Chapter 114.1: Original Stock, Original Taste


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Tang Doudou was brought to the entrance of a stone room and set down.

Then, her blindfold was pulled off.

Luckily the surroundings were not bright so Tang Doudou wasn’t blinded by the sudden light. Her eyes quickly adapted, then she whirled around in order to get a better look at the surroundings.

It was still as dark and as hazy as before. She didn’t know what kind of light it was but the light source was very far away and it was very weak. Due to that, her line of sight was hazy, and she couldn’t get a good look at this place at all.

Just as Tang Doudou opened her eyes wider to try and get a better look, a terrifying face suddenly appeared right in front of her eyes. She was so startled she involuntarily shuddered. Only then did she discover that she was able to move again.

However, she didn’t dare to move because that ugly ghost’s face was right in front of her. He was barely a few centimetersE/N away from her eyes. She could clearly see the black heads in the thick pores on his face. Some places even had some stiff black hairs. He had yellowish skin and teeth, and the stinky air he breathed out mixed with the surrounding smell of sour decay. Tang Doudou’s throat moved and she almost puked.

“Hehe, there’s been pretty good luck lately. Two captures in a row, both top quality goods! Tsk, tsk. (Tongue-clicking sound) Now we don’t have to worry!” That ugly ghost gave Tang Doudou a vulgar smile and reached out, planning to pat her face. However, when he saw his hand, he withdrew it in order to avoid dirtying the goods. He wiped his hands on his clothes before getting up and walking away from Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou secretly breathed a sigh of relief. From the sound of his words, it seems that he wasn’t aware of the fact that she was no longer paralyzed.

Wait. Two top quality goods?

Tang Doudou suddenly recalled that Ye Chuan had drawn several red circles on the map he had given her. On the lower right, the key said: Danger!

Could it be that this Mist City was located in one of the circled areas? Did she accidentally end up going the wrong way? And the other top quality good that he mentioned, could it be Baili Yu?

While she had been making all these conjectures, the ugly ghost had been opening the door. Now that the door was open, he lifted her up by her clothes and threw her in.

With a ‘bang’, he closed the door.

Tang Doudou heard the scraping sound of a lock, then the gradually fading sound of footsteps. From the looks of it, that ugly ghost has left!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

[Chiyomira's Corner]

E/N - “However, she didn’t dare to move because that ugly ghost’s face was right in front of her. He was barely a few centimeters away from her eyes.” if not centi she would have a flatter nose than Voldemort.

T/N - so I changed it to centimeter from millimeter. Raws say millimeter tho~

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