Chapter 107.2: Can’t Die


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“Baili Yu!”

However, no matter how much she called, Baili Yu’s eyes remained tightly closed. His face was deathly white and his body temperature instantly became shockingly cold!

“Ye Chuan!”

Since she couldn’t wake Baili Yu, she could only call for Ye Chuan who was outside. “Ye Chuan! Have those doctors arrived yet!? Baili Yu, Baili Yu, he…”

Before she even finished, Ye Chuan had rushed in. “What is it?”

When he saw the scene inside the room, his facial color also became very unsightly. Before anyone could think any further, he turned and rushed out again.

However, he soon returned, pulling an old fellow with him.

The old man was dragged inside the room and thrown onto the ground by Ye Chuan. When the old man saw the scene on the bed, he ignored his disheveled clothes and immediately covered his face. Seeing this, Ye Chuan kicked him and scolded, “What are you dawdling there for? Hurry and check what’s wrong with Master!”

The old man was sent straight to the bed by Ye Chuan’s kick and he ended up in a position where his eyes met Tang Doudou’s dead on.

“You’re a doctor?” Tang Doudou’s eyes lit up open seeing that a doctor had arrived. “Hurry up and take a look at Baili Yu’s condition. He was still fine just a moment ago, but then he suddenly fainted!”

The old man still wanted to cover his eyes when he met Tang Doudou’s sparkling eyes. However, halfway through the motion, he recalled how he was kicked by Ye Chuan and stopped himself. He hastily collected his thoughts, then took Baili Yu’s hand to check his pulse.

Unexpectedly, he had only been checking for a couple breaths of time before he suddenly flung away Baili Yu’s hand and stood up in shock. “How could this be…”

“How could this be…”

He seemed completely shocked but he didn’t explain clearly what was going on. Thus, Tang Doudou was annoyed and shouted at him, “What is it exactly? Can’t you say it clearly!?”

Ye Chuan hastily moved up and asked as well, “Doctor Yu, what exactly happened to Master?”

“Strange ah, strange ah. It’s really strange ah!” Doctor Yu was completely immersed in his own world and completely ignored Tang Doudou and Ye Chuan’s words.

Ye Chuan immediately got angry. What kind of quack did Xu Sanniang invite? Didn’t he see that Master was unconscious? Yet he’s here chattering and saying ‘strange ah’.

“He’s completely without pulse and breath and his body temperature is no different from the dead…” Just as Ye Chuan was about to hit the old guy again, Doctor Yu started muttering aloud to himself.

However, the words he said caused Tang Doudou and Ye Chuan to break out in cold sweat. What did the old man mean!? Baili Yu was dead!?

“That’s not possible!” Tang Doudou refuted the old man’s words. “I can feel his heartbeat. There’s no way he’s dead!”

“Little lady, don’t be so riled up. Of course I know that he isn’t dead. That’s why it’s strange ah!”

Now it seemed like Doctor Yu did have some skill in medicine. “Think about it, a person’s pulse, breath, and body temperature are the same as a corpse’s, yet the condition of his heart is no different from that of a normal person’s. Isn’t that strange!?”

“Doctor Yu, can we discuss this later?”

Who cared if this was strange? Could you save the person first!?

“There’s a lot of injuries on his back. Earlier, I used wine to disinfect them and applied medicine before wrapping them up with bandages. However, now it looks like they’re all reopening again. Can you help treat his injuries before debating whether this is strange or not?”

When Tang Doudou got to the end, her voice started to choke with sobs. Baili Yu was about to die. That meant she was pretty much done for too!

How could it be possible for her not to feel hurt?

But why did she feel this sad?

“Alliance Head Li is right. Doctor Yu, you had better help treat and re-bandage Master’s wounds first. Perhaps this strange phenomenon is due to those injuries. Master had forcefully circulated his energy to make himself appear uninjured earlier in order to escape from those people. I think that was what must have caused these injuries to reopen. After all, the medicine Alliance Head Li used earlier was the best injury medicine in the world. It’s reasonable to say that after that much time, even the heaviest injury should have stopped bleeding.” Ye Chuan stood next to the bed and spoke very calmly, but the trembling hand grasping his sword hilt betrayed his unsettled emotions.

However, he still had to take charge and deal with all the current matters. If he wasn’t calm, it might cause the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce to fall into turmoil. The news of Baili Yu getting injured hadn’t been kept secret. There were countless people that coveted this position, not to mention numerous people that held a grudge as well. Once those people heard this news, they’d definitely start making moves.

“Alliance Head Li. Though I don’t like you, and I’ve been on guard against you, currently, I have no choice but to request your help.”

Doctor Yu had already started working on treating Baili Yu’s injuries at Ye Chuan’s request. Ye Chuan watched for a while, then directed his attention to Tang Doudou and got right to the point.

Currently, all that was on Tang Doudou’s mind was Baili Yu’s safety. She knew that whatever Ye Chuan wanted was definitely related to Baili Yu, so she agreed without even thinking.

“Whatever it is, just say it! I’ll definitely do my utmost to help you!”

Ye Chuan felt slightly strange at Tang Doudou’s straightforward reply. He had thought several times that Tang Doudou would take advantage of any chance to escape but she never did and had even looked after Master so carefully the entire way. Perhaps she wasn’t such a bad person after all.

“I need to go deal with some matters. I’d like to ask Alliance Head Li to continue looking after Master.”

“What are you saying that for? Even if it was for my own sake I would still look after him!” Tang Doudou took Baili Yu’s hand and thought, Baili Yu, for my sake, you can’t die ah!


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