Chapter 111.1: Really Want to Ram Her Head Against a Pole


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“Li Xueyi!”

Several horses galloped across the wide plain.T/N The blue-clothed youngster on the leading white horse had delicate and pretty features, but those clear eyes contained a hint of sulkiness. Although the figure in black behind her, Ye Chuan, was chasing after her and shouting nonstop, Tang Doudou didn’t even turn back once.

Humph! Who asked you to make me bait!? Wait until Baili Yu’s wound starts to rot, see if there’ll be anyone there to change the medicine for him!

It wasn’t that she was heartless. They were the ones that forced her!

Recalling this, Tang Doudou lifted the whip in her hand again and lashed it down fiercely. The white horse instantly shot forward like a released arrow.

Tang Doudou only slightly lowered her eyes to look back after rushing forward for quite a while. She saw that Ye Chuan had fallen far behind and felt indescribably refreshed.

However, before this refreshed feeling had managed to even fully spread, the sound of Ye Chuan’s shout reached her. “Li Xueyi! Hurry up and dodge! Dodge!”

What’s that?

Hearing Ye Chuan’s angry yet worried shout, Tang Doudou hastily turned back to look towards the front.

She was immediately shocked by the sight of the numerous knives flying towards her and froze

in fear.

Behind her, Ye Chuan had already leapt into the air to rush towards her. As he flew, he continued shouting, “Dodge! Li Xueyi, are you stupid? Hurry and dodge!”

Tang Doudou was scared out of her wits. Although she heard what Ye Chuan said, her body wouldn’t listen to her. She continued to grip the reins desperately. The thought of pulling the horse to a stop didn’t even occur to her, so the horse continued to carry her rapidly towards the incoming blades. Ye Chuan was so far away that he couldn’t possibly make it in time. All he could do was watch helplessly as those blades approached Tang Doudou like a moving ray of light.

Ye Chuan subconsciously squeezed his eyes shut. He couldn’t bring himself to watch the ensuing bloody scene.

He had just closed his eyes when he heard the ‘pipapipa’ sound of blades crossing. Ye Chuan hastily opened his eyes again and found that Tang Doudou was currently shielded by a tall figure. The figure moved sharply and the long chain in the person’s hand danced in the air like a dragon snake, striking away and blocking the continuous stream of flying knives.

It’s Mu Ye! Why was he here?

This was the first question that emerged in Ye Chuan’s head. Soon after, he reached Tang Doudou’s side. He only discovered after getting closer that Tang Doudou was lying flat on the horse’s back and was so scared that she was trembling. The tears on her face resembled raindrops on a pear blossom. Seeing this, the first thing that came out of his mouth was a worried, “Are you alright?”

If she had really ended up meeting with a mishap, it would have been due to him. When this thought appeared in his head, Ye Chuan started feeling guilty.

Tang Doudou wiped her streaming tears and yelled at him while sobbing, “Who wants your false concern! If I had died, wouldn’t it have been just what you wanted?”

“If you hadn’t run that fast, they wouldn’t have found an opportunity to attack!” Although he felt guilty, he couldn’t stop himself from blurting out to refute Tang Doudou’s words. After those words came out, he scratched his head while slightly embarrassed. “I, that’s not what I meant. I just wanted you to…”

“Humph!” Tang Doudou gave a humph then turned away, refusing to talk to him anymore.

Ye Chuan still wanted to try and explain but Mu Ye suddenly descended and stood silently next to the horse.

“Thank you, Mu Ye!” Tang Doudou thanked him sincerely. Her watery eyes were still filled with lingering fear. Had he not saved her, she’d be an ice-cold corpse by now.

“Many thanks Sect Master Mu for granting aid! Ye Chuan cannot thank you enough!” said Ye Chuan with cupped fists. His tone was neither servile nor overbearing, but it was clearly very sincere.

Mu Ye just glanced over the two of them coldly. His line of sight paused on Tang Doudou’s face for a few seconds before shifting away. He then spat out four stiff words, “Was just passing by.”

Tang Doudou couldn’t help but roll her eyes multiple times upon hearing this. Could such a coincidence possibly happen?Putting aside the fact for now that the incident had occurred so abruptly, the surroundings were as quiet as an airport! How was it possible for Mu Ye to coincidentally pass by just as she encountered danger?

There wasn’t even anywhere to hide in these surroundings.

However, she didn’t suspect Mu Ye of arranging people to kill her. Send people to kill her and then rescue her? Even if Mu Ye had a mental illness, he wouldn’t do something this stupid, right?T/N2

Hero saving the beauty?

That was even less likely. Who didn’t know of the accumulated rancor between them?

Not to mention, for Mu Ye with that ice-cold personality of his to know about ‘hero saving the beauty’? It’d be more likely for a mother pig to climb up a tree! On the other hand, someone like Baili Yu would probably be idle enough to do something that stupid.Pei pei! Why was she thinking of that bastard again?

Tang Doudou recollected her thoughts. It was likely that Mu Ye had been following behind them this entire time. She had been solely focused on shaking off Ye Chuan and Ye Chuan had been focusing on catching up to her, that’s probably why they didn’t notice that Mu Ye was following them.

It was fortunate, however, that he had been following them. Otherwise, she probably would have lost her little life today!

“No matter what, we owe Sect Master great thanks.” Ye Chuan’s personality was simply that obstinate and his thoughts often could not bend around curves. He couldn’t be called dumb; he dealt with matters neatly and tidily and was incomparably astute. However, to say he wasn’t dumb? Sometimes he was so insensitive that he could irritate someone to death.

Of course, these were all things that Meng Yu had said to her. In reality, she hadn’t interacted much with Ye Chuan so how could she possibly know that much?This time, Mu Ye didn’t even bother to spare a cold glance over. With a flick, the iron chain retracted back into his sleeves and he turned around to walk back. He walked towards the group of subordinates Ye Chuan had brought and leapt onto the empty horse among them. He didn’t even lift his whip. The horse followed a silent command and rushed past Tang Doudou and Ye Chuan.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by ed.L

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T/N - “Several horses galloped across the wide plain.” I was wondering why this line made me pause so many time. Now I remember “mud horses galloping”... haha, the things I pick up in tling. Speaking of which, I’ll be teaching the Chinese homophone “go die” to my Chinese class for extra credit~ :3

T/N2 - “Send people to kill her and then rescue her? Even if Mu Ye had a mental illness, he wouldn’t do something this stupid, right?” I think I read some Chinese novels in which the male leads were this yandere and the ‘heroine’ lead (The one I’m thinking of right now is bl) actually still ended up with them. Couldn’t stop reading because was drawn by a magnetic force but soo, soo messed up. So psychological. So not fluffy.

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