Chapter 114.3: Original Stock, Original Taste


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After deciding this, Tang Doudou lay down and pretended to be stiffly paralyzed again.

Right after she had done so, the door opened.

The light now was brighter than before by several hundred-fold, she instantly got a good look at the three people that had come.

The person in the lead was that ugly ghost. Following behind him were two people with distinctly odd appearances. One was tall while the other was short; the tall one was fat, the short one was skinny. The two had not stopped mocking each other since the moment the door opened.

The tall and fat one cursed at the short and skinny one, then the short and skinny one hit the tall and fat one, leading to another round of fighting. In the end, they stopped at the entrance and looked at Tang Doudou. The short and skinny one gave an exceptionally vulgar smile and elbowed the tall and fat one. “Wow, this good is not bad ah. Is it a little lady or a little sir?”

The last part was directed towards the ugly ghost.

“Probably a male!” said the tall and fat one.

Upon hearing this, the ugly ghost scrutinized Tang Doudou for a while. In the end, he spat at the short and skinny one and said, “Good for nothing! Who cares if he’s a male or female, as long as he’s top quality goods, that’s all that matters! Quit messing around and bring the carriage over. The situation has been tense lately so we need to get him there as soon as possible!”

“Boss Suo is right.” Though the short and skinny one got yelled at, he didn’t punch and kick in reply, the way he did to the tall and fat one. Instead, he laughed ‘hehe’ as he drew closer to the ugly ghost and said, “However, Boss Suo, since you also know that the situation is tense, regarding the travel expenses…”

After he finished speaking, he laughed ‘hehe’ again as he gleefully rubbed his hands together. The meaning was very clear.

Boss Suo, who Tang Doudou had been silently calling ‘ugly ghost’, cursed softly, then waved his hand impatiently. “Don’t worry, you guys will definitely get plenty of benefits after these two goods are sold!”

It turned out that this so-called Mist City was a human trafficking headquarters!

Tang Doudou was still lying on the fox fur but she had finally gotten a good idea of the situation she was in. It seemed they really didn’t know that she had already regained control of her movements since they were talking in front of her without the slightest bit of worry. In that case, she could think of a way to escape when they were transporting her.

The people outside started discussing some vulgar topics again so the tall and fat man went to prepare the carriage, leaving behind the short and skinny one with Boss Suo.

“Boss Suo, we’ve already worked together for so many years. There’s something that I’m not sure if I should tell you…”

“It’s been so many years, you should already know my temper. If you have something to say, just say it. Don’t dillydally so much, I don’t have the time to play guessing games with you.”

“Recently I took a trip to the Central Plain and saw many amazing people…”

“Get to the point!”

“I’m talking about the person you brought here during the day. The one named… what was it again? In any case, he’s not someone easy to deal with!”

Boss Suo gave a cold humph. “Who cares if he’s a dragon or a bug? No matter who it is, anyone who enters my, Old Suo’s, domain automatically becomes a bug!”

“Not to mention, how could I just casually release him if he’s so amazing? Stop dreaming! Do you still want to earn a fortune?”

The short and skinny one thought about it and found that it made sense, so he threw the thought to the back of his mind. Nodding, he flattered, “Boss Suo is right. By following Boss Suo, we can earn a lot of money so we’ll do everything as Boss Suo instructs. Hehe…”

Boss Suo disdainfully swept a glance over the short and skinny one. Seeing that his attitude was pretty humble, he nodded and said, “Once Fatty comes back, have him get the guy onto the carriage. I’m going to use the toilet! Don’t you try any tricks!”

“Boss Suo, go in peace. Don’t worry, just leave things to me!” said the short and skinny one as he patted his chest.

Upon hearing this, Boss Suo’s facial color darkened and he cursed, “F*ck you, you should freaking go in peace! Are you trying to curse lao zi to death?”

“No no, that’s not what I meant. Boss Suo, don’t get angry ah!”

“Roll to the side!” (meaning = scram)

“Alright, I’ll roll right away…”

And so he rolled into the stone room before smiling apologetically and waving towards Boss Suo.

Boss Suo gave a cold humph, then whistled as he slowly walked towards the outside.


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