Chapter 109.2: Have to Leave Again


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After sitting down, she ended up in that position for an entire day. She was only roused by the sound of a knock on the door. Ye Chuan had finished dealing with his matters and returned. She hastily put away the wooden box and got up to open the door.

Ye Chuan, who was outside the door, looked completely exhausted. He glanced at Tang Doudou and said, “Many thanks.”

“Hey, what do you need to be so polite for? You seem exhausted. Hurry up and come in to sit for a while and rest!” She pulled Ye Chuan inside the room and poured him a cup of tea. When she saw Ye Chuan’s hesitant expression and the way he kept glancing over at Baili Yu, she said, “Don’t worry, he’s fine. The doctor you dragged over, Doctor Yu, is very skilled in medicine. He said that Baili Yu will wake up very soon. This is the prescription for the medicine. Once you finish resting, you should call for people to fetch it.”

“There’s no time for that. We have to hurry and leave!” said Ye Chuan with clenched fists.

Tang Doudou was taken aback. Didn’t he get in touch with his own people?

This place was full of people from the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce. How could it be that there was still danger?

Seeing her confused look, Ye Chuan explained, “This place isn’t safe. Feng Yunhuan has escaped. I pursued him for an entire day but could not catch up. In the end, he was rescued by people from God Firmament Hall. When he was leaving, he said that he would be back. Since Master is unconscious we can’t risk staying here. We must hurry and leave.”

“En, then you should set things up. It’s just that in his current condition, he probably can’t take much travel fatigue…”

“There’s no need to worry about that. I’ve arranged everything. The Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin will be here in a little bit. There won’t be even the slightest jolt with Qing Yin and the others carrying the palanquin and its speed is also much greater than that of a carriage’s. It will probably be able to get Master back to Huai City the fastest.”

“Back to Huai City?”

“Of course.”

“Don’t worry. Xi Qiulin has already retracted the arrest order for you and Master. Huai City also belongs to the Imperial City and there’s a lot of strong powers there. God Firmament Hall won’t dare to try anything there.”

“Alright, since you’ve already arranged everything, just do as you’ve planned. In any case, I’ll just cooperate to the best of my ability!” said Tang Doudou as she smiled towards Ye Chuan. Flowers of joy were already blooming in her heart. When they get to Huai City, Baili Yu’s injuries would probably be pretty much healed. It would be just the right time for her to negotiate with him about getting rid of the engagement and curing her poison. As long as she regained her freedom, what did she have to care about some God Firmament Hall? At that time, she’ll just head to a small town no one knows, open a little restaurant, and live a fun, ordinary life. Seeing that she didn’t have any objections, Ye Chuan threw her men’s garments. “What’s a grown man doing wearing a female outfit all the time? You had better change into a male outfit. It’s more pleasing to the eye.”

What the hell? Was he disdaining her?

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. However, she recalled what Cang Baicao said before he left and took the clothes while muttering, “Isn’t it all because of your family’s master…”

Ye Chuan slanted her a look. “Hurry up, I’ll wait outside for you!”

She didn’t know what part of herself Ye Chuan disapproved of so much. The clothes he gave her was actually so large she couldn’t even fill it up. Tang Doudou was super depressed and plopped down next to Baili Yu. “Look at how your subordinate treats me, and you still want me to become your bride… Pei! That’s not right, it’s you still want me to take you as my bride. The person that has to take you as a bride is pretty much a heroic husband*!”

“Do you know what a heroic husband is?” (person who’s like a warrior, violent and fierce. More brawn than brains.)

As she chattered, she tugged the clothes again and again, then used the belt to tighten it. Finally she managed to get it so that it would stop falling down. Then, she looked at the cut-up clothes on Baili Yu’s back. They were pretty much in tatters.

It’ll probably be fine if he’s brought out like this?

No, that won’t do. It’s a huge problem!

Baili Yu’s mysophobia was so severe that it was a little excessive. If he woke up and found out that he ran back to Huai City without wearing clothes, he might beat her to death to vent his anger!

It’s, it’s too dangerous!


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