred quite a bit in the past as well and aren’t we still fine?”

Skinny and Fatty laughed dryly. “Of course.”

“Alright, bring him in!”

The carriage started to rumble again. The lively racket gradually became even louder. From the sound of it, they had entered Mist City.


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