Chapter 113.1: Encountered Danger in Mist City


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“That won’t do, I must go after Master!” said Ye Chuan stubbornly.

Tang Doudou covered her forehead. “I’m not saying you can’t follow. It’s just that, look at you! Do you think you’d be able to hold on like this?”

“I…” Ye Chuan silently attempted to stir his inner strength. After failing multiple times, he said in despair, “I’m so useless!”

“Alright, listen to me. Rest here until you’ve recovered before going on. It’s almost sunset so I can’t delay any longer either. I’ll be leaving first!” Tang Doudou only started to feel more worried when she saw that the sky was darkening. It would take longer to make headway at night due to the fact that she wouldn’t be able to see the road clearly and because she freaking hated the dark ah!

She had to think of an idea.

She was feeling around her clothes when she saw the antique lamp that was hanging off her waist out of the corner of her eye. It had been lit the entire time Feng Yunhuan was holding it. She had gone to fuss over Baili Yu after she obtained the lamp so she didn’t even notice when its light had gone out. Since this thing was a lamp, at the very least it would work as a light source, right?Thinking thus, she took out the rolled torch from her chest and tried to light it. However, even after studying it a while, she still couldn’t figure out how to light it.

Ye Chuan, who felt that what she said made quite a bit of sense, had watched silently at the side as Tang Doudou took out that lamp and fiddled with it before ending up with a miserable expression. He said, “Let me take a look for you.”

That’s right, lamps were definitely made differently in the past. She didn’t know how to light it, but Ye Chuan might know!

Tang Doudou jogged to Ye Chuan. “Here.”

Ye Chuan took it and looked at it for a few moments before saying, “This isn’t lit by fire.”

“Not by fire?” Tang Doudou took the lamp and looked at it again as she asked, “Then what do I use?”

“I don’t know.”

“Nani?” (Japanese for ‘what’)


“Nothing. If it can’t be lit, then so be it, whatever. I’m leaving now, take care of yourself!” Tang Doudou once again secured the lamp to her waist before stomping down and leaping into the air again.

Ye Chuan retrieved his gaze and closed his eyes to meditate. However, he couldn’t get the image of the lamp out of his head.

Why did it seem so much like the lamp Master had sent them out to find several years ago?The color of the sky gradually darkened. Tang Doudou didn’t know the current date but there wasn’t even moonlight around. The surrounding was dark as ink and she couldn’t even see her outstretched hand clearly.

Thus, she was forced to stop.

Da fudge? She couldn’t even see anything, how was she supposed to know which way to go?

Depressed, Tang Doudou pulled out the rolled torch and blew it until it lit up before landing on the ground.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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