Chapter 108.2: Due to Being Pressed Down?


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Tang Doudou looked at Doctor Yu. Suddenly, a far-fetched thought occurred to her. Her lips moved slightly and she suddenly shouted, “Cang Baicao!”

Doctor Yu didn’t react. After quite a while, he said, “How did you know that Cang Baicao is the only one that can cure you two?”

Looks like it wasn’t him ah!

Was she overthinking things?

That’s not right. Her intuition had always been very accurate. This Doctor Yu was definitely not a simple character!

“I’m almost done dealing with the injuries. Are you still not going to come out? Just as I’ve said, your facial color is terrible. It’s probably due to being pressed down, right?” said Doctor Yu with a wink.

You’re the freaking one that’s being pressed down! Your entire family is being pressed down!

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. She didn’t plan on paying any more attention to him but Doctor Yu insisted on continuing to chat with her.

“Little yatou, someone has helped you treat this poison before, right?”

“It has nothing to do with you!”

“The person that treated the poison was Cang Baicao, right?”

Tang Doudou ignored him. Why didn’t she notice earlier that this old guy was so talkative?

“Cang Baicao is a godly doctor ah. Those medical skills are the greatest in the world…”

“As long as he continues helping you treat the poison, it’s not impossible that the poison can be completely cured.”

“After all, that person is a godly doctor ah!” said Doctor Yu with an emotional sigh.

This time Tang Doudou heard the grossness in the words clearly. This freaking guy is definitely Cang Baicao! And he was even praising himself so shamelessly, he sure has some thick skin on his old face!“Quit pretending, I know it’s you! Cang Baicao, why did you disguise yourself as a doctor and run all the way here instead of staying properly in Azure Water Valley?”

At this point, Doctor Yu stopped acting. Patting her arm, he said, “Baili Yu would be done for if I didn’t come.”

“If Baili Yu died, wouldn’t you die from heartache?”

“Haa…” Doctor Yu sighed as if he felt grieved as well. “In the past, you were always saying that you hated Baili Yu that sissy the most, and that he has such deep schemes he was like a fox. Yet now, you want to become his bride. Truly, aren’t the matters of the world so fickle?”

“Hey stinkin’ old man, can you stop making things up?”

“Oh, oh, what? Unhappy because I hit the mark?”

“Quit wasting time. Hurry up and save the person, alright?” Tang Doudou turned her head away but ended up seeing Baili Yu’s face. Her heart felt uncomfortable so she hastily turned back around. Unexpectedly, what filled her vision this time was Doctor Yu’s approaching head.

Yatou, you should be careful. Baili Yu isn’t someone a person can afford to provoke!” exhorted Doctor Yu.

Tang Doudou didn’t want to provoke this evil spirit either ah. But…

“You said that you could cure the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance?”

There’s no way she’d stay by Baili Yu’s side once the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance was cured. These last few days almost drove her crazy!

Not to mention, she believed that those strange feelings that she had been experiencing were due to the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. What else would cause such abnormalities?

Tang Doudou looked towards Cang Baicao with eyes full of hope. However, Cang Baicao shook his head in a helpless manner. “How could it possibly be that easy? The only one that can cure that poison is Baili Yu. However, though he was able to cure himself of the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance, he wasn’t able to cure his Hoarfrost Poison.<T/N> It’s simply cause and effect!”

“Hoarfrost Poison?” asked Tang Doudou. “You’re saying that Baili Yu’s old illness is a poison?”

“Of course it’s a poison!” said Cang Baicao confidently. “And I’m the only one that’s capable of undoing this type of poison.”

“You guys are always saying that you can cure this poison and that poison, so why don’t you just f-ing cure it before boasting? This Disseminating Tassel Fragrance of mine is like a time bomb that can claim my little life at any time, don’t you know?”

“Don’t worry. Right now, the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance no longer poses much threat to your life.”

“Really!?” Tang Doudou looked towards Cang Baicao in pleasant surprise. In her excitement, she had pushed Baili Yu out of the way. After sitting up, she noticed that Baili Yu’s brows were knitted in discomfort so she hastily set Baili Yu down carefully before jumping off the bed.

“Are you saying that my Disseminating Tassel Fragrance will no longer kill me? Then does that mean I don’t need Baili Yu to help me cure my poison anymore?”

Cang Baicao exposed an amiable smile in response to Tang Doudou’s hope-filled gaze. “As I’ve said, it doesn’t pose any threat to your life right now. I didn’t say that this would continue to be so.”

F*ck! Your damned great uncle!

Tang Doudou sent a kick towards Cang Baicao’s thigh. “Stinkin’ old man, this lady hasn’t even settled the past debt of how you hung me up last time! Yet you dare to tease me? See how I’ll sort you out!”

Though aged, Cang Baicao was still extremely nimble. He jumped to the side, dodging Tang Doudou’s kick, then warned her, “Yatou, you better treat me more politely. Otherwise, I won’t help with saving Baili Yu!”

“If you don’t want to save him, then just don’t! Whether he lives or dies has nothing to do with me!” Tang Doudou rushed over again. She could not swallow this anger! She must beat up this stinkin’ old man!

“You’re the one that said it!” Cang Baicao huffed, causing the mustache at the sides of his lips to lift. This damned yatou really doesn’t know how to recognize the good intentions of others. If it weren’t for the instructions from the City Lord, there was no way he would have come to save Baili Yu. He would have celebrated if Baili Yu died!

Because of Baili Yu, his Azure Water Valley had been snatched away!

The saddest part was that his precious medicinal field, which he had looked after carefully for so many years, had been destroyed by those bastards from God Firmament Hall. Those herbs were drops of blood from his heart ah!

And all of this was Baili Yu’s fault!

Instead of staying properly within his Plum Garden, he insisted on running all the way here and bringing so much trouble. It’s so hateful.

However, now that Azure Water Valley was gone… That Plum Garden was also a very good place…

Baili Yu wasn’t aware that while he was unconscious, someone had set their sights on his Plum Garden!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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T/N - In regards to Hoarfrost Poison, the original words were ‘cold’ ‘end’ ‘poison’. Hoarfrost was just the coolest word that related. Hoarfrost is frost formed on cold objects by the rapid freezing of water vapor in cloud or fog.


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