Chapter 113.2: Encountered Danger in Mist City


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She glanced around and discovered that she was in a very wild and overgrown area. Beneath her feet were ash-colored soil and rocks along with a few clusters of grass here and there. It was windy and chilly, and the atmosphere was gloomy and a little scary, especially since Tang Doudou didn’t know where this place was.

She was a little scared. There was no sound at all except for the rustling of the wind. It was eerily quiet.

Crap, Ye Chuan couldn’t have lied to her, right?

Why would Baili Yu run to this place where birds wouldn’t even crap?

After standing motionlessly for a while, Tang Doudou was about to leave when a strange flute sound reached her ears. Startled, she hastily lifted up the rolled torch to look around.

However, the torch’s illumination was too weak. It could only light up the area about half a meter around her body so she couldn’t see far at all.

“What da f*ck? To play a flute here, if the person’s not a ghost then he’s a stupid showoff. I’d better leave!” muttered Tang Doudou in order to give herself courage. Then, she randomly picked a direction and started walking.

After about half an hour, Tang Doudou suddenly saw a light out of the corner of her eye.

She froze. Realizing where the light came from, she slowly looked down towards her waist.  

The antique lamp had lit up with a faint blue light at some point. It swayed back and forth with her steps. In the darkness, it looked like ghost fire.

If Tang Doudou wasn’t so reluctant to part with this antique lamp that she had only regained after having it slip out of her grasp multiple times, she would have yanked it off and thrown it away.

The dim blue light was seriously too scary, especially in these strange surroundings. Tang Doudou felt as if there were caterpillars crawling around on her back and broke out in goosebumps.

Since she couldn’t throw it away, she decided to try and extinguish the light. She took it off her waist and turned it left and right, trying to figure out how to extinguish the fire. However, it was to no avail. Nothing she did affected it, causing her to become depressed.

In the end, she could only give up. She tied it back to her waist and had just lifted her head in preparation to move forward when a deathly pale face appeared in front of her. She emitted a heart-wrenching scream as she fell back on her butt.

“Aaaah! There’s a ghost!”

That ghost revealed a confused expression and pointed to himself. “Ghost?”

Then he said with a disdainful laugh, “Could there possibly be a ghost as handsome as this xiao ye? What an ignorant person. Hey, who are you? What did you come to Mist City for?”

Tang Doudou instantly calmed down upon hearing this human-like speech. In addition, the cool wind was chilly and helped her clear her head. She climbed to her feet and looked around the eerie surroundings. Instead of answering, she asked, “If you’re not a ghost, then who are you? Mist City? What is Mist City?”

“Looks like your entrance was accidental?” remarked that person in surprise.

After calming down, Tang Doudou borrowed the light of the lamp to get a clear look at this person’s features. To summarize it in one sentence: ghosts were much more good looking than this person.


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