Chapter 105.1: Are You Interested In Him?


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Tang Doudou saw that Baili Yu’s facial color had improved a lot. Then, she looked worriedly towards his back. It was a good thing he was lying down as the thick fox fur behind him completely covered the sight of his back. Otherwise, there was a chance that Feng Yunhuan would see his injuries.

“My Hall does not have a big reputation so it is normal that Baili gongzi has not heard of us.” As Feng Yunhuan deliberated over how to proceed, the light of the lamp in his palm flickered. The sight was unusually strange.

“Ha, it should be said that it’s my ignorance and inexperience. Your Hall was able to bring out the Absolute Death Array and a bunch of skilled experts that forced even the Lord of Cloud City to flee with his tail between his legs. May I venture to ask if there’s any force stronger than your Hall on the Jianghu?” said Baili Yu with a mild tone. However, there were traces of laughter in his tone so it clearly carried other meanings.

“The Absolute Death Array that intimidated the Lord of Cloud City at the first glance, Baili gongzi had been able to break out of without any trouble. In the process, Baili gongzi had even injured several of the elite experts in my Hall. May I venture to ask if there is anyone whose martial arts is superior to Baili gongzi’s on the Jianghu?”

“It was nothing but a fluke, nothing worth mentioning.”

Though those words were modest, his tone was not modest. It was clear he didn’t view that so-called Absolute Death Array as significant as all.

These words angered Feng Yunhuan quite a bit. A fluke?

Did he dare to be even more arrogant?

Who was the Lord of Cloud City? He was the most mysterious person of legends and even he had disappeared in the blink of an eye after recognizing the Absolute Death Array. This clearly showed how powerful the Absolute Death Array was. However, Baili Yu actually disdained this array as not even being worthy of contempt.

Feng Yunhuan laughed coldly in his heart. What “without any trouble”? He was just speaking some polite words. After all, those subordinates had personally seen that his back was injured.

It didn’t matter how severe the injury was. An injury was an injury.

“Baili just wonders what grudges there are between your Hall and Baili for your Hall to muster such large forces and even lay down an Absolute Death Array? Since Protector Feng has come, why not clear this up? That way, Baili could also figure out what exactly is going on. Otherwise…” Baili Yu gave a light humph, then smiled, “If Baili really did end up making a move, Baili’s afraid Protector Feng won’t be able to handle it.”


He is seriously too arrogant, to be threatening him so openly and without fear!

Does he still not understand that he was the one that was surrounded!?

Feng Yunhuan’s anger increased but his expression did not change. Faking a smile, he said, “Baili gongzi hasn’t even heard of God Firmament Hall so naturally no such resentment exists. We only laid down an Absolute Death Array for Baili gongzi as a joke!”

“Since there’s no resentment and no such interaction exists, isn’t this joke of your Hall a little too excessive?”

“This one was thinking that since the Heavens bestowed such resources* on Baili gongzi, Baili gongzi wouldn’t care much about such a small joke. Unexpectedly Baili gongzi had taken these troubles to heart. What a blunder ah.”

Heavens bestowed resources  = Outstanding talent and wisdom bestowed by the Heavens.

The more Tang Doudou listened to this meaningless conversation, the angrier she got. On one hand, she felt sorry for Baili Yu who had to endure such a severe injury in order to chatter with Feng Yunhuan. On the other hand, she was also angry that Feng Yunhuan was being so shameless. Just the name ‘Absolute Death Array’ sounded terrifying and as he said, even the legendary, unbelievably awesome Lord of Cloud City had been intimidated by it and ran off with his tail between his legs. Baili Yu had forcefully broken out of it, but how could the injuries all over his body be summed up with just a word of ‘bad’?

Yet Feng Yunhuan was saying that it was just a little joke. If someone had actually freakin’ thrown him in there, he’d have truly hit dogshit luck if he managed not to end up dead paste!

However, how come this incident feels so strange?

Cang Baicao is the owner of Azure Water Valley so it’s not strange that he appeared there.

However, not only did she also encounter a one-eyed old woman, the demonic head Mu Ye, she also met the mysterious Su Yi. Then, there was the Lord of Cloud City they had talked about in addition to Baili Yu who had gone there to ask Cang Baicao for help. And now Feng Yunhuan was here along with her, this martial arts Alliance Head that was really more one just in name than in fact.

They were all exceptionally amazing figures of the Jianghu, and they had actually appeared in Azure Water Valley all at the same time.

Is this a coincidence, or is it a coincidence?

Perhaps, out of all these people, she was the only one so dumb that she didn’t know anything, thought Tang Doudou sadly.

Right at this moment, Baili Yu glanced over at her and called out in a serious manner, “Alliance Head Li.”

“Hah?” It had been too long since he had called her this so she reacted half a beat late. Giving a cough, she cleared her throat before asking, “What is it?”

“Alliance Head Li, what do you think about this matter?”

Whatever Yuanfang thinks about this matter is what I think about this matter!

Yuanfang style is an internet slang that originated from a tv show. It’s the Chinese version of Sherlock Holmes. In it, Judge Dee, the Chinese Sherlock Holmes, would always ask Li Yuanfang, “Yuanfang, what do you think about this matter?” At the end of one season, someone remarked on the internet that this was a common point in all the seasons and it became Judge Dee’s catchphrase. Li Yuanfang’s reply eventually became fixed as well, to: “Sir, I feel like there’s something fishy here, there’s definitely a huge secret behind it.” Thus, ‘Yuanfang style’ became a popular way for people on the internet to roast/poke fun at each other.


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