Chapter 110.1: Who’s the Real Demon?


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“Alliance Head Li, are you done yet?” Ye Chuan’s impatient voice came from outside the door.

Tang Doudou hastily replied yes. She quickly fastened the belt before running over to open the door.

“Why did you take so long?”

Ye Chuan walked in with Baili Yu’s crowd of beautiful maids following behind. Tang Doudou searched the crowd, then asked, “Where’s Qing Yin? Why didn’t Qing Yin come?”

“Qing Yin is still in Huai City dealing with other matters,” said Ye Chuan. He directed the maids to carry Baili Yu out of the room. Tang Doudou followed after them. Right after they left the room, she saw the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin parked there. As before, its design was simple yet luxurious, and emanated a celestial-like aura.

Baili Yu was lifted into the palanquin in his unconscious state. Tang Doudou was just about to follow after him when Ye Chuan grabbed her arm. “You’re coming with me. We’ll be riding back on horse!”

Tang Doudou pointed at the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin, then pointed at the horses nearby as she asked in astonishment, “You’re not worried about these maids going by themselves? Not worried that they might encounter people from God Firmament Hall on the way?”

“You’re coming with me to lead away the people from God Firmament Hall. They’ll be taking a very secretive path.” As Ye Chuan spoke, he pulled Tang Doudou to the horses. “Although their martial arts skills are not very high, hardly anyone in this country would be able to keep up with their qinggong. Entrusting Master’s journey to them is the best choice.”

Although Ye Chuan gave a very detailed explanation, Tang Doudou refused to listen and flung away his hand. “That won’t do. I have to go with him.”

“Everyone knows about the relationship between you and Master. As long as you show up, the people from God Firmament Hall will definitely be lured away. That’s the only way Master will have an opportunity to escape!”

“What the f*ck? Your master is a human, but am I not a human as well? Ye Chuan, how could your heart be so black!?” Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou immediately exploded. It’s alright if you want her to be bait, but couldn’t you freaking be a little more polite about it?

She wasn’t one of Baili Yu’s subordinates. Was it worthwhile for her to risk her own life?

Not to mention, there was no prior warning at all. She was suddenly pulled over and expected to just accept being used as bait?

“Nothing is more important than Master’s life!”

Ye Chuan declared this with conviction, ignoring Tang Doudou’s furious expression.

“Alright, alright, your master’s life is the most important, is it?”

Ye Chuan’s expression did not change. His eyes stared fixedly at an open space in the distance. “Yes!”

“Alright ah, then I’ll just get on the horse!”

For some unknown reason, Tang Doudou’s imposing manner suddenly vanished. Beneath the scorching sun, she smiled even more brilliantly than the sun as she walked step by step towards the horses with her hands clasped behind her back. When she got close to them, she turned around and said calmly, “But Ye Chuan, I’m warning you, you better not regret this after I get on the horse.”

Ye Chuan could tell that there was a hidden meaning within her words. This was a crucial moment so not a single thing could be neglected. Ye Chuan’s figure flashed and he instantly appeared at Tang Doudou’s side. He placed his hand on the horse, stopping Tang Doudou’s momentum and keeping her from getting onto the horse as he asked with furrowed brows, “What does that mean?”

“You want to know what I mean?” Tang Doudou lightly pried Ye Chuan’s hand off the horse, then bent it back towards his chest. “Sorry. I wanted to say it earlier but now… hmm, I don’t feel like it anymore!”

After she finished speaking, she flung away his hand, jumped onto the horse, swung the whip, and rushed out.

Ye Chuan’s hand was still in midair when the dust the horse kicked up hit his face.

“Bodyguard Ye.” The maid saw that Tang Doudou had already rushed out so she hastily reminded Ye Chuan, “We should leave now as well!”

Ye Chuan retrieved his hand. For some reason, what Tang Doudou said before she left caused him to be very uneasy. At the same time, he couldn’t fathom what exactly she meant.

“Protect Master well!” exhorted Ye Chuan. He then leapt onto a horse and rushed after Tang Doudou. The maids in the courtyard guarded the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin until a signal appeared in the distant sky. Then, they lifted the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin in the elegant manner akin to celestials and disappeared into the endless night.

Once everyone left, Xu Sanniang moved out from behind a door. She smiled coldly as she glanced at the direction Ye Chuan left in, then gazed deeply in the direction Baili Yu left in. She pulled out an ash gray pigeon from her sleeve, then lifted it towards the darkness and released it whilst laughing.

The pigeon flapped its wings and flew towards the sky, gradually getting higher and further away.

Xu Sanniang watched it until it disappeared. Then she retrieved her hand and lightly stroked her face. Baili Yu ah, Baili Yu. Sooner or later you will belong to me, Xu Sanniang!


Her loud laughter reverberated in the courtyard, sounding almost insane.

In a woodland about a thousand miles away, Feng Yunhuan lifted his hand and struck down the pigeon that was flying past overhead. He pulled out the tube attached to the pigeon’s leg and took out the note inside.

After taking a look at it, he revealed a pleased smile. Beneath his mask, his eyes darkened.

“Tell Fu Nongqing that the person she wants is heading towards the west.”

“Understood, Protector Feng!”

After his subordinate withdrew, he touched the bandaged wound on his forehead. You saved me once, but also almost killed me by hitting me. With this, the gratitude and grudges between us are cleared. Next time we meet, I won’t show any more mercy!

Suddenly, his expression changed and he looked towards the lush forest behind him.

There was a figure walking through the forest towards him. That person’s imposing aura was so strong that each step seemed to crush his chest, causing him to have trouble breathing.

“Who is there!?” shouted Feng Yunhuan. He was so nervous he didn’t even notice how much his voice trembled.

That person didn’t make a sound. There wasn’t even the sound of footsteps, breathing, or even a heartbeat. It was quiet. It was too quiet. It was as if the person was a demon that had walked out from the underworld, he did not seem to have the air of life.

“If you don’t say anything, I will attack!” Right now, Feng Yunhuan couldn’t do anything to combat the pressure in his heart except to shout loudly in order to strengthen his nerves.

“Speak! Who exactly are you!?”

“Are you human or ghost!?”

“This is the last warning. I really am going to attack!”

However, no matter what he yelled, that person didn’t seem to be affected. The figure simply got closer and closer, and that imposing aura became increasingly intense. Feng Yunhuan was forced to instinctively back away. He wanted to further retreat, but he was backed against an ice-cold rock wall.

“Don’t come here! Go away. Go away!”

Finally, Feng Yunhuan could no longer take the pressure. He lost control and started screaming and flailing his arms, trying to stop that person’s approaching steps.


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